A bakery in Dortmund, Germany, sells a syringe-shaped cake to mark the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus outbreak.

Schuerner's Baking โปรโมชั่น slotxo Paradise was famous for several months ago. After the toilet paper cake was sold during a new outbreak, the toilet paper was in short supply during that time.

Tim Cortem, owner of this bakery Told Reuters The first time to sell a syringe-shaped cake. He felt that he might have gone too far because the customer might feel fear or disgust at eating the cake. Especially during the time that the novel coronavirus is being vaccinated in many areas.

But after thinking about it He thinks this syringe cake can bring good humor, even for people who are anti-vaccine. And not limited to just two doses

Mr Tim says this syringe cake has an almond flavor. Which, of course, does not protect against the coronavirus at all And although this is a vaccine without any side effects, it is important to be aware of waist circumference if too much of the vaccine gets into the body with this syringe.

Which helps to emphasize that No matter what type of vaccine If it gets too much, it's also bad for your health.