Recent key findings of global climate slotxo research by the United Nations This means that human land-use methods could become a key factor in adapting to global warming, or even wreaking havoc on the planet.

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in the report that human land use has a direct impact on 70 percent of the land on the planet is free of water. As for the land use activities of our people, the soil quality decreased by about a quarter of the total water-free land area.

This one thousand-page study report points out that the land is both the source and the accumulation of greenhouse gases. The ground warms up faster than the rest. Of the world to twice the counter since before the industrial age Warming up of the ground leads to more frequent and more severe dry conditions in many areas and strong rains in some areas and more frequent heat waves.

The United Nations reports that these climate change Including the rise of sea level Thawing of the frozen soil and others It is depleting the land on Earth and putting the food chains dependent on billions of people at risk.

For example, the price of food grains could rise by 7.6 percent, making the report underscored that those at the most vulnerable will have a serious impact. And higher levels of carbon dioxide also lower the nutrient value of plants.

The UN report indicates that as more desert and hinterland areas expand, Combined with the problem of reduced water areas in the North Pole. The number of plants and animals decreases and the seasons change.

However, a team of scientists who published the results of the study stressed that the world is not completely hopeless, Jim Skea, a science committee officer and professor at Imperial College London, told AP news agency that it does not want to create an end. I hope I want to send a message to everyone that every measure will benefit the problem.

This report offers a number of solutions for the soil, including sustainable food production. More fertile forest areas and soil management. Ecological conservation and land restoration Reducing logging and solving land degradation problems Food loss and waste generation

The report points out that one third of the food we produce has been wasted or wasted, and that people need to be more careful about their land use and should avoid exits to land and agriculture, as this will increase Causing the problem of soil conditions to become desert Soil degradation is more severe and affects food security.

In addition, irrigation may add more salt to the ground or deplete groundwater and when natural resources that absorb carbon dioxide are disrupted by human activities or natural disasters. The carbon dioxide accumulated over the past several hundred years may escape into the atmosphere.

Louis Verchot, co-author and scientist at the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture. (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) in Colombia told the AP that the limited nature of the extras would not last forever. He said that if people continue to destroy the abundance of natural ecology Deforestation, destroy soil, we will lose good things. Finally obtained from this nature