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ПУЛСАР ФОРУМ - Имате ли в наличност? https://forum.pulsar.bg/ Дати на излизане, актуални и бъдещи наличности en Mon, 25 Jan 2021 10:00:55 GMT vBulletin 60 https://forum.pulsar.bg/images/pulsar_v4/misc/rss.png ПУЛСАР ФОРУМ - Имате ли в наличност? https://forum.pulsar.bg/ How to take care of health and build immunity https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299714&goto=newpost Sat, 23 Jan 2021 09:04:50 GMT Изображение:...

Ailments are unpredictable when it will happen to us. Some people look at it from the outside. No health problems But when he went to see a doctor (Usually rarely check-ups) may be found with an unexpected disease, so enhancing immunity is important.

All news : joker123

Which way to strengthen the body's immune system Most of us know how well. But rarely do Even though it's not that difficult, Tonkit360 will introduce a very simple and easy way to strengthen your immune system without paying extra money. Do not eat vitamins Just make a few lifestyle adjustments and get healthy.

6 Ways to take care of your health Strengthen immunity

1. Eat breakfast
Eating breakfast is more beneficial than we thought. Especially with the brain that is the center of control of all organ systems in the body. The brain is the most energy consuming and superfluous organ in the body. (Compared to size) while we are dormant The brain is already using 20-25 percent of its total energy, so eating breakfast Or eat all 3 meals, it is important to have energy to feed the brain

In adults, men need about 1,800-2,500 kcal per day, while women need about 1,500-2,000 kcal, so it's no surprise that when we're hungry, the brain is seldom responsive to work. Because the brain lacks energy Still, not one but eat Eat without choice Choose foods that are nutritionally appropriate for your meal.

2. Drink lots of water.
70% of the body is made up of water. In the cells, about 60 percent, 30 percent outside the cells, and 10 percent in the tissues, if the body is dehydrated or insufficiently hydrated, the cells will start to function abnormally. There is a problem in the body's work system. And ultimately affect health

However, water is the best drink for the body. Because water has no energy You can drink as much as you can without causing obesity, so in one day we should sip water often. To get 8 glasses a day or about 2-3 liters and abstain from sweet water, tea, coffee to drink water instead.

3. Get enough sleep
Sleep is the best rest for the body. While sleeping, the body gradually regenerates, repairing problematic cells and organs if we are less rested. Only sleep 3-4 hours a day in a row The body will continue to deteriorate. Have memory problems The most serious is that the brain does not respond. Causing problems in controlling and controlling the body It affects the immune system. That means the body needs adequate rest and balance every day. For good health

4. Exercise
Everyone knows that exercise keeps the body healthy. Build immunity And also positively affects the operation of various systems But in the end, not everyone gets up to exercise. Which we should exercise to enhance performance in all aspects Both durability, strength, stability and flexibility Because the benefits received from each aspect of exercise will vary. But should not overdo it Because exercise works well Should be performed regularly at least 3 days a week. For about 30 minutes at a time, it will be most effective.

5. Stress Relief
Some people are stressed without knowing they are stressed. Because he thought he could smile, laugh, eat, sleep But actually, the hidden stress Excessive stress affects the body, one of the first signs is a persistent severe headache. If stress accumulates chronically for a long time Will cause a mental fallout Which has a chance to develop depression

Therefore, excessive stress can cause the body to collapse. Must find a way to relieve stress Try to live a life that you never did. Change the depressed atmosphere every day. It will help add a lot of freshness.

6. Reduce, stop.
Drinking alcohol and smoking is not at all beneficial for long term health. Even if you get stuck There are only diseases and illnesses asking for Affect physical health, mental health indirectly, which is a cigarette addiction. Making it more likely to have lung cancer And many more cancers than non-smokers

Drinking alcohol is likely to develop liver cancer, cirrhosis, alcoholism. And many other diseases More than those who do not drink as well, so if you can reduce it, it will be better for your health little by little If you can stop missing at all The likelihood of these diseases will be reduced as well.
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4 things to know before getting the HPV... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299709&goto=newpost Fri, 22 Jan 2021 08:50:37 GMT
4 things to know before getting the HPV vaccine against "cervical cancer"

Cervical cancer These are just a few of the cancers that can be prevented with a vaccine. Women should be vaccinated to prevent disease from the beginning. But there are things you should know before getting vaccinated.

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4 things to know before getting the HPV vaccine against "cervical cancer"

1. Why does Wanxen HPV prevent cervical cancer?
Assoc. Prof. Wichai Termrungruanglert Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society stated that cervical cancer is caused by exposure to the HPV virus through sex. Which the virus will change the cells around the cervix to become cancer cells Getting vaccinated can help prevent HPV infection, which causes cervical cancer.

2. Is the HPV vaccine 100% protection against cervical cancer?
The HPV vaccine is able to protect against 70% of the major HPV (types 16 and 18) infections that cause cervical cancer, meaning there are still some HPV strains that the vaccine cannot prevent. Now, there is a new version of the HPV vaccine that can protect against more than 90% of the HPV strain.

3. At what age is the HPV vaccine most appropriate?
It can be injected from 9-55 years old, but the most suitable age for injection is for girls aged 11-15 years to prevent in advance of having first sex Statistics of HPV infection around the world show that the age range that is most commonly infected is 18-28 years, but still has a lifetime chance of getting HPV.

4. How many HPV vaccines do I need to get? And how long can it be prevented?
A total of 3 vaccinations must be administered within 6 months but should not exceed 1 year. The vaccine will make the immune system more effective. And has a continuous period of protection Current evidence shows that it can be prevented for up to 30 years (if injected in girls up to 15 years old, 2 injections of 6 months apart is sufficient).

If interested in getting vaccinated against cervical cancer Can contact for details And physical examination before entering services at the nearest hospital
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<![CDATA[How to reduce the risk of injury "Spine" for]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299707&goto=newpost Fri, 22 Jan 2021 07:38:10 GMT Initial symptoms and signs Spinal anomaly Neck pain Neck pain is a common problem in everyday...
Initial symptoms and signs Spinal anomaly
Neck pain
Neck pain is a common problem in everyday life. Because the activities of people have to do in a sitting position. Causing the neck to act to carry the weight from the head all day Also, the neck is an organ that can move in many directions, both tilted, tilted, and rotated. The aforementioned factors cause 50% of neck pain problems, stiffness or dullness in the neck. May fracture to the shoulder, shoulder, or arm, in some cases, weakness with numbness. Less neck movement

When there is pain in the neck, you should rest Compress your neck with heat or cold for 10-20 minutes, or use a neck support or a rolled towel that is thick and long enough to support the weight. Wrap it around your neck to limit movement and reduce pressure from the weight of your head. Pain relievers such as paracetamol or aspirin may be taken, etc. If after 5-7 days the drug does not improve, consult a doctor.

Back pain
Back pain is the most common pain in everyday life after neck pain. Which is common in working age and the elderly In most cases, 80-90% of patients recover on their own in 4-8 weeks, so proper treatment can reduce back pain. SUPERSLOT

Pain in the lower back
Pain in the lower back Or there may be pain in the hips or legs. Pain may come and go, or persistent pain is associated with posture, such as increased pain when standing and walking, in some cases, numbness, leg weakness, or unusual stool and urination problems. If such symptoms occur, a specialist should be urged.

Diseases often found on the spine
Herniated disc disease
Disc herniation, the jelly-like portion that moves through a small hole That tear the fibers out Mostly caused by Accidents involving the back or use, such as lifting too heavy, lifting the wrong position
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5 techniques to say goodbye to ADHD How to ke https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299703&goto=newpost Thu, 21 Jan 2021 06:33:50 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/01/21/lP8tJS.jpg Concentration Say goodbye...

Concentration Say goodbye to 168slot ADHD A book in the self-development psychology section of Kam Knight's Amarin how-to publisher, translated from Thai by Nuchanart Netprasertsri.
Kam Knight, the number one best-selling book writer in the category Concentration on Amazon for two years in a row
It is undeniable that the lifestyle of the new generation that can connect the whole world at their fingertips. Causing many stimuli that are ready to distract them at any time Just think that you have to focus on the contents of the meeting. Or the content that the teacher teaches in the normal classroom for a long time, it feels that it is difficult. And even more in the way of the COVID-19 era Who have to change the system to study online or Work from Home (WFH) who have to do something alone all day for months The more the efficiency of concentrating or Concentrate on what you are doing so less that you can not get the full information

Sarakadee Lite invites you to say goodbye to ADHD problems and add Productive to life through 5 tips taken from Concentration Say goodbye to ADHD Another bestseller book by Kam Knight, the number one bestselling author in the category. Concentration on the Amazon two years in a row has been described since the meaning of meditation. As well as ways to increase concentration And eliminate distractions With productive upgrading techniques to increase work efficiency And add concentration that seems to be easy But it is a story that many people forget.

1. Practice basic relaxation.

Will calm the body You have to start with calming your mind by instructing yourself to relax. Slow down the mind not to rush Or packed with one particular story And alleviate fear or anxiety To be ready for work

Relaxing can be as simple as finding a place to sleep, slowly closing your eyes and breathing in and out slowly, noticing yourself how you feel and thinking, taking a deep dive into your thoughts, and then starting to breathe deeper. Observe yourself again If there is any part that pain and stiffness, then gently relax that part. After that, imagine a picture of a feeling that feels comfortable, repeating "I feel relaxed" while relaxing parts of the body.

2. Adjust the distraction by adding goals.

The human mind is like a machine, sought and driven by purpose and purpose. As soon as a purpose becomes clear You will not be distracted All kinds of energies, such as motivation and enthusiasm, will drive you to focus on that goal instead, and when the goal is clear, it will automatically focus your focus on doing it.

For example, in high school, we may enjoy hanging out every day, but when we aim to get the college entrance exam, we will be diligent and want to read the books. Without having to be forced So when you feel distracted Please think clearly about the goal to adjust the subconscious mechanisms to match the desires

3. To-do List that is not just a list in your head

The daily to-do check list is something everyone knows, but seldom does. Everyone would say similarly, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. But when work enters one boom at the same time, we will be distracted, unable to focus on what we actually do, causing each task to move slowly and inefficiently. Because in my head he kept thinking about other tasks that must be done Or the pending mission

The solution to this problem is to write everything out as a To-do List, sorting out what to do for the day. This will make it easier and clearer to see the overall picture of the whole task, which we have to keep looking at the list that we write down. To remind yourself that there is anything that has been done, has not yet been done, or is it pending or not. To cross out the finished item Add new works that come to mind And everything should be saved in one place

4. Increase creativity with the power of Deadline.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, says, "The habit of procrastinating is a bad habit that defer to the day after day for the day after tomorrow." Often, the motive starts working near the deadline ( deadlines) or deadlines, and there is probably nothing more stimulating than confronting the deadline, so we should take advantage of this to create a “time frame” for any job.

Timeboxing or timeboxing is planning with a fixed time limit for each task, such as setting two hours to review lessons as instructed by the teacher. Or stipulating that every Saturday must write a novel for 5,000 words, etc.

Time frame is a very effective technique. Because it allows us to shift focus from activity to time Motivates myself to feel alert But do not forget to set a reasonable time frame for the work done. Otherwise, it will not be of benefit.

5. Think about taking a break.

Working for hours in a row can destroy your energy, motivation, motivation and concentration. Making it more prone to errors Or overlooked something Therefore, taking a break from work or activity gives the body and mind the appropriate rest. Will allow us to return to work again at full capacity In which taking a break means that we can do anything but the work we are doing. Can go out for coffee Go play with the dog Or even taking a nap is considered a break as well.
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<![CDATA[Recognize "eating because of stress", the pos]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299698&goto=newpost Wed, 20 Jan 2021 05:21:36 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/01/20/lDsJvR.jpg Have you ever wondered why...

Have you ever wondered why เล่นเกมสล็อตฟรี when you feel bored or lonely or sad or sometimes just bored? To make us feel like we want more food I want to find something to put on my mouth to chew. To fill that empty feeling And if you observe carefully Will find that the food that is put into the mouth, chewing, it does not seem to be very beneficial to the body. Most of them will be snacks. Or a soft drink, sweet water and claiming to feel that blood sugar is falling. I need to refresh myself.

This emotional state of indulgence is called Emotional Eating. Many people are likely to feel or realize that this emotion is difficult to stop. Or sometimes it may not be able to stop at all. How much you eat is not full Even if I'm full, I don't feel enough. Still want to keep eating But then why can't the body get enough? The more bored, lonely, depressed, the more we eat. Tonkit360 has an explanation.

We will already know that eating a lot Especially those foods that are useless Without those nutritional values It is very easy to get fat. This obesity also increases the risk of illnesses even more, although many people feel guilty about putting this in their stomach. But the guilt cannot fight the desire

When we are bored Why do we only eat?
Scientific principles describe this as emotional emptiness. Or negative feelings Without humans having any other way to fill the emptiness Because the mood during that period is what we call "Not in the mood" I don't want to do anything Feeling lethargic Eating is a way to fill in the void and to create a temporary feeling of being "full", which is actually "full". Here we may not even be aware of fullness or emotional fullness. I only knew that it was happier.

Indeed, this human emotional eating has existed since the Cave Neanderthals. According to human evolution When humans have stress or mental disorders from the original. (Which in that era is often a matter of natural hazards such as lack of food or being hunted) instinct to recognize those dangers. Emotions make the body feel it needs energy to survive. So it is not anything to eat But the picture of food in my head is almost all high-energy foods.

When stress begins to ease The energy that is depleted from escaping. It causes the body to react to stock up on energy like this to use again in case of a disaster in the future to have the strength to survive.

But when it comes to the present On a day when humans don't have to hunt No need to stay in a cave Know how to live in a society These social factors play a role in the psychological state instead of insecurity. When he perceived the danger The stress level will rise. There are various feelings flowing in, boredom, tired (mind), lonely, depressed, the body tends to need food that is relatively high energy to compensate.

Response to stress with this diet Born in a state in which the body feels a crisis The body releases the hormone corticotropin, which is secreted from the brain's hypothalamus. To stimulate the release of glucocorticoids from the adrenal glands These steroid hormones will increase the appetite. We then eat that craving as a mechanism to cope with the stress or emotions that arise.

Eat because of hunger or eat because of boredom.
Many people may have questions about how to distinguish whether they are eating, eating because of hunger, or eating due to mental changes. Not much observation If it is the desire to eat because of the mood It will be the feeling that you want to eat quickly, want to eat, have to eat. Can eat right now It's often the only food or two that we want to eat. I want to eat only this in large quantities, such as wanting to drink soft drinks when I normally do not drink. And drinking one glass is not satisfied Or want to eat potato chips Can eat continuously Eat non-stop It is not enough, must have to fill. Which is not eating a variety of food when hungry

And of course, when the body relieves stress We started to realize that we were eating too much. Guilt began to develop. “I shouldn't have eaten it at all,” or “I should have eaten more of that, would have been better.” But indulging in this emotion couldn't stop being full. We ate with a feeling that no matter how satisfied we were. In which if wanting to stop or improve this problem Need to manage at the root cause

How to manage
When we feel like eating because of the negative emotions that make us feel insecure. Must get rid of those emotions first By finding ways to relieve stress Which there are many ways It is that which method is suitable for you too. But if you really want to eat I can't resist, I can't eat But enough to resist the temptation to substitute more healthy food

However, there is also a very high chance that we will only buy those useless food to stock up on. Walking in the market when I'm bored. Enough to help Then choose to buy food that is healthier than entering the house instead When the eyes are dull There is a craving to eat according to the mood and must be able to eat. Will have only useful things to eat If there is a lot of matters, do not want to eat, that is, not eat.

However, if this symptom is too frequent Or whenever it starts to feel that it is more difficult to control the feeling of appetite when these mood swings become more difficult. Need to see a doctor Because it may not be a temporary feeling of boredom, lonely, depressed, when the body is stressed. Rather, it may be a psychological disorder that needs treatment, such as an early symptom of depression. Or bipolar disorder Your doctor may recommend a consultation with a psychiatrist to help determine.
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GTA 6 May Have A Smarter NPC System Based... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299695&goto=newpost Wed, 20 Jan 2021 03:32:21 GMT
GTA 6 May Have A Smarter NPC System Based On Rockstar's New AI Card Licensing.

Although no official announcement has yet been made But for this news, it should be interesting for GTA fans who are looking forward to part 6, which Take-Two has registered the rights to the new AI system card, stating that "a system that creates virtual reality. Game environment

Game link : joker gaming

According to the report, the system will make AI more natural and learn more realistic behaviors, such as AI that the inhabitants of the city will learn to travel or drive vehicles. Observe traffic rules Or there may be a change of route itself if encountered traffic jams or driving slower when it gets dark, etc.

However, that information does not specify what games this will be applied to. But there is a definite indication of the term "traffic," "high speed chase" that is likely to be applied to games like GTA 6 that already have in-game traffic. But it's not certain that it could be applied to a new game like Red Dead Redemption 3.

Although there has not been an official announcement as to when GTA 6 will be available or when it will be released. But it is another exciting news for fans of the game. Because this system can be used with a wide variety of other games or other genres.
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<![CDATA[Trap innovation "Microfiber" reduces water po]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299694&goto=newpost Tue, 19 Jan 2021 05:56:06 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/01/19/ll8D51.jpg Three years ago, the US...

Three years ago, the US announced a ban on เกมสล็อต products containing microbeads. Small plastic particles used in cosmetics and cleaning products. Which is so small that it can escape to the water source To reduce the risk that these plastic molecules will fall into the food of aquatic animals. Which will eventually become the food of people around the world

But most recently, there is another form of pollution called "Microfiber" is a tiny, tiny fiber that is found in the clothes we wear every day. Which easily escapes to the water source through washing as well

Environmental scientist Has ignited the issue of microfibers on water bodies around the world. That these fibers begin to affect the ecosystem in water bodies Including how much it affects human life

One of the studies by Mark Brown, who studies ecological toxicity. (Ecotoxicology) Australians in 2010 found that more than 85 percent of human-made coastal waste is from microfiber.

While information from the journal Environmental Science & Technology found that every time we wash one synthetic mantle, more than 1 gram of microfibers is released, and about 40% of the microfibers that come out during washing will come off. Finally escaped to the water source

However, Chelsea teacher Rockman professor of ecology. According to the University of Toronto, it is not currently known whether the water pollution caused by the fiber molecules. Is it from the fibers itself, or is it from the dye used?

But in the meantime At least four startups have developed an innovation that detects microfibers from clothes so that they do not fall to water sources

Guppyfriend produces laundry bags that trap microfiber. That reduces the amount of microfibers that will escape from clothing by 75-86 percent.

The Cora Ball is a small ball that rolls around during the laundry. These synthetic fabrics prevent it from seeping into the water up to 25% more than washing clothes without this equipment.

Alexander Nolte, founder of Guppyfriend, said it was imperative for consumers to take part in the environmental protection. Because they will blame only the government or companies that produce pollutants unilaterally It may not improve the situation, but it is important to cultivate consumer consciousness. Better avoid or use these items less often.

Data from the Census Bureau shows that more than 85 percent of US households. There is a washing machine. And these devices are new to consumers. But only Guppyfriend's laundry bags have become a household accessory in at least 50,000 Americans. With the hope of blocking microfibers from polluting water sources Become food for aquatic animals And finally returned to humanity
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<![CDATA[remind! Do not use "yabisacodil-douche" to lo]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299668&goto=newpost Mon, 18 Jan 2021 07:27:51 GMT Warning, yabisacodil or medicine should not be eaten too much. Or misuse Because it can be fatal...
Warning, yabisacodil or medicine should not be eaten too much. Or misuse Because it can be fatal
Nowadays, young people are trying to find a way to lose weight by taking laxatives, but in fact, if they are not taken properly It can affect the body to life
What is yabiisacodil?
Bisacodyl is a laxative for constipation by stimulating the intestinal wall to make a rhythmic compression. Causing the stool to move Then a bowel movement occurs
The dangers of misusing yabisacodil
Currently, laxatives are smuggled into dietary supplements. And claiming to help reduce obesity Which is the fact that eating laxatives Does not help to lose weight. Plus, taking a laxative can lead to an imbalance in the body's mineral balance, such as calcium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Irregular heartbeat, weakness, confusion and convulsions If the more you take The body may be at risk of dehydration. And can also shock
All kinds of dangerous laxatives If not used properly
In fact, every laxative is not just bisacodil. It should only be used occasionally as it is needed. Should not be continued for a long time. Because it will make the drug resistant By that resistance Will negatively affect The intestines are accustomed to requiring laxatives to stimulate. To cause a bowel movement When stopping laxatives Can cause constipation เกมยิงปลา
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5 ways to prevent raising voices at your... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=299627&goto=newpost Mon, 18 Jan 2021 05:29:14 GMT *5 ways to prevent raising voices at your child A close matter that should not be overlooked* ...
5 ways to prevent raising voices at your child A close matter that should not be overlooked

Believe that even if you are a parent who is very calm and reasonable But at certain times there must be an event of raising the voice with the child unconsciously. This may be caused by the unappealing behavior of the child, when the parents themselves are faced with various problems. Today we would like to share with you how to protect yourself so that parents do not raise their voices at their children. Let's see how each method should be done.

News links: joker

1. Reduce expectations
It is normal for people who have high expectations. When everything does not go as expected, it will be very disappointing as well. Sometimes parents may expect their children to be reasonable children. Because in the past, it was an obedient child, not crying, not crying, but do not forget that each child must have the opportunity to face an environment that parents do not know. Therefore should lower expectations Ready to prepare your mind that your child will have a time that is not lovable as well Then find a way to comfort instead of raising his voice instead

2. Be conscious before talking to your child.
At a time when each person is impatient, their consciousness decreases, so in order to prevent parents from raising their voices with their children. Or avoiding the behavior of the child is not lovable in response to the parents themselves. Parents should be conscious before speaking. Always remember that the child is young, and the control of consciousness and emotions is less than that of adults.

3. Change the tone to soften.
Every time in times of chaos The loud noise always comes together. Therefore, when the child shows a behavior that is not so cute that it may upset the parents. Parents themselves should be careful about using their voices. Should avoid using harsh sounds and turn to normal

4. Get down and find something to do to calm down.
The mindfulness by finding something to do that results in the calm down. Will help the situation not more serious If parents are faced with the unlovable behavior of their children until they feel angry. Suggest to try to stay conscious of yourself. And find something to do first To calm Then come back and talk to the child in a normal tone with the next reasoning.

5. Do activities that relieve stress.
When parents have to bear many things that create stress The chances of making noise when your child exhibits an unlovable behavior is very high. Therefore, parents themselves need to know when they start to feel really stressful. It is wise to find activities to relieve stress to do immediately. Whether listening to music Exercise Or a relaxing walk in the fresh air

It can be seen that preventing parents from raising voices at their children when their children exhibit unhappy behavior. It is often the control of emotions and the consciousness of the parents themselves. Controlling the emotions and mind of a child who is young It is a challenge for the parents. And is considered difficult that has it all Therefore, when you cannot control your child's emotions as your heart wants. Should turn to control the emotions and consciousness of their parents Because the loveliness of the child always needs refutation of the kindness and understanding of the parents instead of always raising the voice at the child
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<![CDATA[Is "alkaline drinking water" really good for]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=297671&goto=newpost Thu, 14 Jan 2021 07:51:32 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/01/14/lQhV8S.jpg Nowadays, there are many...

Nowadays, there are many types of drinking water slotxo for us to choose from, such as regular drinking water, mineral water, and drinking water that contains various vitamins and minerals. Alkaline drinking water Many people may be wondering that What is drinking water And is it really beneficial for health or not? Have to follow up in this article that Hello Doc brings together.

What is alkaline drinking water?
The term "alkaline" refers to the level of the pH or pH of the water, which can be measured in the range 0-14, which is the only difference between alkaline water and water. General plumbing

Tap water normally has a pH level of about 7.5, but alkaline water has a pH higher than 8-9, the higher the number means. Water will have a higher alkalinity. The lower the number, the more acidic the water is.

A study from reliable sources. 2013 Water with a low pH (acidic) is likely to be toxic. Besides that, eating acidic foods and drinks May increase the risk of cancer More than that There is still a saying that Acidic foods feed cancer cells. Making it possible to grow and spread

Alkaline drinking water and cancer
Alkaline drinking water is said to neutralize acids found in the bloodstream, so drinking water with a higher pH can increase the body's metabolism and can increase the body's ability to absorb important nutrients. Some people think this prevents cancer cells found in the body from growing. This is because cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment.

Drinking alkaline water It also slows or stops the growth of cancer. By balancing the pH level in the body, which in general Alkaline drinking water can have an effect on hydration in the body. For some people with acid reflux Alkaline drinking water may also improve symptoms related to gastric reflux.

However, in the body with normal function Alkaline drinking water will not cause any significant changes. If in the body there is a balance between acids and bases Which is measured in the bloodstream itself But at this time there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that Can alkaline drinking water cure or prevent cancer?

It is almost impossible to change the pH level in your blood completely. By eating or drinking certain liquids Under normal circumstances Your body naturally balances the internal pH level. Because the human body has complex and interrelated multicellular mechanisms. Which involves maintaining the internal pH of the body the way it should be

If you have cancer Such cancer cells should not have a serious effect on the overall pH of your body. This is because, although cancer cells produce lactic acid, it may not normally be enough to completely change the pH level in your body. In general, very little research has been done on how alkalinity affects the body.

Is alkaline drinking water better than plain water?
For most people, water is better. Because most of the bottled water sold is alkaline drinking water. Which is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration This is an agency from the federal government (U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA) and sometimes itself. Alkaline drinking water will be added nutrients. To get the alkaline pH

Scientists use the pH value to describe the acidity of a substance with numbers on a scale of 0-14. The substance will be alkaline if it has a pH greater than 7 and because alkaline drinking water has a higher pH level than normal tap water. Which can neutralize the acids in the bloodstream However, research from reliable sources suggests that Alkaline drinking water is unlikely to significantly alter blood pH.

Some studies suggest that Alkaline drinking water May help slow bone loss But it is not clear whether this will maintain long-term benefits.Some say that alkaline drinking water can help prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease, for example.However, there is little reliable evidence to support the reference. Such

However, no matter what water you drink. You should consider cleanliness first. Because drinking unclean water can adversely affect the health of the body, which can lead to various diseases, in addition, drinking the right amount of water every day is another thing that should be done. To maintain the moisture of the body Including preventing the occurrence of dehydration (Dehydration) as well.
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<![CDATA[How to help patients with "heart attack" with]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=297107&goto=newpost Wed, 13 Jan 2021 05:58:19 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/01/13/lR4uEn.jpg Many times we hear...

Many times we hear เกมสล็อต news of young people die prematurely from heart attacks. That was once believed to only happen to older people. But nowadays, the social situation has changed, the way of eating and resting of urban people has changed completely from the past.

While many people take the burden of treatment to their doctors, in fact, Doctors and medical personnel are Destination of life saving Because the original way of keeping life in good condition according to the life expectancy must start with ourselves.

So let's get to know, learn and prevent and help people who are faced with heart disease or acute heart attack In line from now on

Heart attack symptoms
“Heart attack” means the coronary artery is completely blocked. The heart muscle will begin to stop working. Symptoms can last for more than 15 minutes and not get relief. The ischemic heart muscle cells begin to die within minutes of the first hour of angina.

Symptoms shown are pain, chest tightness, fracture to the neck, arms or jaws, intense sweating that feels cold in the upper body. May have dizziness, lack of breath, including people with diabetes. Or having high blood sugar levels without knowing Will cause symptoms Heart attack as well

How to help when meeting someone who is having a heart attack
A type of resuscitation called CPR CARDIO-PULMONARY RESUSCITATION. This means stimulating the heart or giving the patient a resuscitation. It is a very important resuscitation. Especially during the 15 minutes that you meet the person who has had a heart attack, you have a chance to save him.

Begin to try to clear the people who surround the patient. Check to see if the patient is able to breathe spontaneously.Unbelt the shirt button to make the patient as uncomfortable as possible, then perform a heart massage. Using the palm of your hand, press down on the middle breastbone, slightly above the epiglottis, at least 100 beats per minute in order to massage the heart to continue working and have to call an ambulance immediately after seeing the patient has a heart attack.

If I'm at risk for a heart attack and I'm alone, what should I do?
If you are at risk for a sudden heart attack Which means you have diabetes symptoms High blood pressure, heavy weight, or having previously learned to find a way to survive. Staying alone is important Which the first advice if you feel angina and symptoms similar to a heart attack Immediately start a cough called Cough CPR with deep breaths. Every time before coughing A deep cough like phlegm

Breathing and coughing must be continued every 2 seconds, coughing continuously until someone rescues or the heart beats normal again. Take a deep breath To allow oxygen to enter the lungs The movement from the cough will help squeeze the heart. To have a normal blood flow again Contractions of the heart help the heart rhythm return. When you are conscious, immediately call an ambulance.

Have aspirin at home At the onset of aspirin symptoms Helps to have good blood circulation. Does not clump All are just tips in case you are alone. But the best way It is better to try not to put yourself at risk.

How to prevent falling at risk for a heart attack
As mentioned above The key to saving your life is not seeing a good doctor. But start from treating your body by observing the changes in your own body. Check up once a year And above all, having a lifestyle that does not stand on the risk. Whether it is smoking, drinking, and not getting enough rest Eat the food you want Inability to maintain a healthy weight

Regular physical examinations will allow you to know what criteria the internal body has changed over time. Of which three important values ​​must be tried to maintain at normal levels Is the blood sugar value not more than 150, blood pressure in the level of 130/80, cholesterol not more than 100 milligrams, which the maintenance of the blood sugar pressure level is very important Because even though you are young Always exercise But if he never knew that the blood sugar level was high Or have blood pressure over 130/80, you have a risk of heart attack anytime.
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<![CDATA["COVID-19", a new wave of GH species, meets w]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=295131&goto=newpost Sat, 09 Jan 2021 07:47:54 GMT Department of Medical Sciences revealed the results of genetic testing for the coronavirus strain...
Department of Medical Sciences revealed the results of genetic testing for the coronavirus strain in Samut Sakhon It is the GH strain found directly with the Myanmar species. The origin of India, Rakhine epidemic, Tachilek was smuggled to Thailand in Mae Sot, Tak province.
Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences The Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) mentions the results of the COVID laboratory test in Samut Sakhon that laboratory testing, unless known to be positive or negative, want to know what strain it is. Currently, the global epidemic is the G species, but Thailand has a question of how closely related the outbreak is in Samut Sakhon. Some people question whether it comes from Indonesian fisheries. Or from Myanmar for the Samut Sakhon species testing We compare it with the strains that Mae Sot and Mae Sot by examining both Thai and foreign workers Along with the global overview, it will be found that the Samut Sakhon group is a GH species (GH) that matches the species found in Tachilek, Myanmar, which originated from India, entered Rakhine, Myanmar and smuggled. Come to Thailand, both Mae Sot, Tak and Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, where this species does not match with Indonesia
“The part where it says that the British are mutated to cause severe infection. Which Thailand was vigilant However, it has nothing to do with the outbreaks in England, thus confirming that the Samut Sakhon species is of India and Myanmar origin. And enter Thailand, however, there will be genetic transcription periodically So if there are any abnormal strains that can be detected quickly, "said Dr. Supakit, the global mutant has not affected the developing COVID vaccine.
Even if it is COVID-19 Another species But the symptoms that can be observed remain the same: fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, unable to smell, tongue, taste and can still be prevented by wearing a mask every time you go out. Wash your hands before eating. Or touching your own body And keep a distance with common people JOKER GAMING สล็อตออนไลน์
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Global warming drives global beer production https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=294169&goto=newpost Thu, 07 Jan 2021 08:55:20 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/01/07/l36S8k.jpg Studies of climate change to...

Studies of climate change to โปรโมชั่น slotxo economic conditions According to the University of East Anglia in England, global warming will affect barley yields by 3-17 percent, depending on the climate of the cultivated area. The US and Australia will produce more barley, while China, Brazil and Japan will see lower.

This study also states that Under severe global warming conditions Beer consumption will drop around 16 percent while beer prices may double. The research team said In the case of the US Severe global warming would reduce domestic beer consumption by 20 per cent, while beer prices per bottle would increase by 50 per cent.

One of the authors, Dabo Guan, explains that barley is an essential ingredient in beer brewing. And is a plant susceptible to heavy weather conditions. In particular, drought and hot weather. However, 17 percent of barley will go into the brewing process, while 83 percent will become animal feed.
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