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ПУЛСАР ФОРУМ - XBOX https://forum.pulsar.bg/ Дискусии относно игрите за XBOX en Fri, 23 Apr 2021 16:26:57 GMT vBulletin 60 https://forum.pulsar.bg/images/pulsar_v4/misc/rss.png ПУЛСАР ФОРУМ - XBOX https://forum.pulsar.bg/ <![CDATA["Long COVID", a new term for COVID-19, indica]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=390227&goto=newpost Tue, 20 Apr 2021 04:33:33 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/04/20/AQ5AqS.jpg Share knowledge about health,...

Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.

Overseas countries have talked about "long slotxo wallet COVID" or the long-term effects of COVID-19. That may occur to patients, stating that in some people, COVID-19 It may cause the body to experience symptoms for several weeks. Or maybe for months Each person responds differently to the virus.
Some people experience improvement in a few days after treatment, but in others it can take as long as 12 weeks or 3 months to completely recover from COVID-19.

Patients with symptoms of COVID-19 For a long time This does not necessarily mean that the patient will have a heavier first symptom than the others. Patients who initially had few symptoms, but had persistent symptoms and did not heal, there is a possibility as well.

Long-term symptoms of COVID-19
The short-term symptoms that we often observe ourselves with are: fever, sore throat, dry cough, body aches, mucus, as well as changes in smell and taste.

The long-term symptoms that can occur in patients with COVID-19 are:

More tired than usual
Shortness of breath, increased shortness of breath
Chest tightness
Have trouble remembering And not concentrating (brain fog)
Difficulty falling asleep (insomnia)
Irregular heartbeat
Dizziness, dizziness
Have beriberi
Pain in various joints
Depression, anxiety
Tinnitus, ear pain
Having illnesses such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, less appetite
Fever, cough, headache, sore throat, changes in taste and smell
A rash

Multi-organ inflammatory syndrome
Among patients with COVID-19 Often found that many organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, including the brain in patients with COVID-19. May find a condition called "Multisystem inflammatory syndrome" or multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) refers to various organs. In the body there is swelling, inflammation. Due to the malfunction of the immune system Go into fight with good cells It causes swelling and inflammation in many ways. Body part

Therefore, if detecting pain and swelling in any area In the body during COVID-19 treatment, you can inform your doctor immediately.

How many symptoms do you have to report to your doctor?
Usually in Thailand Patients with COVID-19 They are usually in close supervision of the medical and nursing teams at the Hospitel or Field Hospital. But if someone takes care of themselves at home Or not sure how severe they are Try to observe yourself to see if the symptoms mentioned above. If you have had these symptoms for more than 4 weeks and have not improved, if so, notify the healthcare team immediately.

Get to know HOSPITEL, another option of "COVID-19 patients"
Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance.
During the time when COVID-19 The epidemic continues, the same principles that we do every day until becoming New Normal are still necessary, such as wearing a mask when in public places, washing hands often or before touching your own body And before eating Avoid being in a crowded place. Or a risk area Including taking care of yourself to stay healthy, that is to eat a complete diet of 5 groups, exercise regularly. And get enough rest This can already greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.
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Honey Lemon Just a Sip in the Morning It is u https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=388913&goto=newpost Mon, 19 Apr 2021 03:43:27 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/04/19/AR9uda.jpg Honey is considered an elixir...

Honey is considered an elixir since ทดลองเล่นสล็อต XO ancient times. Because in addition to having a naturally sweet and fragrant taste Also rich in many natural nutrients And at the same time, lemon is a vegetable that is easy to find in our home, the main thing is that it is a fruit that is high in vitamin C. When the best of both foods are combined Thus resulting in honey and lemon Rich in nutrients And helps to take care of your health as well Which often sipping honey and lemon in the morning How to benefit from it? You have to go and see.

1. Helps the body feel refreshed.
Replace your morning coffee with Try to change to drink honey and lemon cold. To feel refreshed well? Because honey has honey in the lemon. That is considered natural glucose When absorbed into the body Will make you feel refreshed More importantly, can drink consecutively for a long time. Without adversely affecting your health as well

2. Stimulate the digestive system
If you are often constipated We recommend that To drink warm honey and lemon. As soon as you wake up Then get up to 15-30 minutes of light exercise. You will immediately feel the urge to shoot harder. Because both the honey and the lemon. It has mild laxative properties that can stimulate the intestines. To work normally And helps to prevent infections or disorders in the intestines quite well

3. Decrease appetite
Our body will feel hungry only when the blood sugar is less than normal. But when you drink honey mixed with lemon juice cool. Enter before a meal Besides your stomach Will be filled the area with the amount of water already drunk Sugar from honey It will also help stimulate the brain to feel full faster than before. Thus helping to reduce the appetite for you as well Which anyone who is losing weight Let me tell you not to miss it.

4. Coughing, sore throat.
Anyone who has the problem of hoarseness and dryness when waking up. Drinking warm honey and lemon. It will make you feel more moist. And also has the ability to inhibit bacteria And various pathogens That can be the cause of a cough and sore throat as well. You may hardly have to take a cough syrup or suck a sore throat. In addition, people with chronic sputum. Drinking honey and lemon in the morning will also help as well.

It can be seen that the honey lemon. It is a drink that is very beneficial for health. It also helps to strengthen your immune system to make you more healthy. So let's drink honey and lemon regularly every morning. Then you will benefit From honey and lemon, full of course So don't miss it.
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Health risks of Jogging That you have to be.. https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=386414&goto=newpost Sat, 17 Apr 2021 04:42:16 GMT *Health risks of Jogging That you have to be careful* While many people choose to exercise by...
Health risks of Jogging That you have to be careful

While many people choose to exercise by running because of its many health benefits, there is another one who knows the potential risks of running. In which everything in this world has both advantages and joker slot disadvantages. So if you like Jogging You should not forget to think about these risks as well.

Health risks of Jogging
Jogging With testosterone
It has been proven that Running can affect testosterone. This type of hormone has a great impact on male sexual performance. Running may increase testosterone levels and become unbalanced. It can affect almost every organ in our body.

Light sprints are not very long each week. It is good for our health. But if more than that May have a negative effect on the body But everyone has different physical conditions. Therefore cannot be determined with certainty that How much to run would be considered too much for each person?

The most important thing is You should be aware of your own limitations. And do not put too much pressure on your own body On the other hand Proper nutrition Including the use of supplements It may help you in balancing your body.

Running weakens the immune system.
A study led by Dr. Sen P. Lin of Mingdao University in Taiwan has linked running to a weakened immune system. He stated that running in the short term Improves immune function But the long run It can interfere with many functions of the immune system.

The results of this study indicate that People who run more than 3 hours a week There is an increased risk of contracting various pathogens, but professional runners are not often affected. Because they use a specially designed running schedule Including eating symptoms That suit the needs of the body Which is something that most of us runners cannot do.

Wrong running moves can be dangerous.
Running with just one or two wrong techniques May not cause immediate damage to your body. But that's where the danger can happen. This is because you won't immediately feel the damage from the wrong run and may not know what's wrong. Until it's too late

Wrong running puts a lot of pressure on your blood vessels and joints. Until it could lead to serious injury Most runners experience knee pain. Which occurs due to the wear and tear of cartilage And weakens the joints, resulting in chronic pain And long-term damage In the event that you experience unusual pain. You should seek medical advice or get treatment as soon as possible.

Additional recommendations
In fact, running is not a dangerous activity. Or bad for your health Running has many health benefits, just like any exercise, but it's important to You have to know the amount of running that is suitable for each person. So that you don't put too much pressure on yourself And ended up harming his own health

But we don't yet have enough data to create a formula for the optimal running dosage for each individual, so you should be aware of running side effects. And be careful Including should receive proper nutrition, complete and complete all 5 groups in a balanced way to help keep our body healthy and complete.
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<![CDATA[Want to stay away from cancer? Let's eat...]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=383871&goto=newpost Thu, 15 Apr 2021 02:55:06 GMT
Want to stay away from cancer? Let's eat cantaloupe!

Sweet fruit cantaloupe Eat and refresh It can be said that it is a great dessert. But many people may not yet know that in addition to being delicious This cool fruit is also beneficial for the body. Let's go see the wonders of cantaloupe for our health.

Get to know the cantaloupe
Cantaloupe is the same fruit as the melon and cucumber. The appearance of the fruit is quite large, its weight is thick, the peel is both smooth and smooth. And with a net The flesh is orange or yellow. In other countries, there are major plantations, including the United States Countries in Central America and Mexico, while Thailand is grown in Nakhon Sawan, Prachin Buri and Sa Kaeo provinces. Popular cultivars are Honey, Sun Lady varieties. And honeydew varieties

Cantaloupe health benefits
Help prevent cancer
Cantaloupe is rich in beta-carotene. According to the US Department of Agriculture found that Cantaloupe contains more beta-carotene than many fruits such as apricots, grapefruits, oranges, peaches, nectarines, mangos. Cantaloupe contains the same amount of beta-carotene as carrots. There is a lot of research that proves that Antioxidants like beta-carotene reduce the risk of many cancers. Cantaloupe also contains phytochemicals. (Phytochemical) that help promote anti-cancer. It also helps reduce health problems related to cell damage.

Boosts the immune system
Cantaloupe is a good source of vitamin C. That can help strengthen our immune system It also helps to build white blood cells. Which is responsible for eliminating germs Both bacteria and viruses Foreign matter Including toxins that enter the bloodstream And resulting in health problems Cantaloupe is therefore a very interesting immune-boosting food.

It helps to take care of the skin.
Cantaloupe contains large amounts of beta-carotene. Beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A. That will stimulate the creation and repair of the epithelium of skin cells. Thus helping to reduce premature aging wrinkles.In addition, Vitamin A can also help reduce skin irritation and redness.

Eating foods containing beta-carotene does not pose a risk of vitamin A poisoning due to excessive vitamin A. This is because our body does not convert all of the beta carotene received into vitamin A. Instead, some beta carotene is converted to vitamin A according to the amount that the body needs.

Help maintain eye health
Cantaloupe contains high amounts of carotenoids and vitamin C. Thus helping to maintain eye health, for example, improving vision Helps reduce the risk of cataracts Help prevent macular degeneration.

Help manage stress and anxiety
When blood pressure levels rise Will result in the production of stress hormones such as the hormone cortisol But the potassium in the cantaloupe helps to dilate blood vessels. Lowering blood pressure Stimulates blood circulation And add oxygen to the brain Thus helping to make you feel calm Eating cantaloupe is another stress reduction option that you should not miss.

Precautions for eating cantaloupe
Cantaloupe does not contain any chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, but because cantaloupe is a very difficult fruit to take care of. There are often problems with diseases and pests. Some of the cantaloupe agriculture may use pesticides in the care. As a result, there may be toxic residues in the cantaloupe that we buy and consume, therefore cantaloupe consumption should not be consumed for too long. Or if choosing an organically grown cantaloupe Will be better for your health And should be washed thoroughly before eating To reduce the amount of toxic residue

Post: joker gaming
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The benefits of toothpaste Which is better... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=381831&goto=newpost Tue, 13 Apr 2021 06:14:24 GMT *The benefits of toothpaste Which is better than using brushing teeth* When it comes to...
The benefits of toothpaste Which is better than using brushing teeth

When it comes to toothpaste, everyone will think of a help to keep the mouth clean. Because we use it to brush our teeth after waking up and before going to bed on a daily basis. But you may not know The benefits of toothpaste There are more than you think. If you know, you will be amazed by the all-round benefits of toothpaste. Today joker123 wallet brings together the benefits of toothpaste to leave everyone together. But what can help? Let's go and see.

What does toothpaste consist of?

- Dental polishing powder to polish the color of various stains. Affixed to the teeth is removed by most dental floss is calcium phosphate. Calcium Cabonate Calcium, Silica and Alumina
- Fluoride inhibits tooth decay. It resists acids caused by microorganisms. Effectively prevent tooth decay
- cleaning agents that cause foaming The bubbles will easily remove the dental plaque. Most of the cleaning agents in toothpaste are Sodia Moury Sulfate Makes dirt, grease easily removed.
- Flavoring and flavoring substances To feel fresh when brushing your teeth Most of the time, synthetic sugars are preferred, but now scientists suggest manufacturers turn to natural sweeteners, Xylitol, which are safe and do not cause tooth decay.
- Moisturizer To prevent the meat from drying out
- thickening agent So that the meat is easily squeezed out into a rod from the tube

The benefits of toothpaste Which is better than using brushing teeth

Clean silverware accessories
Squeeze toothpaste onto an unused toothbrush and scrub the jewelry you have and rub it with a clean cloth. You are just like getting a new piece of jewelry.

Clean glasses
Simple tips If you want glasses that look like new again Just use toothpaste to clean the glasses and rub them off with a clean cloth. It also prevents the condensation of water vapor inside the glasses.

Clean the phone screen
If someone's screen is patterned or has thick dust Just clean the toothpaste with a cotton cloth, gently rub the screen, then wipe the screen clean with a clean cloth. You are like getting a new phone back.

Clean the car lamp cover
Easily removes the scratches on the car lamp cover. Just clean and complete the car wash. Then, apply toothpaste to the thin scratched area and rub it with a soft cloth.

Cover the surface of the material.
Toothpaste helps to hide small holes. On various surfaces very well, such as wooden floors, small holes in the tile floor, etc.

Hand wash
How bored are you when you go into the kitchen where you get the fish, peel the onion, or the garlic? The slippery must always be on hand. Wash your hands and rub the soap several times, it will not disappear. Simple solution, just rub the toothpaste and rub it in the same way as soap. Then rinse with soap again

Remove stains around the rubber shoes.
We can tackle the problem of scratches and stains attached to the rubber shoe area by rubbing with toothpaste to clean the area as it is, just like you got a new shoe.

Make acne break down
Triclosan (Triclosan) in toothpaste that inhibits bacteria. And also contains Menthol that helps dry acne quickly.

Choosing a good toothpaste is to choose a toothpaste that contains xylitol, a natural extract that will help balance the acidity and alkalinity of the oral cavity.

I can't believe it, right? The benefits of toothpaste There will be many benefits to this. In addition to toothpaste, there are also various things. Near the body that we can take advantage of the other side. Have many other things as well But before use, you should study the information carefully for safety.
XBOX marila https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=381831
<![CDATA[How much is the risk of "COVID-19" I should g]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=380046&goto=newpost Sun, 11 Apr 2021 06:24:47 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/04/11/Aht4YJ.jpg Share knowledge about health,...

Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.

How close do we need to be with slotxo people infected with COVID-19 to be considered at high risk? Should go to the hospital for examination
Working in the same building? Working in the same company? Are you in the same condo? In the same village? Eat in the same restaurant? Or go walking in the same place? How close is it to be called a high risk? Should go to check for COVID-19 at the hospital, let's check it out.

According to data from the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, it states that people at high risk Who should be tested for COVID-19? Immediately after hearing the news, close to the infected person is

People at high risk Should be tested for infection And immediately began to detain

Experiencing with an infected person directly in a closed area, not ventilated for more than 15 minutes.
Meet and talk to and interact with infected people Within 1 meter distance for more than 5 minutes
Be close to an infected person within 1 meter without wearing face masks. Or other protective equipment For at least 15 minutes
Coughing or sneezing Without wearing a mask Or other protective equipment
Dining Or drinking from the same container The same dining equipment
Living in the same house as the infected person
Are in the same place where many infected people are found

Those with low risk There is no immediate quarantine or test for infection. But should notice the symptoms themselves in 14 days, including everyone who did not talk. Not interacting, not met, not in a closed room. Or not eating and drinking directly with an infected person, such as working in the same place (But not sitting close to each other at a table) in the same condo or village (But didn't interact with anything in particular Except to use public services such as fitness, swimming pool, bathroom in the same village club) Use the same big place such as a shopping mall. (But did not use the service in the same store), etc.

Those with low risk Do the following

Notice the symptoms themselves in 14 days if you have a fever, sore throat, dry cough, runny nose, panty breath or taste. Should seek medical attention
Always wear a mask when leaving the house. Or meet and talk with people outside the house
Keep your distance from others while standing, walking, or sitting in public places.
Separate eating on one plate alone, not sharing with rice And the food on the plate to share with others Even people in the house
Wash your hands with soapy water. Or wash your hands with alcohol gel / spray Or every time you come into contact with a public object Or items from other people
Symptoms of COVID-19 What are the initial symptoms? How to prevent COVID-19
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<![CDATA[Dangerous if you don't "brush your tongue" af]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=379997&goto=newpost Sun, 11 Apr 2021 05:23:25 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/04/11/AhtOaN.jpg The tongue is one of the most ...

The tongue is one of the most slotxo neglected organs of the oral cavity. And very important for oral hygiene But many people cannot brush their tongue. Because there is often a problem with the urge to vomit or nausea, it is always best to avoid brushing your tongue. But do you know that brushing your tongue after brushing is very important?
Tongue brushing is considered to clean the inside of the mouth. Because of the nature of the human tongue, there are many small taste buds, these buttons are in contact with the food we eat all the time. Until it may have food residues attached to these tongue buttons Make some time Even though we feel that our teeth are brushed clean Then use dental floss. But still has bad breath That is because it comes from food stains that are attached to the tongue and then react with bacteria in the mouth.

Why should I brush my tongue?
Our mouths are the best habitat for bacteria. The fact that we do not know is There are billions of different types of bacteria in our mouths living. This is because it is dark, humid and left with food residues for bacteria to eat. Although some bacteria are useful But there are quite a few that cause oral problems that follow. Especially the bad breath problem Because some bacteria will react with amino acids from food residues. It then creates a sulfur compound that emits a foul odor.

Brushing your teeth alone will not get rid of the bacteria in your mouth very clean. This is because oral bacteria are more embedded on the surface of the tongue than on the teeth. Because the tongue surface will look rough There are many fissures and cracks. Suitable for hiding to grow. Brushing or scraping your tongue will help remove these bacteria.

Many people avoid using mouthwash instead. But mouthwash does not eliminate bacteria living on the tongue. Because a large number of bacteria that gather together will cover the surface of the tongue in a thin film. Gargling with mouthwash May destroy the film coating on the tongue. But cannot destroy bacteria Causing bacteria to continue to grow

Therefore, brushing the tongue in addition to making our oral cavity clean. Also reduces the accumulation of bacteria And can help make your breath fresher as well

Tongue brush benefits
The benefits of tongue brushing for oral health are as follows:

Better breath Bad bacteria are one of the main causes of bad breath. From reaction with residual food waste And accumulate for a long time Scraping or brushing your tongue will remove this layer of bacteria build up. Make your breath cleaner
Better taste of food Since the taste glands on the tongue surface are covered with bacteria by creating a thin film, the taste buds are not as good as they should be. Cleaning the tongue allows us to experience the taste of food more.
Good for dental health Bad bacteria It can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Remember that the tongue is a large organ in the oral cavity. It is home to many bacteria.
Good for oral health Tongue brushing reduces the risk of oral thrush. Or blemish tongue symptoms Caused by the accumulation of large amounts of bacteria Then a white mark appears on the tongue Reduce the risk of developing periodontitis. Which is more severe than gingivitis (An inflammatory disease of the organs surrounding teeth, such as gums, enamel, root, bone, and socket), which can cause slow destruction of these organs Until you may lose your teeth
Increase the immune level of the body Because the tongue is a part that accepts various toxins. That enters the oral cavity Scraping or brushing the tongue will prevent toxins from being absorbed into the body.
How to brush your tongue
Most people avoid brushing their tongue after brushing their teeth. It's because it causes the urge to vomit. Or feeling anxious Then turned to use mouthwash instead But using a mouthwash won't kill the bacteria on the tongue. Tongue brushing is essential for oral health. Even though it is difficult But you should try to do it. By cleaning that tongue We can use a toothbrush. Or use a tongue scraper, brush gently over your tongue to remove any stains. Remaining on the tongue

Colgate recommended tongue brushing method Let it begin at the tongue on the back (Towards the base of the tongue) because most of the bacteria in the mouth will accumulate on the back surface of the tongue. This can cause bad breath, brush it gently with clean water, or you can use a commercially available tongue scraper. As they are most often made of soft, pliable plastic, using a tongue scraper gently scraping the tongue will remove the thin film. That is coated on the surface of the tongue But don't scrape too hard May cause cracked tongue skin and bleeding

But how to brush the tongue from the base of the tongue to the tip of the tongue May cause the urge to vomit If so, try brushing your tongue from left to right an
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<![CDATA[Does "sleep with my eyes closed" caused by an]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=379363&goto=newpost Sat, 10 Apr 2021 07:21:51 GMT You readers have noticed yourself. Or is there someone close to you saying that When you sleep,...
You readers have noticed yourself. Or is there someone close to you saying that When you sleep, readers have Sleep without closed eyes, which is a problem that can occur to many people, even those close to us may be experiencing this problem. But what is the cause of the symptoms of sleeping and eyes closed? And is there a way to cope? Hello, the doctor has some interesting information on สล็อตออนไลน์ symptoms. I sleep and my eyes are not completely closed.
What is sleep and eyes closed?
When it comes to sleeping symptoms, but my eyes are not completely closed. Many people may understand that it is insomnia. I slept but my eyes still forgot. Which in fact is When I sleep, my eyes are closed normally. But the eyelids cannot be closed completely. In which this condition should not be trusted Because although it does not cause serious harm, but the symptoms of sleeping with the eyes not closed Can cause eye health problems such as dry eyes, the risk of dust entering the eyes. Eye irritation Risk of infection to the eye There may be a scratch on the cornea. Or a wound on the cornea
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Just reducing the consumption of fat can... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=379343&goto=newpost Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:43:59 GMT *Just reducing the consumption of fat can help. Can reduce the risk of breast cancer. * Losing...
Just reducing the consumption of fat can help. Can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Losing fat can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most challenging health problems. For people all over the world Many research studies It was found that fat was associated with a higher risk of Breast cancer, so diet Reduce fat consumption Can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Find out how losing fat can help reduce your risk of breast cancer. Let's find out today that joker game will have interesting information on how to lose fat, let's leave it together.

How are fat related to breast cancer?
According to the study, it was found that Fat contributes to increased risk of Breast cancer By women who eat more fat More likely to develop breast cancer In general, dietary fat can be classified into three types.

Saturated fats This type of fat is found in animal products such as meat, fresh milk, coconut and palm oil. Saturated fat is sometimes found in modified foods.
Monounsaturated fat This type of fat is found in nuts or olive oil.
Polyunsaturated fat These fats are found in seafood and corn oil.
Excessive fat consumption can also contribute to other health problems, such as heart disease and obesity.

How to lose fat?
Fat has been linked to the risk of developing breast cancer, so reducing your fat intake can help you lower your chances of developing breast cancer as well. And here are some tips to help you fight fat.

Drinking a lot of water
You should drink plenty of water (about 8 times a day), preferably throughout the day. Drinking water will help keep your body hydrated. In general, warm water is good for your health. And should not drink cold water while in the cold.

Consume low-fat dairy products.
The calcium in dairy products can help reduce excess fat in the body. Dairy products like yogurt, cheese and low-fat milk. It's not just good for your health. But also tastes good To increase the intake of calcium You can also try other foods that are high in calcium, such as sardines, dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, grains and soybeans.

Pay attention to breakfast
Eat breakfast regularly. Some people think that not eating breakfast will help reduce fat. But if you don't eat breakfast You're more inclined to eat at dinner. Your body can't burn off all the food you eat at dinner, so the nutrients in your body turn into fat. And try to maintain a healthy diet This will give you the power to fight breast cancer.

Eat smaller meals more often.
Eating 5 to 6 meals a day as well as 3 large meals will help your body burn more calories and fat. Carry your favorite snacks with you so you can eat them whenever you want. Fruit and yogurt are also good choices.

Drink green or black tea.
Green and black tea contain caffeine, which stimulates the body to burn more chlorine. Caffeine can help you increase your vitality. So you are also more inclined to move your body. Caffeine can affect your ability to absorb carbohydrates. Therefore, it can help burn fat.

Exercise helps the body to burn fat and become stronger. Certain types of exercise that are rarely used, such as swimming, running or cycling, are helpful and should be kept hydrated when exercising. Carefully prepare and warm up to prevent injury during After exercise Research studies point out a link between excessive fat consumption and breast cancer, so reduce total fat consumption to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Eating a healthy diet and exercising will help you.
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<![CDATA[Why are some people "allergic to seafood"?]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=376808&goto=newpost Wed, 07 Apr 2021 07:34:11 GMT Seafood is often a favorite dish of many people. But have you ever wondered why some people have...
Seafood is often a favorite dish of many people. But have you ever wondered why some people have seafood allergies? No matter how you like it, you must say goodbye. Because in some cases, the symptoms can be severe and life-threatening. Why are some people allergic to seafood? According to doctors, seafood allergy is an abnormal response of the immune system to protein in certain marine and freshwater animals, including shellfish such as shrimp, crabs, oysters, cockles, lobsters or squid. เกมสล็อตฟรี Different types of squid, octopus squid, which the allergic reactions will vary from person to person. From mild to life threatening. Each person is at a very different risk of allergy to seafood. If a family member has had an allergic reaction to any drug, food, or substance, that family member is more likely to have a seafood allergy. Why did I just have an allergic reaction as an adult? Dr. Rawi Ruangsri, Sukhumvit Hospital, stated that the food allergy that has just grown up or in adulthood is It is an acute allergic condition caused by the body to build immunity to protein in certain foods. The principle of an acute allergic reaction is that the body must have been stimulated or learned through that type of food. Or have received a substance with a similar protein structure (Sensitization) before When the body produces an immune compound called IgE (type E immunoglobulin) that is specific to the protein in that food, It will induce an acute allergic reaction from the release of histamine (Histamine) from a type of white blood cells in the body. Importantly, when the body has created this immune compound. There is likely to be forever Which means If we are eating the same food that causes allergies. Will have the same symptoms again And cannot eat that kind of food normally again
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If you're the one who barely gets out of the chair A glass of water pours a full glass of water, but lasts all day. Or be confused until he doesn't sit still Run in and out of the meeting room Can only drink water during lunch Let me tell you that your body is "dehydrated" without your realizing it. And it can have serious health consequences without your knowledge as well.

6 serious diseases ask for if "drink less water"

1. Alzheimer's
Who would believe that only drinking less water Can be at risk of dementia Because when our bodies are dehydrated The amount of water in the body is insufficient as part of the blood that is pumped through the body. When the blood becomes more viscous Causing the heart to not pump enough blood to the brain It is the cause of dementia symptoms. Therefore, if you don't feel refreshed, slow thinking, not active, numb, numb, it may just result from "Drinking too little water" is fine.

2. Hemorrhoids
Of course, if the body does not have enough water. This results in more difficult digestion in the stomach. And dry intestines May prevent us from excreting the feces Because the feces may be too dry When waste products accumulate in the intestines The intestines will absorb that waste back into the body. The more the blood has a waste. And thicker than before The stools are hard, drier than before. Until causing constipation And eventually ended up with hemorrhoids.

3. Joint pain
Believe it or not, cartilage in many ways Body part Including herniated disc Which is an important part And easily abnormalities Contains up to 80% water. Therefore, if the joint or herniated disc is dry. Not hydrated enough May cause various joints Does not absorb shock well enough Until it is easily injured Or it can become easily inflamed when strenuous walking, lifting, swinging, or even when exercising and lifting weights.

4. Urinary tract / cystitis
If you have pain in urination But no urine comes out Or flows out with just two drops You may be having urinary tract infections. Or cystitis Due to insufficient fluid intake, infection, and prolonged urinary incontinence

5. Fat
I do not believe, I have to believe that if you drink less water. It is a cause that may lead to obesity. Because if you drink enough water in the morning Between lunch and evening, or maybe drink a glass of water before eating. You will find that you feel fuller and feel full faster than eating without drinking at all. Even if you are already a person who eats a lot And the more you don't drink any more water With hunger or appetite You may easily enjoy eating until you gain weight.

6. Irregular menstruation
Women's menstruation is another indicator of good health. If you find that you have irregular, intermittent menstrual periods, are too watery, too dark. Come into blood clots Or even a lot of menstrual cramps The main reason that you might ignore it can come from drinking less water. Because when the body's water is insufficient The body is therefore unable to carry water to create a menstrual cycle.

3 signs of people drinking less water

If you are not sure whether you are a person who drinks less or not. Can be observed from

1. Not up to 4-7 times a day.

2. Urine is dark yellow almost every time.

3. Urine has a strong smell.

Just drinking less water can have a lot of negative effects on the body. This doesn't include the negative effects of skin sagging, dullness, dry skin, dry eyes, and looking older than your age.

Update: สมัครjoker

Therefore, if someone has symptoms according to the signs of people who drink a little water. You should drink about 1,500-2,000 ml more water a day, or 6-8 glasses a day, or if you are afraid of forgetting, put a liter bottle on the table and remind yourself that you need to drink it all, work, sip, go in. The meeting room also carried a glass of water. Ensure that if you can, your body will not become dehydrated.

Note - If you drink less than 6-8 glasses of water but there are no symptoms indicating signs of low drinking. It might be because you drank a drink. Or eat food that already has a lot of water Therefore, it may not be necessary to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, however, “water” is still important for the body. Don't forget to drink some water.
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Hair loss after childbirth Causes and... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=374607&goto=newpost Sat, 03 Apr 2021 04:39:45 GMT *Hair loss after childbirth Causes and remedies for all postpartum mothers.* Hair loss after...
Hair loss after childbirth Causes and remedies for all postpartum mothers.

Hair loss after childbirth It may not always be due to the stress of having children. The following articles will always provide information on the history of postpartum hair loss. What you need to meet during the postpartum period and how to cope with the hair loss.

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Hormonal changes after childbirth
Pregnancy leads to an increase in hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin. The blood volume increases by 50 percent more than usual. When you give birth, many hormones will drop levels rapidly. Including estrogen and Progesterone as well. Both of these hormones will return to normal levels within 24 hours of delivery. Although prolactin remains high as long as you feed your baby breast milk, your blood supply will also decrease. But it will be gradually reduced and will return to normal within two to three weeks after delivery.

How hormones affect the hair
When hormone levels plummet after giving birth Resulting in substantial hair loss This is not comparable to the hair loss symptoms in the past nine months. Due to hair loss, this time will occur as severe as once parked Hair loss after childbirth can occur any day after delivery. And sometimes it will continue for up to a full year, but the peak period is about the first four months, so if your baby is only a few months old. And you still have a lot of hair loss, not going to stop, it is not a concern.

How to treat symptoms Hair loss after childbirth
Hair thinning after delivery is normal. If you are not worried about this There is no need to use any remedies. But if the symptoms of hair loss make you worry There are still some remedies that can make your hair look thicker and healthier. In which those methods are

Temporarily quit dressing up
The use of heat in the hair, whether it is a drive. Hair dryer or electric pliers It may make your hair look thinner. So I try to dress my hair a lot. Let your hair dry naturally until the hair loss is gone. In addition, brushing my hair hard. It may cause more hair loss. So be gentle in brushing your hair a little And don't brush your hair more than once a day. Better take time to brush your hair to hug your beloved child.

Take vitamins
You should not use vitamins to replace eating a variety of foods. Especially when you have to feed your baby through milk. But if you can't eat enough food Supplementation may help some. Although there is still no evidence to indicate which vitamins can affect hair loss. But vitamins are also important for overall health. Experts therefore recommend taking the same vitamins during pregnancy. Especially if you are breastfeeding your child.

Using a thickening shampoo
Good thing there are many functional thickening shampoos these days, while conditioning shampoos can cause flattening of the hair. Including making the hair look thinner than usual But a shampoo that adds thickness to the hair will add weight to the hair. Makes hair look thick for a long time.

Use hair styling products
Experts recommend a styling mousse. To help create the illusion of thicker hair Which, if it is for good, should change the hair style as well Please consult a barber. Which style to cut and make it easier to look thicker. If you've always had the same length of hair Should try to change some hair It's also a good idea to use a non-rinsing conditioner after shampooing.

Try changing the hair color
Changing your hair color will add extra weight to your hair as well. If you feel your dark hair looks thinner, you can add dimension to your hair to look thicker by doing some highlights on the front. It will help make your hair look thicker. Or, try a treatment that helps your hair look shiny all over your head. You can also use a replacement method, for example, if you have a middle part, you can change it to the side.

Change the texture
Straight hair conditions tend to make it appear thinner. So if you have ever used a hair dryer Of you to look straight Should be able to stop doing the above. And leave the line Hair dries naturally. Or, try using an electric hair curler or pliers. To help make the hairstyle look more beautiful You can also use hair accessories such as a headband, hair band, or a stylish headdress. To help camouflage the symptoms of hair loss in style
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Researchers solve doubts 'How สล็อตxo was the Qin Shi Cemetery' built? Researchers have long solved a long-standing mystery about the production patterns of the world's futuristic cultural assets. The latest research has found that the Terracotta Army or the famous Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Which is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, northwest China. It tends to be built piece by piece by artists. Rather than a large form of composite construction.

The research is published through the journal Achiol Metry. (Archaeometry) Co-authored by a panel of experts from the Museum of the Emperor Qin Zihuang (Qin Shi Huang) and University College London Shed light on long-standing doubts about the form of production of this precious cultural asset.

Previous studies have suggested that a modular production system was used to create Terracotta Army cemeteries. It is made up of prefabricated components that are expected to be made in many factories with various types of raw materials. And may use clay preparation techniques But the findings of the new research are consistent with the idea that each clay soldier statue was made by a production house or a group of artists.

Scientists use X-ray analysis method. X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy), a technology that does not damage antiques. To measure the geochemical composition of the clay of the 28 repaired statues and analyze the individual components of the sculpture. Including the arms and covers Horse head and leg

Scientists have discovered the markings on the 18 statues, with the two most common being "Gong" indicating an ancient emperor or immortal residence, and "Xianyang" meaning. To the capital of the Qin Dynasty

Philippines responds to China, boosts South China Sea patrol boats
The enraged of Chinese customers
Scientists also found differences in the composition of the statues marked Kong and Xianyang. It is thought to represent a product made at two factories involved in supplying ceramic objects for large-scale construction projects during the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC).

More than 8,000 human and horse statues are currently unearthed in the museum. Hundreds of statues marked with Kong and dozens of statues with the Xianyang mark. It has been cleaned and restored.

Li Xiu Zhen, researcher of the museum It said that the statue marked with the Kong looks more grand and is more finely made. And the fact that each statue contains a wealth of information on technology, art and social organization dating back more than 2,000 years ago makes this terracotta army fascinating and intriguing.

Li added that researchers found that the Qin dynasty built this huge terracotta army based on its management style and manufacturing processes.
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<![CDATA[The great benefits of "basil" that we do...]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=373046&goto=newpost Wed, 31 Mar 2021 04:52:37 GMT
The great benefits of "basil" that we do not want you to knock it out.

When thinking of the popular menu of Thai people Believe that a menu such as stir-fried basil must be in the minds of many people. To the point of being reputed to be a desperate menu Basil is an herb that has many properties. And can also make a variety of menus such as boiled, fried, curry, fried But with the fact that holy basil has a unique smell Some people may not like, may be kicked out, however, joker still recommends eating. Because basil is more useful than we think

Good benefits of holy basil

1.Keeps the body warm Prevent cold symptoms
2. Cure nausea and vomiting.
3. Helps to expel the air in the stomach. Solve colic distension
4. Helps inhibit the growth of pathogens. And can help kill some microorganisms
5. Helps stop the fishy smell of meat in the basil dishes such as stir-fried basil, Kaeng Liang, Kaeng Pa, Kaeng Kaew, Green Curry.
6. Helps reduce body fat levels. And help lower blood sugar levels Thus helping to prevent diabetes

Caution in eating holy basil.

Although shift because it is very useful But still not able to eat basil for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes because there is no clear medical report.

Because holy basil has the effect of slowing blood clotting. Therefore, it should not be consumed much before the day of surgery. Or while consuming a drug that slows blood clotting like aspirin, etc.
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<![CDATA[How to heal the heart after a "broken heart"]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=372657&goto=newpost Tue, 30 Mar 2021 07:29:08 GMT
How to heal the heart after a "broken heart" until the heart aches

Broken heart is a common phrase to describe intense emotional pain. And the pain of losing a loved one from a breakup or rejection. And when people are heartbroken Healing the heart may take time to help alleviate the grief. slot joker offers a way to cope when heartbroken come together. Hoping that this approach will help anyone who is heartbroken Go through this time of regret

How to heal the heart after a "broken heart" until the heart aches

Cry enough Let yourself be sad to the fullest.
Of course, when very sad Few are able to hold back tears. The same is true when heart is broken And healing the heart after a broken heart is a continuous process. Which cannot heal the heart in the blink of an eye There must be both backward and facing problems. So the way to deal with heartbreak is to cry enough. Let yourself be fully sad. Give yourself time to feel all the feelings that come from your heartbreak. If you can pass through these feelings each time You'll be able to cope with a heartbreak easier and faster next time.

Keep your distance, stop shining, stop obsessed with social media.
When the relationship is over or rejected The only thing that needs to be done is to distance yourself from the people who upset you. By avoiding calls or sending messages to him, stop shining on his Facebook. Stop obsessing over social media Avoid things that remind him of him. Including not asking his friends how he is doing Because if you can absolutely end the relationship It will make it easier for you to heal your heart.

Don't be alone, find encouragement, go out and meet friends.
When heartbroken I advise you not to be alone. Find supportive people, such as going out to meet friends. Go to consult a friend To release emotions with friends. Or spend more time with your family Friends and family, whether they are parents Siblings or relatives They can help you cope with the feeling of emptiness more easily. Because at least it allows you to release the hurt feelings to others.

Finding entertainment to do Listen to songs that aren't sad songs.
Do something to make yourself happy. This increases the level of dopamine in the brain. (Dopamine is a substance that increases happiness and reduces stress) or finds entertainment, such as watching movies, listening to music (but not sad songs), as music can help heal and heal the heart to feel better. Science has proven that listening to music can stimulate the release of endorphins. This can improve your mood and help relieve stress. Or try to play it. Beats to make the brain double the release of endorphins. From listening to music and dancing

Try something new Or go on vacation to other provinces
Distraction from heartbreak By trying new things Change your daily routine But don't have to make a lot of change for yourself To pull myself out of the old routine Just do something like Finding free time to go on vacation in other provinces Or go shopping instead of lying at home Go to new places During the weekend Including taking on new hobbies This will help pave the way for you to develop new habits and new life. With no space left for people who upset you

Review what happened Able to accept the truth
Another way that you should try to do is to maintain your own mental state. That is to accept the truth and move on. Which this may be difficult for many people But it is only one way to get back to living happily without tears. Which, of course, will take time to help heal the heart But after going through the process of giving yourself space To feel sad and deal with various feelings Then should accept what happened Realizing that it is no longer useful to sit and mourn What has already happened cannot be changed. Therefore, do not blame anyone, even yourself. Change view Be positive and improve yourself.
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