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    New Fansite Kit

    The latest art assets have been compiled into a new fansite kit. This new version is compilation of all of the Gracia Epilogue artwork as well as the best of the older updates. Download it here to begin decorating your fansite!

    April Fools & Vesper Weapon Giveaway Feedback

    The April Fools Day Event and the follow-up Vesper Weapon Giveaway are both finished and the winners have been awarded their prized Vesper weapons. Check out the winners list, then come to the Official Lineage II Forums to give your feedback!

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    EOGamer.com Sponsors Cosplay Competition

    EOGamer.com announces the hosting of a Cosplay Competition as part of Big Bang 2010 taking place August 5th - 8th in Ottumwa, Iowa (USA). For more information, please check out the article.

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    New Events in Lineage II

    June has become the "nostalgia" month for Lineage II. There are three ways to celebrate our nostalgic look as you reminisce about your character's early days. The two-week Gift of Vitality event allows players level 76 and above to receive the Newbie Buffs that are tradionally reserved for younger players, and gives all players a daily vitality buff. The week-long Elpies From The Past GM Event lures players to areas of Aden they haven't visited in years where swarms of elpies are dropping a variety of desirable items! Last but not least, the month-long Nostalgia Contest gives players a way to channel their longing for the golden days of yore by writing about their first experience with this game that we love. In return for participating, the contestants will receive vintage Lineage II swag items. All of these events begin June 14th or 15th, so get ready for fun and smiles!

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    New Player Screenshots

    Nine new player screenshots have been added to our Player Screenshots page. Check out the latest from TANUKI, Wickedsick, DarkAmaranth, Dial and Emirra!

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    Elpies From The Past Feedback Survey

    Did you enjoy the Elpies From The Past GM Event? Do you want it to be a little different? Would you like to see events like these again? Please take our feedback survey to help us learn the pros and cons that players experience. Also, give your suggestions on improvements in the official event thread on the Forums. Help us help you!

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    July 7, 2010
    Nostalgia Contest - One Week Left!
    Don't forget, the Nostalgia Contest entry period closes on July 14th! It only takes a few minutes to write a short essay about your early days in Lineage II and send it in with a screenshot of your character. Everyone wins a pariticipation prize of a free vintage Lineage II t-shirt and three classic posters! Read the full details and check out the rest of the prizes here. Send in your entry today, it's easy, fast fun with great rewards!

    New Player Screenshots
    Three new player screenshots have been added to the Player Screenshots page. Come and see the latest beauty shots of DarkAmaranth, Exeilmor, and SkimMilk!

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    The Gift of Vitality Is Back!
    Surprise, everyone! The Gift of Vitality event is back for one more week! We heard that players are still craving vitality, so we've bought this event to you a second time. Log in from July 13 to July 20, 2010 to take advantage of this double dose of Vitality Buffs and Newbie Buffs for everyone!

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    Freya PTS - July 29, 2010
    That's right, everyone! The era of Freya is almost upon us! On July 29, 2010, the Freya PTS client will be live and players can begin exploring this most exciting of game updates. On the same day, the interactive Freya Preview Site and the Patch Notes will be also be available. Prepare yourselves for an exciting PTS experience with GM activities by reading the Freya PTS Fun schedule! Discuss these upcoming PTS events with your friends on the forums.

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    PAX Meet & Greet 2010
    The Seattle staff of Lineage and Lineage II are hosting a combined Meet & Greet in Seattle during the PAX Prime expo! Come meet the staff and fellow players and fans of both games during this fun live event!
    RSVP for the Meet & Greet here!
    4:30 - 6:30 PM (PDT) on Saturday, September 4, 2010 in downtown Seattle, WA, USA.
    For more information about PAX Prime, visit their website here. Check out what Lineage II fans are saying about this event on the official forums thread.
    We'll see you there!

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    Account Services Notice
    With the upcoming launch of Freya on August 24th, 2010, any Account Services purchased between August 17 and August 30 will be processed on August 31.
    This means we will not be processing paid services on Freya Launch Day.

    Freya Celebration Event

    info: http://www.lineage2.com/archive/2010...celebrati.html

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