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"Marry early and get slotxo healthy" does not mean that you will not suffer from "infertility". All women are born with a fixed number of eggs in the ovaries and cannot be fertilized. The quantity and quality of eggs decreases as they get older. Makes the chance of conceiving less with increasing age

What is the AMH hormone?
Dr. Setheerapong Jarusinthanakorn, MD. Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery World Medical Hospital indicated that anti-mullerian hormones. (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) or called AMH is a hormone produced by the ovaries. It is an indicator of ovarian function and the number of eggs that can be produced. AMH increases and decreases gradually. When a woman reaches full adulthood, it decreases as he ages. Which currently found that various external factors Resulting in decreased ovarian function It was found that many women who measured AMH levels were not related to age.

Why is AMH level monitored?

An AMH test is a blood test to measure the level of AMH hormone. The test results can indicate how many eggs are left for fertility. And it helps to identify the success of IVF (IVF or ICSI) to help you plan fertility for women who want to have children today and in the future.

Advantages of AMH monitoring

It helps to assess the function of the ovaries to assess the chance of pregnancy.
Help your doctor recommend guidelines to increase your chances of conceiving a woman.
It helps to assess the appropriateness of pregnancy planning for women over 30 years old.
Help your doctor assess how much ovarian stimulation is appropriate. For the treatment of infertility
A high AMH value can help assess polycystic ovarian syndrome, or Ploycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS), in combination with other assessments.

Who should have AMH levels tested?

People who have undergone cancer treatment with chemotherapy or ovarian surgery.
People who are planning to do IVF or other methods to help get pregnant.
People who have tried to conceive for more than 6 months are older than 35 years.
People who have tried to conceive for more than 12 months are younger than 35.
Those who want to deposit eggs To plan the future of having children
People who want to check if the eggs are in the right quantity for pregnancy
The AMH test is one of the factors that can increase the rate of pregnancy success. You should always take care of your health and consult a medical professional.
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UN urges to help Rohingya float their boat... https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=332569&goto=newpost Tue, 23 Feb 2021 09:29:58 GMT *UN urges to help Rohingya float their boat in the middle of the sea* Изображение:...
UN urges to help Rohingya float their boat in the middle of the sea

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or UNHCR (UNHCR) has called for an expedition to help Rohingya refugees aboard a boat floating in the middle of the Andaman Sea without food and drinking water. Many immigrants are expected to fall ill and suffer from severe dehydration.

UNHCR issued a statement that It is believed that a number of Rohingya have died. And more deaths over the past weekend on a boat that departed from Cox's Bazar district On the southeast coast of Bangladesh 10 days ago and suffered an engine failure. UNHCR has notified the relevant state authorities. Immediate assistance is requested to save lives and prevent the occurrence of a tragedy. As there is no clear information on the position of the boat. It is ready to support governments by providing humanitarian aid and detention to the rescued Rohingya.

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Earlier, Indian Coast Guard officials told Reuters: His unit found the ship off the Andaman Sea and in the Nicobar Islands east of the Indian Ocean. The boat is in good condition. But no one knows the condition of the Rohingya on the boat. While Bangladesh officials said They did not know that a boat had left the Rohingya refugee camp. If you know, you must definitely restrain.
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"Granola" Benefits and Precautions You Should Know Before Taking

Any readers who like to eat granola for breakfast on a busy day? Or buy some granola to eat as a snack? Today Hello Doctor, I have good information about granola.Let's see how much granola eats. Is it good for your health? Or how will it affect your health

What is granola

Granola is a food that may be called. "Cereal cereals" or may be viewed as a snack as well. Granola is made up of whole grains such as oats, nuts, puffed rice, dried fruits and honey sweetened ingredients. Or syrup Mix together From time to time, you may find granola sticks that you can unwrap and eat. Or the form of cereal that is eaten with milk for breakfast

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Nutrients obtained from granola

Eating approximately 1⁄2 cup (approximately 29 grams) of granola (Clean or Classic Granola) provides the following important nutrients:

- Energy 140 calories
- 9 g fat
- 85 mg sodium
- 14 grams of carbohydrates
- 3 g fiber
- 4 g sugar
- 3 g protein

In addition to the main nutrients Granola also provides a number of essential nutrients. This micronutrient depends on the ingredients in granola. Whether it is dried fruit, nuts or different grains Different ingredients May provide micronutrients Antioxidants, vitamin E, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, iron.

Granola benefits

- Fuller for longer
Granola provides both protein and fiber. Which are two essential nutrients for the body Getting adequate and proper amounts of protein and fiber Will help you feel full faster and fuller longer Which is good for people who want to lose weight Because when full longer The appetite for the next meal will be less, preventing calories from being overloaded.

- contributes to lowering blood pressure
Eating foods high in fiber The results of the study showed that Can help lower blood pressure. Because granola contains healthy whole grains including nuts, oats, flax seeds, and dried fruits, these ingredients provide healthy fiber.

- Give energy to the body
Granola is a diet with optimum levels of carbohydrates and protein. And is also a carbohydrate that is easy to eat Unwrap and eat. Outdoor activists such as mountain climbers and hikers tend to have granola as a great source of energy to help them stay energetic.

Good for the intestines
The results of the study showed that Granola is good for gut health. This is because it contains both fiber and carbohydrates that help increase the number of good bacteria in the gut. When these bacteria are more The digestion and absorption of food in the intestines can be improved as well.

- Provides antioxidants
Even as a snack, it is also a good source of antioxidants. This is because it contains a variety of whole grains that provide important antioxidants such as gallic acid, quercetin, selenium and vitamin E.

- How to eat granola for good health
Even granola provides a variety of nutrients. But it may not always be good for your health. If we choose granola without reading the label first. Because the granola sold in the market Even providing healthy ingredients But it is possible to be high in calories Because some brands may contain sweeteners such as sugar Or artificial sugar That would make that wrapped granola too high in sugar.

Therefore, when choosing to buy granola Always read the nutrition label first. And should choose a brand that provides fiber and high protein They should have at least 3-5 grams of fiber, and if possible, choose to eat natural homemade granola recipe or, if appropriate, make your own granola. Because you can choose ingredients that are healthy and meet real needs

When choosing a brand of clean granola or choose to make it yourself Now, when eating In order to be more healthy It can be eaten with low fat yogurt, Greek yogurt, skim milk. Or to eat with ice cream, healthy recipes will be quite good Or some people may be able to eat it with berries as well.

Caution of granola

Granola is delicious, easy to eat and rich in nutrients. But there are several precautions as follows

- Some brands of granola may contain high amounts of sugar. Not suitable for people with medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood sugar. Or those who are controlling weight When choosing, you should choose one that has less sugar.
- Some brands of granola may be high in fat. As it may contain peanut butter Or vegetable oil Which risks calorie overload in people who are dieting
- People with gluten intolerance may need to be careful. Because some brands of granola that use grains that contain gluten, such as wheat, oats.
- People with allergies to certain nuts Always check the label before purchasing. To see if there is a type of nut that you are allergic to
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The subject of "allergic reactions" is a slotxo very sensitive matter. Because some of the allergies are quite strange and seem unbelievable. That makes people who do not have a good understanding of allergies. People with these allergies are often viewed as a lie. Creating strange allergies Because he wants to be superior to others Or pretending to be lost It was often teased with the uninformed knowledge that the other party would really lose these things. Or will you lose this much

It is a matter of allergy symptoms, so it is very important to be aware. And pretending to make someone else's life as a joke is something that should never be done. Because if that person has a severe allergic reaction That means life threatening, so whether the person has any allergies or not. Should not be teased with such a thing

Tonkit360 will introduce common allergic reactions that often occur to people. In order to be very careful that it is deadly

Food allergy
Food allergy is a condition in which the body has a hypersensitivity to the food ingested. Some people with severe allergies The body responds until it shows allergic reactions, even smells. Which when the senses are exposed to allergens from food The body will stimulate the immune system to work in a state where the body accepts foreign matter. And secretions chemicals such as histamine (Histamine), which will cause allergic inflammation or itching. The allergic reactions tend to occur suddenly. Or it may be as long as 2-3 hours. Examples of food that Thai people tend to have allergies such as

Cow's milk allergy, such as caseins and b-Lactoglobulin in cow's milk, or to lactose in cow's milk.
Gluten intolerance is a protein found in plants like wheat, rye, and wheat-based products.
Egg allergy is an allergic reaction to the proteins found in eggs. Which has both those who are allergic to only egg white or yolk because the two types of eggs have different chemical composition. If you are allergic to certain proteins that are only red or egg white Can eat another type of egg But found those who are allergic to both yolk and white as well
People who are allergic to legumes, such as peanuts, soybeans, almonds, cashews. And foods containing nuts
Allergy to wheat flour is a different type of allergy to gluten intolerance. Although the symptoms are similar But people who are allergic to wheat flour are allergic to many proteins. Moreover, the severity level is higher as well, so people who are allergic to wheat gluten should be careful of foods made from wheat flour. (Other foods containing gluten can be eaten)
Allergy to seafood, such as shrimp (both saltwater and freshwater), fish, squid, shellfish, crabs, where the likelihood of an allergy is due to both the protein in seafood. Or may be allergic to contaminants that come with seafood
Symptoms of the disease after eating foods that provoke an allergic reaction (Even a little Some people just smell) into the symptoms that the body often expresses are Skin inflammation Especially around the lips, face, throat, inside of the mouth, together with respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, wheezing, chest tightness or dizziness, nausea, diarrhea. Death stage

Allergic to air
It is an allergic reaction most likely to come from heredity (allergies). People with air allergies are very sensitive to the surrounding environment. Hot weather, cold weather, humidity, dryness, or simply simply changing weather can show signs of an allergic reaction. Which is allergic to this air Besides the change of weather Also includes people who are allergic to various allergens Scattered in the air Most of them are in the environment around the patient such as dust allergy, some types of fur allergies. Allergic to pollen Allergic to fragrances that have a strong odor Allergic to pollution contaminated in the air, etc.

Normally, the respiratory system of a person has a natural air filtration system that filters out foreign matter, that is, the nose hair, which the nose hair filters part of the dust. (When we found dust, then we sneeze out) where the nose hair will filter dust particles as small as 30 microns, if the dust is smaller than that. Will pass through the filtration system of nose hair down into the neck smaller than 10 microns will go down the trachea. And if as small as 2.5 (PM 2.5) can seep into the bloodstream.

Symptoms when the body is exposed to a foreign body Allergens Or the weather changes Will irritate the nasal mucosa Will make the patient have a stuffy nose, a runny nose (clear mucus), stuffy nose and mucus may have eye irritation or fever together. In some cases, severe bronchitis. Symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness and loss of consciousness And can die

Allergy to chemicals (synthetic)
First of all, it is important to understand that chemical by definition of chemistry. (Science) is matter that surrounds us, everything has a chemical element, so "chemistry" does not necessarily mean that everything is dangerous. For example, the food we eat is a chemical one. Like carbohydrates It has chemical elements such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, but allergic to synthetic chemicals. They are mostly everyday chemicals such as detergent, dishwashing liquid, chlorine intolerance in tap water. Cosmetic allergy, etc.

Symptoms when the body comes into contact with these synthetic chemicals. The body will respond to that type of chemical. Until causing skin inflammation symptoms Also known as hives Itching A rash appears on the skin, swelling and redness, where the rash is often dry with scaly scabs. In cases of severe allergic reactions, conjunctivitis may occur. Eye irritation Together with respiratory symptoms Which is the most severe to the point of death as well

Self-care of people with allergies
Do this by avoiding things that have allergies. And carry his own medication at all times Usually
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<![CDATA[New understanding! I felt like I was sick. "T]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=330822&goto=newpost Mon, 22 Feb 2021 04:01:31 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/02/22/oPoaiz.jpg Many people should *slotxo...

Many people should slotxo have heard or experienced some of themselves. If on any day we get wet in the rain The elders in the house always remind us that "I'm not feeling well. Go and eat the drug first, "which we probably eat some, not eat, depending on mood But when we are not yet sick Or maybe not sick Can we really take medicine to trap fever?

"Eating fever drug" is a belief that old people in almost every home believe that way. This belief is passed on to the next generation. Because they have been hit as well Whenever we start to feel sick Or in a situation where the risk of being sick Adults are often chased to take medicine to trap the fever first. So as not to get sick

Don't pretend to play with drugs, not candy.

Reputed "medicine" means something used to cure disease, prevent disease or nourish the body. But most of the time, we take medicine to treat ailments or treat ailments. Means that medicine is not candy Or rice that we can eat continuously as we want if we are not sick Not a disease We should not be taking medicine. Because each drug would not know where to go to treat it. And most importantly, all drugs have side effects It will be more or less depending on drug activity, drug type, drug amount and individual body. From where we intend to take medicine to trap the flu We may suffer from a chronic disease that cannot be cured at all.

Therefore, taking medicine to trap fever Can't prevent the body from getting sick Because this type of drug has properties, not prevent disease or nourish the body. If our body has low immunity Or really weak, we can get sick anyway It also increases the risk of physical deterioration from taking drugs. Can overdose

Popular drugs that people often eat for fever

Popular drugs that we often get to eat to trap sick is All common household drugs that are attached to every house Most often, it is inevitable. “Paracetamol” or histamine drugs, which is “antihistamines”, when it is a drug that can be bought online and is available at home, many people understand that it is not dangerous. Therefore, I cannot imagine that if I take a lot of drugs, whatever drugs are dangerous as well.

When we take the medicine The working process of the drug The drug is dissolved and absorbed by the organs before it enters the bloodstream. It is then transported to the affected area according to the properties that the drug is designed for, some of which will be transported to the liver. An organ that is responsible for removing foreign bodies that enter the body

When we take a lot of drugs Even though not getting sick The chemicals in the drug can make the liver work harder. Because a lot of foreign matter must be filtered out, the harder the liver works Began to impair, deteriorate and not work properly To the extreme, it can be fatal.

Paracetamol is the drug we use most often when we feel unwell. Because when we have a fever or a cold, there will be a hot headache, which the properties of paracetamol will reduce fever, relieve pain, become a misconception that if you do not want a headache or a fever. Then let him eat paracetamol

I do not know that paracetamol, 500 mg, if we eat more than 8 tablets per day (usually adults eat 2 tablets per meal) for 5-7 days in a row, it will definitely affect our liver. Like the warning posted on the back of the drug label The liver will work harder because it is exposed to chemicals from the drug. When accumulating a lot Liver cell damage Or have symptoms of hepatitis Can cause liver failure It also causes a few symptoms, but it shouldn't. Such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dizziness

Antihistamines are antihistamines. Helps reduce stuffy, runny nose when sneezing or the start of a runny nose. We will turn to antihistamines. Which antihistamines are both types that cause sleepiness and not lethargy Drowsiness drugs cause drowsiness, slower reflexes, confusion, dry mouth, constipation, urination, blurred vision, or an accident related to everyday life. The antihistamines that are not lethargic can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, dry eyes, blurred vision.

We don't need to take the drug!

Usually when the body has less immunity. The chances of getting sick is a common occurrence. So if our body is weak No matter what, we are sick anyway. But if we just start to feel nervous Feel like i'm sick We don't need to take any medicine. Just try to increase your immune system to be stronger, such as sleep, lots of rest, drink lots of water, keep the body warm. Because our body has a process to resist germs If our immune system is strong Symptoms that seem to be ill will get better and disappear by itself.

Do not take fever-trap drugs So what should I do?

When taking medicine to trap the illness does not help. Plus the risk of health collapse than before But if you are really waiting for sickness In order to take the medicine, it is not a good idea to do so when you feel like you are going to feel sick. feel feverish The method is as simple as taking care of yourself more to build immunity. Get enough rest Do not let your body become exhausted Take care of yourself, don't be stressed. Drink plenty of clean water

Diet is no less important. Because many foods have properties in treating sickness And each nutrient is responsible for keeping the body healthy. Or eating vitamin C can help prevent flu. But it should be vitamin C obtained from natural foods. It is better to put it simply, eat the right foods. The body is already strong

But if unable to trap the illness Just treat that illness by yourself If the symptoms are not severe, take more care of yourself using the above recommended methods. As for the generic home medicine, it will take time to have a little sickness.
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<![CDATA[RSV virus and flu, what's the difference betw]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=329441&goto=newpost Thu, 18 Feb 2021 07:27:40 GMT Symptoms of RSV infection are very similar to common cold, but if RSV is not treated, treatment is...
Symptoms of RSV infection are very similar to common cold, but if RSV is not treated, treatment is not recommended. May be in severe symptoms Especially with young children
RSV infection is more common in young children than in adults. If you do not notice symptoms for good Parents may think it's a common cold. And may not have the child receive treatment properly Until causing symptoms to worsen Therefore, it's important to recognize the symptoms and differences between RSV infection and the common cold.
What is RSV?
RSV is a respiratory infection caused by RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)) .It is a type of virus that is most common during the rainy season. It can enter the body through eyes, nose, mouth and from inhalation of airborne germs in the form of aerosols from coughing. Sneeze of the patient Most patients show symptoms after being exposed to the virus in 4-6 days and when sick can spread the infection for 3-8 days.
RSV risk groups
The RSV risk group is usually young children. Asthma patients Patients taking หวยใต้ดิน immunosuppressant drugs Including the elderly
Symptoms of RSV infection and the common cold How are they different?
Dr. Nopporn Apiwattanakul, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University states that symptoms of RSV infection are similar to common cold symptoms such as fever, fever, cough, sneezing, but for RSV-infected patients, additional symptoms can be observed as follows:
Coughing heavier than usual
Rapid breathing or breathing hard until the chest dent
Have a lot of phlegm
The child is lethargic, eats less, or has a bad mood.
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<![CDATA["Towel", a source of disease accumulation nea]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=329434&goto=newpost Wed, 17 Feb 2021 04:33:16 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/02/17/oE0KwJ.jpg When we want to wash away...

When we want to wash away the slotxo dirt that carries We can do it easily. By taking a shower to pay off various stains Until it is spotlessly clean Before drying with a towel But many people may not be able to realize that the towel may be a reservoir near the disease. That we all overlook And bring germs back to our bodies that are thought to be clean and safe

A towel is an essential item in your home that anyone will need. We will use a towel to absorb the water and moisture left over from the shower to wash away the dirt. But the towel doesn't just absorb water and moisture. But still get dead epidermal cells And bacteria that are attached to our skin as well When the bacteria are attached to a cloth that is properly humid like a towel. Will be able to incubate the population To become a reservoir of germs to be possible in the end Or some people may be exposed to the virus from outside. And stuck in the towel when wiping clean Moreover Humidity is also a good factor in the growth of mold, so towels are a reservoir of pathogens that may contain mold. Bacteria And the virus itself

Germs on the towel Can it really spread it on other people?
Various pathogens Whether there are viruses, fungi and bacteria that accumulate on the towel. Can spread others who come to use that towel And may cause skin irritation And increases the risk of infection on the skin Especially bacteria Staphylococcus It is often spread through the towel as well.

How do towels spread germs?
There are 3 main methods for spreading the infection through towels:

If you share towels with others This germ could be spread to other people who share towels with you.

During the washing of the towels May cause infection with skin pathogens

If you wash towels with other clothes The disease may spread through clothing.

How can you prevent the spread of germs through towels?
Washing the laundry is the best way to reduce the risk of spreading infection and reduce the build-up of germs on the towel. However Washing clothes the wrong way can increase your risk of spreading germs, so there are ways to prevent the spread of germs on towels.

Do not share towels with others. Especially those who are ill Or people who have problems with various skin diseases

Always dry the towel after use. To prevent moisture and increase the growth of pathogens

Wash towels regularly At least 1-2 times a week, normal laundry detergent and detergent are enough to get rid of germs trapped in the towel.

Do not wash towels separately with other clothes. To reduce the spread of pathogens

Other factors that may lead to more frequent washing of towels
Although we normally should wash towels 1-2 times a week, there are some factors that make us prefer to wash towels more often. To reduce the accumulation and spread of pathogens Those factors are

Towels contaminated with secretions from the body Either mucus, saliva or pus should be washed immediately after use.

A towel used to absorb sweat after exercising. Or damp towels Stuck in the bag for hours Should be washed after one use.

Hanging towels stored in the bathroom That is always wet all the time. And never dried completely Should be washed after one use.

Towels of people suffering from dermatitis such as atopic dermatitis Or those with sensitive skin should wash after using once. To prevent skin irritation
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<![CDATA[Known "Resistant Starch" good for your health]]> https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=321124&goto=newpost Wed, 10 Feb 2021 03:29:42 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/02/10/oTalIR.jpg Share knowledge *slotxo...

Share knowledge slotxo about health, disease, illness How to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.

Powder may be the enemy of young women who are losing weight. But there is still one type of starch that can cause many People turned their attention to trying to eat. Because it is said to be good for health in a way that many people might not expect.

That is ... Resistant Starch.

What is "Resistant Starch"?
The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) states that starch resistant to enzymatic digestion or low energy starch (resistant starch: RS) is starch and starch products that cannot be enzymatically digested. And is absorbed in the human small intestine. Resistant starch therefore has properties equivalent to dietary fiber. Causing the body to receive a lower amount of energy than normal Or acts like that of dietary fiber

The benefits of starch are resistant to digestion.
Resistant starch, or resistant starch, can pass through the large intestine and be digested by the colon microorganisms. The product is a short-chain fatty acid. Contributing to the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines Helps build strength for colon wall cells The result of the digestion occurs slowly. Causing the body to receive a lower amount of energy than normal Or acts similar to dietary fiber Which if consumed regularly will reduce the risk of various medical diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer, etc.

In addition, information from the FitSchool Facebook page states that Digestion-resistant starch also lowers pH, reducing inflammation. Reduce the risk of colon cancer. And may help treat some digestive disorders such as Diarrhea Constipation as well And in research studies in animals Digestible starch also contributes to the absorption of mineral salts.

Starch is resistant to digestion. It is found in what types of foods?
Digestible starch can be divided into four categories:

Resistant starch, type 1 (RS1), is found in grains. Seeds and legumes and are resistant to digestion due to their physical properties hinder the enzyme activity.
Resistant starch, type 2 (RS2), is found in high amylose starches such as raw bananas and raw potatoes. Resistant to digestion as the starch is resistant to the enzyme activity.
Resistant starch, type III (RS3), is found in foods that have been cooled and then the amylose is rearranged, such as potatoes and rice. Cooling the powder returns. (Retrogradation) and turn the starch into a starch resistant to digestion.
Resistant starch, Category 4 (RS4), starch formed by chemical process.
In the same food, several types of resistant starch may be found within the food itself. Depending on how they are cooked And the amount of hydrolysis resistant starch, such as a ripe banana, will turn the digested resistant starch into a normal starch.

How is "cooking rice" good for health?
How to eat resistant starch for good health
Generally Most of the foods we eat already contain high amounts of resistant starch. Like raw potatoes Or cooled cooked potatoes, raw bananas, legumes, brown rice, cashews And raw oats, however, these foods are high in carbohydrates, so People on a low-carb diet may need to calculate and carefully measure their intake.

The recommended daily intake is 50-60 grams, which is not an additional benefit. However, the increase in consumption of this type of powder should be gradual. This is because adding too fast can cause stomach discomfort or gas, but it takes 2-4 weeks to increase the production of short-chain fatty acids and see results.
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"Steroids" are substances that are beneficial to the body. If used to a level suitable for the condition of the body But if it is used incorrectly, it is punishable May cause side effects Especially skin diseases If put on for a long time
What is a steroid?
Dr. Somsak Akasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said that the body normally produces natural steroids. By this natural body-made steroid Has the function of balancing the body to be able to exist when disease occurs. The body will produce more steroids to manage. Restore balance in the body Therefore, synthetic drugs with steroid-like characteristics are produced for use in the treatment of disease. The dosage forms are both oral. Injectable and topical medications applied to the skin and body membranes

What are steroid medications?

Dr. Minkwan Wichaidit, Director of the Institute of Dermatology Added that For steroid drugs used on the skin and mucous membranes. There are both liquid (Lotion), cream (Cream) and ointment (Ointment) by choosing a drug based on the size and thickness of the lesion. The location of the application and access to the lesion of the drug, etc. In addition, the steroid drug has several chemical formulations. Each of which has properties And different concentrations These factors are important when choosing a drug. Correct with the lesion เล่นป๊อกเด้งออนไ น์

The dangers of misusing steroid drugs

The use of steroid drugs to reduce Inflammation of the skin It is often used for general inflammation. But it is not used to reduce inflammation from infection. This is because steroid drugs can cause infections. Worse and more aggravated

Applying a large area of ​​steroid may cause heavy absorption of the drug. And cause effects on body systems such as swelling, abnormal steroid system in the body Causing a decrease in natural immunity

If used for a long time, side effects can occur: fragile skin, atrophy, pale skin, enlargement of blood vessels in the upper dermis. Which makes it likely to irritate And more easily infected There is also a risk of skin cancer. The area that has been applied for a long time
Therefore, a drug containing steroids must be selected to correct the lesion and suitable for the position of application. Including the amount and concentration that should be used with that disease It should be at the discretion of your doctor. For safety And in the best interests of the patient
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Coffee (some), the more you drink, the more d https://forum.pulsar.bg/showthread.php?t=303784&goto=newpost Sun, 31 Jan 2021 07:42:05 GMT Изображение: https://sv1.picz.in.th/images/2021/01/31/lFfwZZ.jpg Most people know *xo auto...

Most people know xo autothat drinking "coffee" can help them feel more energized. And able to relieve drowsiness (Even if it's not a coffee drinker), many people are addicted to coffee to help relieve fatigue and drowsiness. But some people argue quite stubbornly. That drinking coffee will not help. When drinking, I feel sleepy. Some people fix it by drinking darker coffee. To hope that the strong caffeine will help pull up the slack eyelids. What happened was the opposite. Did not drink until half the glass. Then fell asleep with the top of the coffee cup already

I drink coffee and drowsiness is a symptom that can occur. But why is that? Despite the fact that drinking coffee with caffeine should help us to amaze. Brighten your eyes This story has an explanation.

Caffeine as we know it
When it comes to caffeine (Not heroin) Roiang Trung must think of coffee first. This was followed by tea, soft drinks and energy drinks. Caffeine as we know it It has active properties against substances that cause drowsiness in the brain. Which is the substance adenosine (adenosine) causes people to drink coffee Or get caffeine into the body so you don't feel sleepy And feel awake

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter. That accumulate within nerve cells Because usually Adenosine is caused by the body's use of energy. The more energy you use, your body will become weak. Causing this substance to accumulate in the brain Will make us sleepy The higher the levels of adenosine in the active nervous system in the brainstem. It will only be associated with increased levels of sleepiness. Taking caffeine into the nervous system can inhibit the activity of adenosine within the brain. It stimulates the brain and body to be alert.

Drinking coffee can counteract the activity of adenosine in the brain. Only when adenosine does not bind to receptors in the brain (Still not caught, still not sleepy), so if you drink coffee to wake You should drink it before you feel sleepy. But if you are sleepy then drink The caffeine properties may not help you stay alert. You have to wait for your brain to deal with this set of adenosine (or go to sleep) to feel refreshed.

The body gets caffeine. It increases the activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine (dopamine) which causes the brain to become alert. Additionally, it was found that there may be an increase in the amount of serotonin, which has an effect on mood. Which will make you feel satisfied and happy

Drink coffee and become more sleepy.
Typically, coffee has an arousal effect for 15-30 minutes shortly after. Caffeine will also be metabolized. Then the body will gradually return to the same sleepiness or exhaustion. That makes us have to find coffee to drink again to wake up the sleepiness.

But who drinks coffee regularly The body will adjust to acclimatize the amount of caffeine received. When the body gets used to it, the release of adenosine is added. (Trying to overcome each other) when drinking the same amount of coffee, so it doesn't get drowsy. Plus the period of awakening is becoming shorter and shorter at some point The body goes into a state of resistance to caffeine. It turns out that taking caffeine in to get sleepy is not effective. Ate and was drowsy anyway

In other words, the caffeine in coffee has a blocking effect on adenosine receptors in the brain. So as not to catch each other But caffeine does not stop the production of adenosine. And it doesn't create anything that impedes the increase in adenosine receptors. Means that when the caffeine effect is depleted The brain stores adenosine substances that need to bind to receptors. Until it leads to fatigue and exhaustion

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This is a simple explanation that the more we become addicted to coffee, the longer we drink, we feel that the same amount of coffee cannot keep us awake the same. The effects of caffeine in a subsequent cup of coffee will decrease, becoming caffeine resistant. And makes us want even more caffeine The more the day the bed is less The symptoms of exhaustion become even more severe. That day, the whole day will feel drowsy, dizzy, and confused even after drinking coffee.

Other than that There are a few other factors that prevent our body from responding to caffeine as well as it should.

Caffeine has a reactive effect on the cardiovascular system. Some people drink coffee and shake. Fast heartbeat Causing fatigue from a fast heartbeat Until I felt like I was sleepy, in fact, we were just so tired that we wanted to rest.
Being in debt to sleep From the fact that we do not get enough rest, sleep late, sleep less, sleepless or sleep less than 6 hours per day for a long time. The adenosine substance that is often invasive to sleep, thus delaying the time more quickly. And has more strength It is a cause of drowsiness after drinking coffee.
Coffee has a mild diuretic effect, and drinking coffee can make you urinate more often than usual. Thus dehydrating the body to maintain blood pressure and blood circulation Dehydration can lead to tachycardia and low blood pressure. Leading to a feeling of fatigue and lethargy
Caffeine constricts blood vessels. Narrowed certain blood vessels It can interfere with blood flow to different parts of the body. Dehydration can also make the heart beat faster.
The sugar in coffee some people are not addicted to caffeine. But may be addicted to the sweetness of coffee Especially people who add syrup or whipped cream Or do you put things there every time you drink iced coffee? Usually the body uses energy from sugar faster than caffeine. After the body uses up sugar You will feel like your energy is low (sugar drop) and then drowsy.
Drinking coffee late in the day or after noon In some people it can worsen the quality of sleep at night. Insomnia and insomnia because caffeine wakes the brain Even though the body wants to sleep in full Makes during going to sleep really we should sleep deeply. Some people then eat coffee and sleep normally. But didn't mean
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Drinking water is healthy and cheap. And drinking xo autowater for us is to keep the body hydrated. The Institute of Medicine recommends water intake at 125 ounces for men and 91 ounces for women, but! Drinking plenty of water in the morning, day, evening, before bed may not be the best or most effective way to meet your body's needs.

If you drink a lot of water and urinate pain later on When you go to the bathroom and find that your urine is clear. That means it's not okay. Because the water we drink tends to flow through the digestive system when there is no food in the stomach. Especially when you drink water on an empty stomach. This kind of consumption is not quite right.

In fact Clear-colored urine is a sign of “dehydration,” so drinking lots of water isn't always the best thing for your body.

A 2015 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The scholars compared the hydration effects of more than 12 types of beverages, from water, milk, tea, beer, specialty beverages. The samples were collected from the sample of urine from the volunteers. The samples found that many beverages, including tea, milk, orange juice, were more hydrated than water. (Beer is slightly less hydrating than water and slightly more than coffee.)

But, of course, no one suggested drinking milk instead of water. But as everyone understands, drinking water helps the body flush toxins into urine. Which this information is half true Because this process will not take place if a certain amount of water is taken on an empty stomach.

In some cases, drinking too much water can be dangerous. For athletes or people who exercise for hours If they only drink water, they have too much sodium in their urine. This causes a sodium imbalance in the body, known as hyponatremia, and can sometimes be life-threatening. Therefore, in this situation it is better to drink sports drinks or other nutritious beverages instead of water.

Drinking water before or during meals is another way to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water containing amino acids or vitamins and minerals helps the body absorb more water. That is why drinks like milk and fruit juices have been found to be fairly well studied in testing the body's water level. In addition, some studies have shown that eating bananas after exercise is better than drinking sports drinks. This will help the body adjust the water level in the body to return to normal.

All of this doesn't mean you should drink less or switch from water to other beverages to keep your body hydrated. But for the proper hydration and water level is to drink slowly at a constant amount. Also, drinking between meals will be more effective as well.
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