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Тема: Lineage II News

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    По подразбиране Lineage II News

    Halloween Adena Art Contest Winners!

    Congratulations to the winners of the Halloween Adena Art Contest! Maho of Devianne, Tamoh / Jaerika of Aria, Flipsy of Phoenix, Tr00evil of Luna, and Skylah of Devianne have shared with us their wonderful artistic talent and will be picking up some great in game prizes for their efforts. Please check out the winning submissions on our Halloween Adena Art page. Thank you to everyone who participated! Our community is filled with many talented players.

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    Half Off on Lineage® II!

    If you were thinking about getting into Lineage II, getting a second account, or persuading your friends to play with you, now is a great time to get into the game. From November 23, 2009 until January 5, 2010 Lineage II is 50% off!
    Buy Lineage II today, download it, and enjoy the beautiful, seamless world of Aden.

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    Lineage® II Account Services Sale

    Do you want to customize your character, change servers, or just mix up how you play and enjoy Lineage II? Lineage II account services let you customize your game and craft the game play experience you want for Lineage II. From December 1, 2009 until December 15, 2009, enjoy 25% off all Lineage II account services. Check out all of the account services that Lineage II has to offer:
    Account Services

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    Raising Rudolph - December 15th

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! BUT... Christmas lies in a precarious position this year in the troubled lands of Aden! Santa has all the gifts ready to deliver and his sled has been polished to a mirror sheen. But there's something very, very wrong...
    Raising Rudolph, our holiday event, will begin on December 15th. See you there!

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    Temporary Server Name Changes - Phoenix, Aria, Sayha

    Today's maintenance has created an issue with three server names. Players on Phoenix, Aria, and Sayha need to be aware of these changes when logging on this afternoon.

    • Phoenix is temporarily named Aria. Players who normally play on the Phoenix server should select Aria when logging on today.
    • Aria is temporarily named Sayha. Players who normally play on the Aria server should select Sayha when logging on today.
    • Sayha is temporarily named Kastien. Players who normally play on Sayha should select Kastien when logging on today.

    These name changes will be corrected as quickly as possible. We anticipate a brief server downtime towards the end of the day today for a fix to this issue

    (За обновяване на обява (bump) трябва да са изтекли поне 24ч от последното мнение)

    Account Services 12/22 - 1/5

    All account services that are applied after weekly maintenance on December 22nd will not be run until January 5th following the holidays. If you plan on purchasing an account service at the end of December, please be aware that it may take some additional time to be applied to your account.

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    NCsoft Password and Account Security Notice

    In order to better protect your accounts, NCSoft® is taking ongoing measures to increase account security. However, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure your account is secure.

    1. Change your NCSoft Master Account password as well as all of your game account passwords on a regular basis.

    2. Use unique usernames and passwords for your NCSoft Master Account and game accounts.

    3. Never share your account information or passwords with anyone. NCSoft employees will never ask for your account information, unless you contact Customer Service directly for assistance.

    4. Beware of phishing attempts in-game and online. Do not click on any in-game link, as NCSoft will never send you an in-game link. When logging into your NCsoft Master Account be aware that some sites will use identical visuals, links, and special offers in an attempt to steal your account information.

    5. Keep your operating system and virus protection software updated. For additional information we encourage you to visit our Play Smart page.

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    Ten New Player Screenshots

    Ten new player screenshots have been added to our Player Screenshots page. Check out the latest from Sacurata, ComeGetSome, and Ironhide!

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    Lineage2.com gets a Front Page Refresh

    Come take a look at the new and improved Lineage II website front page! We've revamped it to make it more user-friendly and gave it a fresh new appearance!

    This is a cosmetic boost in the midst of our work to update the information on the website. Stay tuned for future updates!

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    Lovers' Jubilee - February 9

    Come discover love during our Valentine's Day event, the Lovers' Jubilee, beginning February 9th!
    The Spirit Mage Rosalia has toiled through the long winter to prepare her Rose Spirit prototypes. All she needs now is volunteers to help her test her creations. Lucky for her, the time is near Valentine's Day, and players across Aden long for a companion with whom to hunt.

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    Free Trials Return!

    It's been quite a while since we've had the pleasure of offering a Free Trial period to new players, and now we've brought it back! Come visit the Free Trial page for more information!
    If you're already a seasoned Lineage II player, you can continue to use the Refer-A-Friend program to invite your friends to join you in-game!

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