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    EOGamer is recruiting!

    Come one, come all. Join our veteran players in making the most powerful Lineage 2 wiki out there.
    Our goal at l2.eogamer.com is to have our wiki completely filled, giving the entire L2 community a place to find all the information on the game that could ever possibly be imagined. The L2.EOGamer wiki has been pretty successful so far, but we do need your help to expand further. This goes out to all long term players, as well as those just entering the game. Every bit of contribution goes directly to helping the L2 community. Help us to help you! Don't think you have any valuable info to share? No worries there! You can still be of great help and I can show you how. If you wish to join in this amazing quest, please email jayla@eogamer.com.
    We're also on the lookout for a News Reporter and Interviewer. Interested in becoming the voice of EOGamer, keeping the L2 playerbase informed with all sorts of cool news? Or perhaps need some writing experience? Wouldn't it be cool being the one getting to interviewing those working behind the scenes of Lineage 2 and sharing the experience for all to see? If any of this sounds exciting to you, then you will want to get in touch with me. Here it is again; Jayla@eogamer.com

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    L2 Vault wants YOU!

    L2 Vault wants YOU! We're looking for new volunteers to join our awesome group at Lineage 2 Vault! We're looking to improve what we've got and add new features. We want new guide writers, guide checkers, artists, fan fic writers, bloggers, interviewers and more! Click here for more information!

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    Friendly Reminder: Real Money Trading is Bad

    This is a friendly reminder that all forms of Real Money Trade are dangerous and immoral offenses. Real Money Trading degrades the gaming experience for legitimate players by giving the offenders unfair advantages. Even worse, it fuels the botting and gold-farming market. Using real money to make in-game purchases from third parties is considered an RMT transaction. These in-game transactions can include the purchase of Adena, power-leveling services, items, characters, and other in-game related services.
    In our efforts to crack down on all forms of cheating, we will continue to investigate any and all suspicious situations. Beyond all these reasons, RMT can also endanger the security of your account!
    So please remember, Real Money Trading directly supports the botters and cheaters that degrade the game!
    Play legit, play safe. Join the discussion on the Message Boards.

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    New Screenshot & Fan Art

    Check out the latest fan art and screenshot from Delara and DaedricBlood!

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    The Subclass Separation Account Service has arrived!

    Starting March 17, 2010, at 10am (PDT), the Subclass Separation Account Service will be available for all eligible characters. This service allows a player to remove a subclass from a character and create a brand new character! The new character uses the subclass as it's main class, and the best part is the new character will be the same level as the subclass was on the previous character.
    Go to the Subclass Separation Account Service page in the Account Services section for more information! Discuss the new service with other players on the official forums!

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    ATTENTION FRANZ: Sign up for the Seven Signs Quest Today!

    Please sign up for the Seven Signs Quest before the regular maintenance tomorrow (insert time).
    Due to an issue with the Daylight Savings Maintenance on Franz, the SSQ timer was altered. With Tuesday, March 30th maintenance the SSQ will be reset so that the Seal Validation period will be in effect once the maintenance is completed. The winning side will be set to Dawn, as this was the winning side before the Daylight Savings maintenance occurred.

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    Tour of Aden Contest

    In this challenging contest, you must first decipher riddles. Each riddle will indicate a particular person, place or thing in Lineage II. Once you know an answer to a riddle, login to Lineage II and take a screenshot of it. Some riddles are open to interpretation and others are very specific. So put on your thinking cap and tour the world of Aden!

    The Riddles
    1. Pieces of gold depict your name on the ground around you.
    2. Near the castle of Giran, the statues of three departed fighters stand amidst the frightful creatures that turned them to stone.
    3. On the island of games and parades, an elven woman sings and dances.
    4. Beneath a shattered dome floats a cracked tablet, surrounded by eternal saints.
    5. From the isle of the flightless fighters, the School of Dark Arts is visible over a sea sparkling in sunlight.
    6. It was not ego that made your head so large.
    7. The passage into an underground burial tomb requires you to swim in red water.
    8. In the land of refuse, a red jutting rock contains 3 holes through which you can see the sky beyond.
    9. Near the Herald of Icarus, you find yourself standing between two stone maidens.
    10. A magical and frozen piece of art stands before the lair of the chilling mistress.
    11. A person holding a weapon of the series of Hesperus.
    12. Whether you prefer lilac or violet or plum, your name will change when you engage in this activity.
    13. In a place of stony stillness, an eternal angel holds the scythe of death.
    14. The Frog King waits in the woods of reflections.
    15. In the floating mountain of poetry, a large crystal floats above a chalice.

    What prizes can I win?

    There will be one winner per server, who will receive:

    • Five (5) Revita Pops (No Retail Value)
    • One (1) Agathion. Choose from: Devil; Angel. (No Retail Value)
    • One (1) head accessory. Choose from: Fairy Antennae; Monocle; Wizard Hat; Top Hat (No Retail Value)

    How do I enter the contest?
    • Entries must be received by 11:59PM (PST), Monday, April 12, 2010, and must be in English.>
    • Entries must be emailed to: l2submissions@ncsoft.com and must include:
      • The subject heading "Tour of Aden Contest - (ServerName)" (Example: Tour of Aden Contest - Aria)
      • Your character name
      • Your character's server
      • Your first and last name
      • Your age
      • Your location, including city, state/province, and country
      • A contact phone number (only to be used if we cannot contact you by email regarding this Contest)
      • Your full mailing address
      • The sentence: I accept the Tour of Aden Contest Official Rules and Conditions as displayed on the Lineage II website.
      • Attach the 15 screenshots to the email. The final image must be in JPEG (.jpg) format and may not exceed 1024x768 pixels. You may crop your screenshots for artistic purposes, as long as all of the image's required and essential components are still included.
        • The screenshots must be files named in this format: "YourName_RiddleNumber.jpg" (Example: JaneDoe_4.jpg) Please make sure that you put down your real first and last name, not your game character name.
        • Your character's name must be visible above their head in every screenshot (as proof of authorship).
        • Only 1 screenshot per riddle (15 screenshots total).
    • One entry per person only.
    • Read the Tour of Aden Contest Official Rules and Conditions. Submissions must follow a specific entry format described in the official rules and conditions page. Any entry that does not follow the entry format will be disqualified.
    • Entrants must comply with the rules and conditions described in the Tour of Aden Contest Official Rules and Conditions.

    Screenshot Authenticity
    All of the screenshots in the portfolio must be taken by the same character, and this is also the character that will receive the prize if you win. To prove they are all taken by the same character, you must position the camera so that your character's head and character name (above their head) are visible and legible.

    For example: If there was a riddle saying, "At the entrance of the puzzle of boxes and rooms, fine art has fallen from the walls," a good interpretation of this riddle is in the room at the entrance of Kratei's Cube, on Fantasy Isle. You take your character to that location, and find a painting on the floor. Position your character in front of the painting and take a screenshot.

    This image is an eligible entry for this riddle because it includes:

    • Your character and name, visible and legible.
    • An image of "fine art fallen to the floor."
    • Since this image is only capturable at the entrance to Kratei's Cube, it automatically contains the reference to "the entrance of the puzzle of boxes and rooms."
    • The image is cropped to artistically center the character and riddle subject, with good balance of sizes and composition.
    • The image does not exceed the size of 1024x768. (On this webpage, the image size has been reduced to fit. To view it in full size, right-click on the image and click View Image in the menu.)

    How are the winners selected?
    The selection process is split into two stages. In stage one, all of the entries will be examined to verify eligibility. All eligible entries will have:
    • The proper information in the email
    • The proper file names for the screenshots
    • 15 screenshots; 1 for each riddle
    • Each screenshots will include and clearly display the character's name above the character's head.
    • The subject of each riddle must be visible and unmistakable.
    In stage two, all of the portfolios will be categorized by server, and each server category will be judged according to:
    • Best interpretation of the riddle's verbal elements
    • Best aesthetic display of the riddle's subject

    Who can enter?
    Submissions are open to all Lineage II players who meet the following criteria:
    • Be 13 years of age or older by March 29, 2010.
    • Be a legal resident of the United States (excluding the State of Rhode Island, and excluding Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. territories, military installations and commonwealths), Canada (excluding Qu&#233;bec), or the European Union.
    • Have an active Lineage II account (trial accounts are not included).
    • Have Internet access, an e-mail account, and access to a personal computer.
    Please review the Tour of Aden Contest Official Rules and Conditions for further information.
    If you are a winner, you permit NC Interactive, Inc. and NCsoft Europe Limited to use your name, likeness, photograph, hometown, and any comments that you may make about yourself or this contest that you provide for advertising and promotional activities.
    By submitting an entry to this contest, you accept and agree to be bound by the Tour of Aden Contest Official Rules and Conditions.


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    New Player Screenshots

    Check out the latest screenshots from ComeGetSome of the Phoenix server!


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    Prepare for the Vesper Weapon Giveaway!

    Next week, there will be a random draw giveaway on each server to award one lucky player each the special April Fool's Day item that produces a random Vesper weapon! This giveaway was created as a remedy to some mishaps that happened during the April Fools Day event. Check the event page for more details about the giveaway, and discuss it with other plays on the forums!

    New Player Screenshots and Fan Art

    Come take a look at the latest from TANUKI, PillowDeElfo, and LoOn!...

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    PTS Server Maintenance - 5 - 03

    The Public Test Server will be down for hardware maintenance Monday, May 03, 2010 at 9am PDT / 11am CDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm GMT. Maintenance will last approximately 2 hours.

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