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ПУЛСАР ФОРУМ - XBOX https://forum.pulsar.bg/ Дискусии относно игрите за XBOX en Tue, 11 May 2021 16:55:13 GMT vBulletin 60 https://forum.pulsar.bg/images/pulsar_v4/misc/rss.png ПУЛСАР ФОРУМ - XBOX https://forum.pulsar.bg/ <![CDATA["Warm milk" the secret of Japanese people Hel]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=418433&goto=newpost Tue, 11 May 2021 04:13:57 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/05/11/PYq3Cz.jpg Many people suffer *slotxo...

Many people suffer slotxo from insomnia because of the stress of their work. Japanese people from the past have often suggested that drinking warm milk before bed will help them sleep soundly and comfortably. Find out the reasons why warm milk makes you sleep better. And look at how to drink milk that works as recommended by Japanese people.

Reasons why warm milk helps you sleep soundly
Milk contains essential nutrients that promote good sleep.
The essential nutrient in milk that promotes good sleep is calcium, which plays an important role in the normalization of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), causing relaxation, fatigue, lactose, which aids in the secretion of endorphins. A Resulting in relieving stress and anxiety Amino acid tryptophan Which is a precursor to the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin Makes you feel relaxed and sleep well and vitamin B12 which helps to balance the good functioning of the autonomic nervous system, etc.

Warm milk helps to regulate the core temperature of the body.
Warm milk, passed through the digestive tract, increases the core temperature of the body. And over time, the body temperature will gradually drop, making us feel sleepy.

Fill the stomach and help alleviate hunger well.
People who have to work late and feel hungry Drinking just one glass of warm milk will alleviate hunger and keep you warm. Which when the body temperature drops, it leads to a good night's sleep

How to drink milk to improve the quality of sleep and comfort.
Drink warm milk at the temperature your skin can feel.
Drinking too cold or hot milk can result in an awake digestive system and brain, which can lead to drowsiness. Therefore, milk with a skin-to-touch temperature is effective at making you feel sleepy and sleep soundly. You can heat the milk by heating it in the microwave so that the milk temperature is sufficient for the skin to touch it.

Drink milk about an hour before bedtime.
The body temperature will drop about an hour after drinking warm milk, and the nutrients contained in milk will help relax the body and lead to a good night's sleep.

Drink milk along with ingredients that help sleep better.
If you want to sleep really well and sound. May drink milk with the following ingredients:

Little sugar Which will increase the secretion of serotonin hormones As a neurotransmitter that helps the body relax Sleep soundly

Bananas, which are rich in the amino acid tryptophan. As a precursor to the creation of the neurotransmitter serotonin Makes you feel relaxed and sleep well

Chamomile tea, which has a soothing effect on the body.

Drink only 1 glass of milk
Milk contains fat that may accumulate in the body while sleeping and has a low metabolic rate. Therefore, you should not drink more than one cup of milk before bedtime, or if you are concerned about fat, you can substitute low-fat milk instead.

For people who do not have a problem with drinking milk If you want to have a sleep aid. Wake up fresh and bright, ready to start the day, try to use this method of drinking warm milk before bedtime.
XBOX ้jiraporn66 https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=418433
<![CDATA[6 tips from "Elon Musk" to increase productiv]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=416989&goto=newpost Mon, 10 May 2021 05:47:54 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/05/10/P7g8Ga.jpg How do successful people...

How do successful people like สล็อตxo Elon Musk, founder of electric vehicle maker Tesla and space transport company SpaceX, increase productivity for their employees? To make their own business successful until today And here are some tips from celebrity billionaires to increase their productive presence.

Say goodbye to long meetings
Musk sees long meetings as disastrous for all companies. And over time it tends to get worse. So he advised the staff to say goodbye to those meetings. Or walked out of the meeting room But if giving importance to the meeting attendees It should reduce the meeting time to be shorter.

Frequent meetings are not good.
In addition to not agreeing with the use of a long meeting. Musk also viewed that frequent meetings were not good either. Unless it is very urgent or important But if those problems are solved It should reduce the frequency of meetings less.

Leave the meeting room If not participating
Musk said walking out of the meeting room was not rude or rude. But it is more rude to waste time for other people, so if you are not involved in a meeting, then you shouldn't waste time in the meeting room.

Communicate effectively
Effective communication must be one that can be understood by both parties. Musk advises his staff to avoid using specialized abbreviations or jargon that others are difficult to understand. When it comes to discussing software or any matters relating to work at the Company

Have any problems, communicate with each other directly.
Often times, problems arise as a result of communication deficiencies between departments. Because before communicating with each other, knowing about having to go through many steps Instead of communicating directly to solve problems quickly. Musk told his subordinates that communication had to be swift and the time taken was as short as possible. Instead of going through the executive level in the chain of command, several steps were taken to be aware of the problem.

Rules can change according to the situation.
Musk told his employees that it was ridiculous to follow all the company's rules. Because in some situations it may not be able to follow the set rules, so common sense should be used. A guide to the work, while the rules, if the lag need to be adjusted. Because the goal he is interested in is to increase productivity from work rather than
XBOX ้jiraporn66 https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=416989
<![CDATA[Why do "obese" people risk falling if they ar]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=413834&goto=newpost Sat, 08 May 2021 05:03:23 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/05/08/AMj4bS.jpg COVID-19 has an average global...

COVID-19 has an average global mortality rate of 3%, while in some countries the death rate is almost 10% (France, England), others are able to suppress the death rate below 2. % (Israel, Russia) by multiple factors

Factors affecting COVID-19 patients Have symptoms of severe collapse Or the risk of death is age Research has found that more than 75% of deaths are over 65 years old, including those with underlying diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease. High blood pressure And various cancers

Obesity is another factor that increases the risk of collapse from COVID-19. Especially young people, if obesity is over 30, the risk of becoming fatal or fatal is greatly increased.

Why do "obese" people risk falling if they are COVID-19?

Some may wonder what obesity has to do with COVID 19. Why obesity increases the risk of collapse from COVID-19 There is research that explains that it comes from the main mechanisms:

An immune system or an unhealthy เกมสล็อตออนไลน์ soldier In particular, T-cells are the result of chronic insulin and leptin resistance. Which is a condition found in obese people It was found that obesity caused the immune system to age.
Chronic inflammation at the molecular level This is a low level of inflammation that is asymptomatic but occurs all the time in obese patients. This was measured by various blood-causing inflammatory agents such as TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, when joined by acute inflammation from COVID-19. Resulting in a more severe inflammatory reaction More vulnerable to subsidence.
More doors that are exposed to the virus The cells in the nasal mucosa, respiratory tract, and many organs in the body have an ACE-2 receptor, which is assumed to be the entrance to the cells of the SARS-COV-2 virus. It may be another mechanism that results in a convenient virus invasion.
In people who are obese, they are at an increased risk of developing blood clots more easily. Thrombosis is one of the mechanisms that make people worse with COVID-19.

Obesity is a disease that affects many aspects of the body. It also increases the risk of dying and dying from COVID-19. For people who want to stay away from obesity Recommend to lose weight properly. By understanding the correct dietary principles Eat the right amount Avoid eating too much sugar from beverages, desserts, snacks, exercising and being physically active.
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Causes of tooth sensitivity Eat sensitive... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=411202&goto=newpost Thu, 06 May 2021 08:56:52 GMT *Causes of tooth sensitivity Eat sensitive teeth. What should I do now?* Tooth sensitivity It is...
Causes of tooth sensitivity Eat sensitive teeth. What should I do now?

Tooth sensitivity It is something that many people may have encountered. Either it's tooth sensitivity from drinks or eating cold foods like ice cream, or the tingling sensation of the teeth while drinking coffee. Tooth sensitivity can make your daily life very unhappy. Come learn with Causes of tooth sensitivity Along with how to cope properly

Causes of tooth sensitivity
There are a number of reasons why you may have sensitive teeth. First, your teeth may open. This area, commonly referred to as dentin, is usually located underneath the gum tissue. And contains many capillaries Visible with a microscope It is commonly known that Each capillary tube is linked to a nerve end. Two common dental symptoms - gum recession or enamel erosion - can be a problem because the capillaries open. In fact Dentins can be damaged by receding gums. Brushing too hard, teeth grinding and acidic foods, etc.

Tooth sensitivity that is often found on a regular basis

For the senses that occur often and disappear over time. For no apparent reason And may have symptoms ranging from normal to severe The symptoms of tooth sensitivity that are often found on a regular basis are as follows.

- While eating and drinking hot drinks
- while eating and drinking cool drinks
- During the cold weather
- While eating and drinking sweet drinks
- while eating and drinking acidic beverages
- When using cold water Especially during regular teeth cleaning.
- While brushing or flossing teeth
- When using mouthwash

When enamel is lost To feel sensitive to teeth
In fact, tooth sensitivity arises from Enamel, which is used to protect teeth. It is located on the outermost layer of the tooth. The deterioration occurs In addition Individual tooth enamel There will be some not the same thickness. As for the cause of some teeth movement is

- Brush your teeth too hard
- Use a toothbrush with bristles too stiff.
- Bruxism at night
- Consume acidic foods and drinks on a regular basis.

How to cure sensitive teeth?
Sometimes tooth sensitivity Makes me feel annoyed And daily life is not as convenient as it should be Therefore, the solution to tooth sensitivity is as follows.

- Try using a toothpaste that contains Helps reduce tooth sensitivity This ingredient will help stop tooth sensitivity for a while. Not sure which toothpaste is right for you? Try to consult your dentist first, it is best.

- Dentists may use fulloride. To help enamel on sensitive areas To help build strength And reduce pain

- sometimes root canal treatment Can help treat sensitive teeth as well But root canal treatment Needed to use anesthetic to help.

It is recommended that you consult a dentist. If the tooth sensitivity is severe Your dentist can advise on how to coat or fill the affected area. The dentist applies varnish to the teeth, but this is a temporary treatment.

Source : สล็อต
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Fish oil and consumption precautions https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=409655&goto=newpost Wed, 05 May 2021 04:54:47 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/05/05/ALuBPN.jpg Share knowledge about...

Share knowledge about health, disease, illness 168slotxo ฝาก-ถอนHow to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.

One of the marketed dietary supplements that are popular with children and adults of all ages, it is inevitable “fish oil” (not cod liver oil) (read more >> Fish liver oil vs fish oil like or How is it different?) It is very popular because fish oil has many benefits. Contains both DHA, which are beneficial for the heart and skin, omega-3s that help reduce the risk of heart disease. Regulate blood lipid levels, blood pressure, relieve pain and inflammation from bone disease. And also helps the development of the nervous system and brain as well

However, some people may argue in their minds that Fish oil is not necessary at all. Just eat deep-sea fish like salmon, sardines, tuna more often, perhaps every day or more than three days a week. It seems to have benefits close to eating fish oil. But for the life of anyone who can not find these fish to eat often. It may be viewed that fish oil is also a good option for promoting good health quickly and easily.

While fish oil is highly safe, it is okay for children to eat well and adults, but there are a few precautions to take. And study to know before running to buy and eat

People who regularly take fish oil. There will be an increased risk of bleeding. Because omega-3 In fish oil, it has anti-platelet aggregation properties. And slow down the bleeding Therefore, people who are at risk of bleeding, such as those who are going to undergo surgery. People with stomach ulcers People who drink a lot of alcohol Or people taking drugs such as aspirin Or warfarin That has properties to reduce blood clotting You may have to take fish oil carefully. If going to have surgery, you should first inform your doctor that you are taking fish oil. And should stop taking fish oil at least 14 days before surgery

Some people may have an allergy to fish oil. Because fish oil comes from sea fish People who are allergic to seafood If you are allergic to fish or fish, you may be allergic to fish oil, which can lead to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. But if you are not allergic to fish oil in any way But still have such symptoms May be corrected by eating fish oil immediately after meals. Or start by eating small amounts of fish oil first

Those who already have low blood pressure You may have to be careful when eating fish oil. Because fish oil has properties to help lower blood pressure already.

If you eat more fish oil than the prescribed dose. It may increase the amount of calories we should receive per day. Until it may affect the body on the other hand, that is, the risk of bad fat content. And increased cholesterol And may cause vitamin E in the body to decrease as well

In addition to nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea There may also be other side effects. There may occur such as abdominal tightness, indigestion, or burping more often than usual, etc.
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However, if possible, we would still recommend that the DHA and Omega-3 benefits directly from food. Because besides we will have other useful nutrients From these fish fillets. (Good protein, high fat, high in selenium and vitamin D that helps strengthen the immune system as well) also contains omega-3. From plants like flax seeds, nuts, walnuts and some vegetable oils like rice bran oil and coconut oil Allowing people who are allergic to sea fish to choose to eat as well But if still want to eat fish oil Before you eat, you should check your health. And consult a doctor so that we can eat fish oil that is most suitable for our own health. The real benefit from eating fish oil is better.
XBOX ้jiraporn66 https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=409655
Women work hard for more than 11 hours a day. https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=404491&goto=newpost Sat, 01 May 2021 09:13:44 GMT *Women work hard for more than 11 hours a day. May be at risk of depression without knowing* ...
Women work hard for more than 11 hours a day. May be at risk of depression without knowing

Usually working for several hours a day Increased risk of depression (Depression), but research suggests that Women work hard for more than 11 hours a day. May be at risk of depression We would like to remind many women if you are working hard over 55 hours per week Plus a long shot to Saturday and Sunday Beware of depression without knowing

Research indicates that Women who work more than 55 hours a week May be at risk for depression

Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health provides data on women who work 55 hours or more per week and women who work on weekends. Are significantly more likely to suffer from depression Compared to women who work 40 hours a week, so women work harder than 11 hours a day. May be at risk of depression quite easily.

This research was studied in a sample group of 11,215 male employees and 12,188 women. In addition to the results of the study, it was found that Women work more than 55 hours a week. Are prone to depression The results of the study also found that It's for men There was no difference in symptoms of depression. Whether it is a man who works less or more Normal working hours Or in men who work on weekends However Work on weekends It has also been linked to symptoms of depression in men. That is significantly greater

Why are women at risk for depression? More than men
Experts commented that Nowadays, technology has contributed to 'With less personal time', the smartphone creates expectations for others. That you have to be free all the time, for example, you can reply to e-mails. On weekends and holidays Or if the line leader comes on vacation You just have to answer the message. In spite of the fact that it is your own time

There is also another factor. The researchers pointed to the burden on women to be held accountable. That may be more than 2 times that is, in addition to women having to work Still have to bear the burden of doing housework as well, such as having to clean the house Or take care of the family While men may only be concerned about work

More than that According to the study, it was found that Women are more likely to suffer from depression. 2-3 times more than men, which is collected from many countries In different contexts, however, more research is needed to study the cause. Why women are more at risk of depression than men.

How can I prevent depression?

1. Balance your life. Life should not be just one job matter. You should also make time for yourself to rest.
2. Get Help If unable to do housework Or don't have time to take care of the family Should seek help from family members. And understand together
3. Refuse Know how to say 'No' for things that are disturbing your private time.
4. Get quality sleep Getting enough sleep Besides helping relieve stress Also improves health

When should I see my doctor?
Should understand that If you feel sad It may not mean that you have depression. This is because symptoms of depression may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as sleep problems, fatigue, loss of appetite, trouble concentrating or concentrating. Affect your daily life Or you start having thoughts of suicide Should consult a doctor

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Argan oil Various benefits, beauty care.. https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=403243&goto=newpost Fri, 30 Apr 2021 09:00:46 GMT *Argan oil Various benefits, beauty care from head to toe.* Argan Oil of Moroccan origin. It is...
Argan oil Various benefits, beauty care from head to toe.

Argan Oil of Moroccan origin. It is becoming more and more known and popular. In the circle of beauty In addition to being an essential ingredient in a wide variety of beauty care products, Argan oil can also be used directly for skin care.

With features packed with many essential vitamins Especially vitamin E and good fats That help take care and restore Not only the skin If it also includes hair and nails Until you can say that argan oil The only one helps beautify the hair from the tip to the tip of the nail, and here are 6 great benefits. Of argan oil or argan oil that we have gathered for the girls to read

Argan oil benefits

1.Argan oil Helper for dry skin
The girls probably already know that Natural oils are the best moisturizers in the world. Because it provides good moisture and is safe Does not cause allergic rashes and chemical irritation, Argan Oil is one of the best choices for women. Dry and damaged skin

With the benefits of vitamins And packed full of good fatty acids When applied to the skin, it absorbs quickly. Does not leave oil stains to be a distracting problem. This way, you won't fall in love with dry skin aids like Argan. How do you oil?

2. Natural hair conditioner
The problem of dry and damaged hair Either from pollution, coloring or the use of chemicals on the hair. That no matter which ancient recipe to marinate me It doesn't make it better. Argan Oil is a great solution. It will help add weight, moisture, and restore damaged hair to be soft and smooth. Just use argan Massage oil into the hair. Leave it for a while and wash it off, or girls who are not comfortable have many hair care products that put this oil into it, this time the girls have no worries about the problem of damaged hair. Show off your beautiful, healthy hair all day long.

3.Argan oil and acne
Misunderstanding Of oil and acne, many young people worry that Will applying oil to the skin cause acne? Probably if the excess oil that is not completely excreted and clogged?

Don't worry about using the Argan This oil can be done. Because this oil is a good fatty acid that is present on our skin layers, it strengthens the skin barrier. Moreover, the antioxidants in argan oil help reduce inflammation of the skin. Or inflammation of the bad acne is incredible This oil, in addition to not causing acne. Can also help relieve the symptoms of acne

4.Oil helps the skin of pregnant mothers
Stretch marks, sagging skin Black spots After giving birth, a big problem that destroys the confidence of mothers. Prevention is better than cure When a mother realizes she is pregnant, she should moisturize her skin more than normal. To prepare for the body to expand, especially around the abdomen.

Argan oil is a great addition to any pregnant mother, as it is rich in vitamin E to provide the most moisture to the skin. With fatty acids that help strengthen the skin layer If taking care of each other early Mother can be comfortable that after giving birth to the little one, her skin will return to be smooth and beautiful as before.

5. Dry hands, cracked heels, brittle nails.
Our skin, hands, feet and nails are all we need to pay attention to. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E. Helper of girls who want to have smooth hands. Reduce the symptoms of cracked heels. Or the area of ​​the surface on the side By massaging this oil into the area of ​​need on a regular basis. Our hands and feet will become amazingly soft.

Especially girls who like gel nails. That need to file the nails until they are thin and brittle Having an argan oil nail enhancer is a great solution. For the girls of course

6. Beautiful lips with oil
Dry mouth, a big problem for women Especially people who like to apply lipstick Because when lips are dry, any lipstick is not beautiful What should I do? Plus, like a sick person, every woman has to find products to help keep her mouth soft and moist.

But with some moisturizing chemicals, argan oil is an attractive alternative. Because it is a natural extracted oil Provides good hydration But does not make the mouth black Nourishes the lips to become soft, moisturized, firm.

Argan Oil has this kind of all-encompassing properties that many women would like because they invested in one product but can be used from the tip of the hair to the tip of the nail

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XBOX marila https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=403243
<![CDATA[Government 'avoiding accountability' in Whats]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=402723&goto=newpost Thu, 29 Apr 2021 11:06:44 GMT
Government 'avoiding accountability' in WhatsApp messages

Ministers could be banned from สูตรสล็อตฟรี using platforms such as WhatsApp and Signal for formal communications, if a legal challenge is successful.

Campaigning law group Foxglove, on behalf of transparency campaigners The Citizens, has accused the government of having no legal policies on “government by text”.

Members of both the cabinet and shadow cabinet use WhatsApp and Signal.

The government told the BBC it adheres to guidance.

"Appropriate arrangements" are already in place and policies are "kept under periodic review", a spokesman told the BBC.

Some instant messaging services allow you to permanently delete messages, which critics say politicians and staff could use to avoid accountability.

Campaigners have threatened to sue the government if it does not give a clear explanation of its policies on such messaging platforms, and how they adhere to the law, within 14 days.

Last month, they sent a legal letter with a similar request for transparency over these kinds of communications, but did not receive an individual response.

This new letter is a formal pre-action notice and final opportunity to respond, before launching the court case.
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Dry eyes, blurred vision, try eating vitamins https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=402526&goto=newpost Thu, 29 Apr 2021 05:20:03 GMT *Dry eyes, blurred vision, try eating vitamins to nourish your eyesight.* Young working women...
Dry eyes, blurred vision, try eating vitamins to nourish your eyesight.

Young working women who have to work in front of computers all the time. There may be many problems. Like the eyes, such as dry eyes, blurred vision, light sensitivity, eye muscle fatigue Which if you do not want it to spread into a serious health problem Should find a way to prevent And maintain good eye health Besides lifestyle modifications Eye vitamins They might as well help.

How to protect your eyes

- If using glasses or contact lenses Always ensure that eyeglasses or contact lenses have a proper eye reading for their use.
- People who work in front of the computer all the time You may need glasses that are used specifically for viewing computer monitors.
- Move the computer screen to fit the eye level. We should keep our eyes level with the top of the screen. So that you can squint a little while looking at the screen.
- The computer screen should be 20-24 inches from the eyes and the center of the screen should be 10-15 degrees below the eye level when looking directly if you look at the screen and feel dry eyes. To blink frequently
- Use the 20-20-20 rule: take a break every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds, and try to get up from the screen and rest your eyes for 15 minutes. Not just a computer monitor

Eye vitamins

Omega 3
Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation in the eyelids, conjunctiva, and help the lacrimal glands work more efficiently. Can produce oil in the eyes normally. Thus helping to prevent dry eyes We can get omega 3 from eating food. Especially tuna, salmon, sardines, or omega-3 supplements.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin
Both antioxidants, found in eggs, corn, or green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli help eliminate the underlying cause of eye disease. It also helps keep your eyes healthy and work more efficiently. If not convenient, get lutein and zeaxanthin from food. Can get lutein and zeaxanthin in supplement form Caution is You shouldn't take more than 10 milligrams of lutein per day. And should not consume more than 2 mg of zeaxanthin per day

Vitamin a
The benefits of vitamin A to the eyes are Help improve vision There are research results suggesting that Taking vitamin A It can help slow down the disease that injures the retina (retina). In addition, vitamin A can help prevent macular degeneration in the elderly, glaucoma, cataract and other eye problems as well. Caution in taking vitamin A is Do not eat more than 1,000 servings per day. Taking too much vitamin A can increase the risk of diseases such as osteoarthritis. Hip disease

Zinc, or zinc, is an important mineral for the body. Because the body needs zinc to bring out vitamin A Zinc carries vitamin A from the liver to the retina. To create pigment cells that protect our eyes If the body lacks zinc Will make the eyes more vulnerable to infection We need to get zinc from food because the body is unable to make it by itself. Zinc-rich foods, such as oysters, beef, pork, yogurt, milk, eggs, or zinc supplements. Caution is Must not consume more than 40 mg per day If you eat too much it will cause skin problems. And some people may have side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, so talk to your doctor before buying any supplements.

Vitamin c
Vitamin C is an antioxidant. They are essential for the blood vessels in our eyes. Vitamin C helps prevent cataracts. You can get vitamin C from fruits such as oranges, grapes, tomatoes, bananas, apples.We recommend that women should consume at least 75 milligrams of vitamin C per day, or about a glass of orange juice, while men should get about 90 milligrams more vitamin C than women. Per day

When should I see my doctor?
If a young working person has any of the following serious eye symptoms: Should consult a doctor

- burning eyes
- Has a lot of eyes
-Eyes can't fight the light
- feeling like something is in the eye
- red eyes
- having trouble driving at night
- Feeling abnormal when tears flow

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Say goodbye to orange peel skin, how to... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=395746&goto=newpost Sat, 24 Apr 2021 04:18:23 GMT *Say goodbye to orange peel skin, how to reduce cellulite (Cellulite) naturally.* Cellulite, one...
Say goodbye to orange peel skin, how to reduce cellulite (Cellulite) naturally.

Cellulite, one of the major problems that make women. Many people lose confidence in dressing. Because anyone would not want to show off the rough skin like this orange peel. And how to get rid of these excess fat by liposuction It seems to be a difficult and expensive method as well. But don't worry Because today I will introduce a natural way to reduce cellulite.

What is cellulite?
Cellulite is the fat cells that are pushed to accumulate under the skin. Until causing the skin that looks rough and the button will not be smooth Looks like an orange peel. Usually, cellulite is found in the thighs, hips, arms, and abdomen. Cellulite is different from normal fat. Because the body cannot get rid of it easily Just exercise But it is necessary to massage the skin along with exercise and diet.

The different types of cellulite may include the following.

- Soft Cellulite is cellulite located in the buttocks, abdomen and hips, often found in women in their 20-30s. Soft waves Most often, it arises from heredity.

- Hard Cellulite is the most common cellulite found in the hips and buttocks. Usually found in women aged 20-40 years, looks like a small hard lump. If squeezed, it will clearly see a lump.

- Flaccid Cellulite is the most common type of cellulite found in the abdomen, waistline, arms, and under the chin (wattle) .This type of cellulite is more common in people over 40 and lack of exercise. It looks like a soft lump of fat, sagging and muscle fluid.

- Edmatous Cellulite, a cellulite that looks like edema. When pressed, the dent will collapse. It is most common in the thighs, hips and areas where the blood vessels are visible. It is often seen in people with poor blood flow.

- Mixed Cellulite Mixed cellulites 1-4 in one person is the most common cellulite. It often happens to people who lack exercise. Eat starchy, fried, and high-fat foods. And women who have already given birth

What does cellulite come from?
Diet Eating foods that are high in fat, starch, and sugar can cause your body to absorb too much fat and sugar than it can use. These excess sugar and fat are stored in the body as fat. Which when accumulating a lot It will become cellulite in the end.

Do not exercise Inactivity prevents the body from burning energy and eliminating the excess fat we consume. In addition, insufficient exercise can also cause poor blood circulation. Cannot get rid of waste such as sweating all out and become a cellulite fat layer.

Weight loss too quickly If he loses weight too quickly The body will understand that we are malnourished. And begin to store fat and nutrients This causes excess fat not to be eliminated from the body.

Drink less water The lack of water in our bodies. Will not have enough water to help nourish the cells to function normally In addition, water also contributes to the digestive system. Help in the elimination of waste

The nicotine contained in the cigarette may clog your blood vessels. Causing the capillaries to shrink And cause tissue damage Become a cellulite wave

Abnormal metabolism If the body's metabolic system is abnormal, such as getting older Or is it a certain disease This will prevent the body from burning energy and fat completely. Even when eating normally

Pregnancy and menopause These conditions affect the estrogen in the body, causing imbalance in hormone levels. And become a catalyst for the accumulation of fat in the body

Techniques to reduce cellulite naturally.

The most effective way to get rid of cellulite is by massage. You can do it yourself at home. Or have an expert give you a massage Massage will increase lymphatic drainage. It also makes the skin tissue more flexible. And can help break down cellulite Cellulite removal massage will not see immediate results in one session. You will need to massage regularly to get the desired results.

Body movement exercise Will help burn energy and get rid of excess fat Even though exercise alone May not be able to get rid of cellulite And an additional massage is needed as well But exercise will help increase muscle strength. It also helps tighten the skin in areas with cellulite as well.

Recommended postures to reduce cellulite.

- Squats, stand with legs spread. Keep your legs straight with your shoulders. Lower yourself, act as if sitting in a chair. Where the knees must not go down by the toes And stretch back to the original position and repeat
- Jump-squats act like a squats. But while stretching up Give a gentle jump With the toes instead
- Step-ups, standing on the front of the steps. Or a stable box Step up to the front step one step at a time. Followed by step down from step by step, repeat.
- Leg kick-backs: Kneel with your hands and knees on the floor, slowly kick your hind legs one by one and place them back onto the floor. Before kicking the other back leg back and forth

Limit your intake of foods high in fat, sugar, and starch, such as white bread, fried foods, fatty foods, sausages, bacon, soft drinks, coffee, and sweets, as these can lead to fat deposits in the body. Should choose to eat foods that are low in fat, have less sugar, and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day so that the body can get rid of the waste.

Scrub with coffee grounds
Exfoliating with coffee grounds will help get rid of dead skin cells. And stimulate the creation of new and stronger skin cells instead In addition, exfoliation will help stimulate blood circulation. And help tighten the sagging skin from cellulite to return to be firm

Lose weight
If you are a heavy weight person Losing weight may help to get rid of cellulite from the body. Because losing weight will help reduce the accumulation of excess fat that accumulates in the body. Should choose to lose weight gradually. With exercise and diet

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<![CDATA["Long COVID", a new term for COVID-19, indica]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=390227&goto=newpost Tue, 20 Apr 2021 04:33:33 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/04/20/AQ5AqS.jpg Share knowledge about health,...

Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.

Overseas countries have talked about "long slotxo wallet COVID" or the long-term effects of COVID-19. That may occur to patients, stating that in some people, COVID-19 It may cause the body to experience symptoms for several weeks. Or maybe for months Each person responds differently to the virus.
Some people experience improvement in a few days after treatment, but in others it can take as long as 12 weeks or 3 months to completely recover from COVID-19.

Patients with symptoms of COVID-19 For a long time This does not necessarily mean that the patient will have a heavier first symptom than the others. Patients who initially had few symptoms, but had persistent symptoms and did not heal, there is a possibility as well.

Long-term symptoms of COVID-19
The short-term symptoms that we often observe ourselves with are: fever, sore throat, dry cough, body aches, mucus, as well as changes in smell and taste.

The long-term symptoms that can occur in patients with COVID-19 are:

More tired than usual
Shortness of breath, increased shortness of breath
Chest tightness
Have trouble remembering And not concentrating (brain fog)
Difficulty falling asleep (insomnia)
Irregular heartbeat
Dizziness, dizziness
Have beriberi
Pain in various joints
Depression, anxiety
Tinnitus, ear pain
Having illnesses such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, less appetite
Fever, cough, headache, sore throat, changes in taste and smell
A rash

Multi-organ inflammatory syndrome
Among patients with COVID-19 Often found that many organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, including the brain in patients with COVID-19. May find a condition called "Multisystem inflammatory syndrome" or multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) refers to various organs. In the body there is swelling, inflammation. Due to the malfunction of the immune system Go into fight with good cells It causes swelling and inflammation in many ways. Body part

Therefore, if detecting pain and swelling in any area In the body during COVID-19 treatment, you can inform your doctor immediately.

How many symptoms do you have to report to your doctor?
Usually in Thailand Patients with COVID-19 They are usually in close supervision of the medical and nursing teams at the Hospitel or Field Hospital. But if someone takes care of themselves at home Or not sure how severe they are Try to observe yourself to see if the symptoms mentioned above. If you have had these symptoms for more than 4 weeks and have not improved, if so, notify the healthcare team immediately.

Get to know HOSPITEL, another option of "COVID-19 patients"
Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance.
During the time when COVID-19 The epidemic continues, the same principles that we do every day until becoming New Normal are still necessary, such as wearing a mask when in public places, washing hands often or before touching your own body And before eating Avoid being in a crowded place. Or a risk area Including taking care of yourself to stay healthy, that is to eat a complete diet of 5 groups, exercise regularly. And get enough rest This can already greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.
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Honey Lemon Just a Sip in the Morning It is u https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=388913&goto=newpost Mon, 19 Apr 2021 03:43:27 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/04/19/AR9uda.jpg Honey is considered an elixir...

Honey is considered an elixir since ทดลองเล่นสล็อต XO ancient times. Because in addition to having a naturally sweet and fragrant taste Also rich in many natural nutrients And at the same time, lemon is a vegetable that is easy to find in our home, the main thing is that it is a fruit that is high in vitamin C. When the best of both foods are combined Thus resulting in honey and lemon Rich in nutrients And helps to take care of your health as well Which often sipping honey and lemon in the morning How to benefit from it? You have to go and see.

1. Helps the body feel refreshed.
Replace your morning coffee with Try to change to drink honey and lemon cold. To feel refreshed well? Because honey has honey in the lemon. That is considered natural glucose When absorbed into the body Will make you feel refreshed More importantly, can drink consecutively for a long time. Without adversely affecting your health as well

2. Stimulate the digestive system
If you are often constipated We recommend that To drink warm honey and lemon. As soon as you wake up Then get up to 15-30 minutes of light exercise. You will immediately feel the urge to shoot harder. Because both the honey and the lemon. It has mild laxative properties that can stimulate the intestines. To work normally And helps to prevent infections or disorders in the intestines quite well

3. Decrease appetite
Our body will feel hungry only when the blood sugar is less than normal. But when you drink honey mixed with lemon juice cool. Enter before a meal Besides your stomach Will be filled the area with the amount of water already drunk Sugar from honey It will also help stimulate the brain to feel full faster than before. Thus helping to reduce the appetite for you as well Which anyone who is losing weight Let me tell you not to miss it.

4. Coughing, sore throat.
Anyone who has the problem of hoarseness and dryness when waking up. Drinking warm honey and lemon. It will make you feel more moist. And also has the ability to inhibit bacteria And various pathogens That can be the cause of a cough and sore throat as well. You may hardly have to take a cough syrup or suck a sore throat. In addition, people with chronic sputum. Drinking honey and lemon in the morning will also help as well.

It can be seen that the honey lemon. It is a drink that is very beneficial for health. It also helps to strengthen your immune system to make you more healthy. So let's drink honey and lemon regularly every morning. Then you will benefit From honey and lemon, full of course So don't miss it.
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Health risks of Jogging That you have to be.. https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=386414&goto=newpost Sat, 17 Apr 2021 04:42:16 GMT *Health risks of Jogging That you have to be careful* While many people choose to exercise by...
Health risks of Jogging That you have to be careful

While many people choose to exercise by running because of its many health benefits, there is another one who knows the potential risks of running. In which everything in this world has both advantages and joker slot disadvantages. So if you like Jogging You should not forget to think about these risks as well.

Health risks of Jogging
Jogging With testosterone
It has been proven that Running can affect testosterone. This type of hormone has a great impact on male sexual performance. Running may increase testosterone levels and become unbalanced. It can affect almost every organ in our body.

Light sprints are not very long each week. It is good for our health. But if more than that May have a negative effect on the body But everyone has different physical conditions. Therefore cannot be determined with certainty that How much to run would be considered too much for each person?

The most important thing is You should be aware of your own limitations. And do not put too much pressure on your own body On the other hand Proper nutrition Including the use of supplements It may help you in balancing your body.

Running weakens the immune system.
A study led by Dr. Sen P. Lin of Mingdao University in Taiwan has linked running to a weakened immune system. He stated that running in the short term Improves immune function But the long run It can interfere with many functions of the immune system.

The results of this study indicate that People who run more than 3 hours a week There is an increased risk of contracting various pathogens, but professional runners are not often affected. Because they use a specially designed running schedule Including eating symptoms That suit the needs of the body Which is something that most of us runners cannot do.

Wrong running moves can be dangerous.
Running with just one or two wrong techniques May not cause immediate damage to your body. But that's where the danger can happen. This is because you won't immediately feel the damage from the wrong run and may not know what's wrong. Until it's too late

Wrong running puts a lot of pressure on your blood vessels and joints. Until it could lead to serious injury Most runners experience knee pain. Which occurs due to the wear and tear of cartilage And weakens the joints, resulting in chronic pain And long-term damage In the event that you experience unusual pain. You should seek medical advice or get treatment as soon as possible.

Additional recommendations
In fact, running is not a dangerous activity. Or bad for your health Running has many health benefits, just like any exercise, but it's important to You have to know the amount of running that is suitable for each person. So that you don't put too much pressure on yourself And ended up harming his own health

But we don't yet have enough data to create a formula for the optimal running dosage for each individual, so you should be aware of running side effects. And be careful Including should receive proper nutrition, complete and complete all 5 groups in a balanced way to help keep our body healthy and complete.
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<![CDATA[Want to stay away from cancer? Let's eat...]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=383871&goto=newpost Thu, 15 Apr 2021 02:55:06 GMT
Want to stay away from cancer? Let's eat cantaloupe!

Sweet fruit cantaloupe Eat and refresh It can be said that it is a great dessert. But many people may not yet know that in addition to being delicious This cool fruit is also beneficial for the body. Let's go see the wonders of cantaloupe for our health.

Get to know the cantaloupe
Cantaloupe is the same fruit as the melon and cucumber. The appearance of the fruit is quite large, its weight is thick, the peel is both smooth and smooth. And with a net The flesh is orange or yellow. In other countries, there are major plantations, including the United States Countries in Central America and Mexico, while Thailand is grown in Nakhon Sawan, Prachin Buri and Sa Kaeo provinces. Popular cultivars are Honey, Sun Lady varieties. And honeydew varieties

Cantaloupe health benefits
Help prevent cancer
Cantaloupe is rich in beta-carotene. According to the US Department of Agriculture found that Cantaloupe contains more beta-carotene than many fruits such as apricots, grapefruits, oranges, peaches, nectarines, mangos. Cantaloupe contains the same amount of beta-carotene as carrots. There is a lot of research that proves that Antioxidants like beta-carotene reduce the risk of many cancers. Cantaloupe also contains phytochemicals. (Phytochemical) that help promote anti-cancer. It also helps reduce health problems related to cell damage.

Boosts the immune system
Cantaloupe is a good source of vitamin C. That can help strengthen our immune system It also helps to build white blood cells. Which is responsible for eliminating germs Both bacteria and viruses Foreign matter Including toxins that enter the bloodstream And resulting in health problems Cantaloupe is therefore a very interesting immune-boosting food.

It helps to take care of the skin.
Cantaloupe contains large amounts of beta-carotene. Beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A. That will stimulate the creation and repair of the epithelium of skin cells. Thus helping to reduce premature aging wrinkles.In addition, Vitamin A can also help reduce skin irritation and redness.

Eating foods containing beta-carotene does not pose a risk of vitamin A poisoning due to excessive vitamin A. This is because our body does not convert all of the beta carotene received into vitamin A. Instead, some beta carotene is converted to vitamin A according to the amount that the body needs.

Help maintain eye health
Cantaloupe contains high amounts of carotenoids and vitamin C. Thus helping to maintain eye health, for example, improving vision Helps reduce the risk of cataracts Help prevent macular degeneration.

Help manage stress and anxiety
When blood pressure levels rise Will result in the production of stress hormones such as the hormone cortisol But the potassium in the cantaloupe helps to dilate blood vessels. Lowering blood pressure Stimulates blood circulation And add oxygen to the brain Thus helping to make you feel calm Eating cantaloupe is another stress reduction option that you should not miss.

Precautions for eating cantaloupe
Cantaloupe does not contain any chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, but because cantaloupe is a very difficult fruit to take care of. There are often problems with diseases and pests. Some of the cantaloupe agriculture may use pesticides in the care. As a result, there may be toxic residues in the cantaloupe that we buy and consume, therefore cantaloupe consumption should not be consumed for too long. Or if choosing an organically grown cantaloupe Will be better for your health And should be washed thoroughly before eating To reduce the amount of toxic residue

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The benefits of toothpaste Which is better... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=381831&goto=newpost Tue, 13 Apr 2021 06:14:24 GMT *The benefits of toothpaste Which is better than using brushing teeth* When it comes to...
The benefits of toothpaste Which is better than using brushing teeth

When it comes to toothpaste, everyone will think of a help to keep the mouth clean. Because we use it to brush our teeth after waking up and before going to bed on a daily basis. But you may not know The benefits of toothpaste There are more than you think. If you know, you will be amazed by the all-round benefits of toothpaste. Today joker123 wallet brings together the benefits of toothpaste to leave everyone together. But what can help? Let's go and see.

What does toothpaste consist of?

- Dental polishing powder to polish the color of various stains. Affixed to the teeth is removed by most dental floss is calcium phosphate. Calcium Cabonate Calcium, Silica and Alumina
- Fluoride inhibits tooth decay. It resists acids caused by microorganisms. Effectively prevent tooth decay
- cleaning agents that cause foaming The bubbles will easily remove the dental plaque. Most of the cleaning agents in toothpaste are Sodia Moury Sulfate Makes dirt, grease easily removed.
- Flavoring and flavoring substances To feel fresh when brushing your teeth Most of the time, synthetic sugars are preferred, but now scientists suggest manufacturers turn to natural sweeteners, Xylitol, which are safe and do not cause tooth decay.
- Moisturizer To prevent the meat from drying out
- thickening agent So that the meat is easily squeezed out into a rod from the tube

The benefits of toothpaste Which is better than using brushing teeth

Clean silverware accessories
Squeeze toothpaste onto an unused toothbrush and scrub the jewelry you have and rub it with a clean cloth. You are just like getting a new piece of jewelry.

Clean glasses
Simple tips If you want glasses that look like new again Just use toothpaste to clean the glasses and rub them off with a clean cloth. It also prevents the condensation of water vapor inside the glasses.

Clean the phone screen
If someone's screen is patterned or has thick dust Just clean the toothpaste with a cotton cloth, gently rub the screen, then wipe the screen clean with a clean cloth. You are like getting a new phone back.

Clean the car lamp cover
Easily removes the scratches on the car lamp cover. Just clean and complete the car wash. Then, apply toothpaste to the thin scratched area and rub it with a soft cloth.

Cover the surface of the material.
Toothpaste helps to hide small holes. On various surfaces very well, such as wooden floors, small holes in the tile floor, etc.

Hand wash
How bored are you when you go into the kitchen where you get the fish, peel the onion, or the garlic? The slippery must always be on hand. Wash your hands and rub the soap several times, it will not disappear. Simple solution, just rub the toothpaste and rub it in the same way as soap. Then rinse with soap again

Remove stains around the rubber shoes.
We can tackle the problem of scratches and stains attached to the rubber shoe area by rubbing with toothpaste to clean the area as it is, just like you got a new shoe.

Make acne break down
Triclosan (Triclosan) in toothpaste that inhibits bacteria. And also contains Menthol that helps dry acne quickly.

Choosing a good toothpaste is to choose a toothpaste that contains xylitol, a natural extract that will help balance the acidity and alkalinity of the oral cavity.

I can't believe it, right? The benefits of toothpaste There will be many benefits to this. In addition to toothpaste, there are also various things. Near the body that we can take advantage of the other side. Have many other things as well But before use, you should study the information carefully for safety.
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