Three years ago, the US announced a ban on เกมสล็อต products containing microbeads. Small plastic particles used in cosmetics and cleaning products. Which is so small that it can escape to the water source To reduce the risk that these plastic molecules will fall into the food of aquatic animals. Which will eventually become the food of people around the world

But most recently, there is another form of pollution called "Microfiber" is a tiny, tiny fiber that is found in the clothes we wear every day. Which easily escapes to the water source through washing as well

Environmental scientist Has ignited the issue of microfibers on water bodies around the world. That these fibers begin to affect the ecosystem in water bodies Including how much it affects human life

One of the studies by Mark Brown, who studies ecological toxicity. (Ecotoxicology) Australians in 2010 found that more than 85 percent of human-made coastal waste is from microfiber.

While information from the journal Environmental Science & Technology found that every time we wash one synthetic mantle, more than 1 gram of microfibers is released, and about 40% of the microfibers that come out during washing will come off. Finally escaped to the water source

However, Chelsea teacher Rockman professor of ecology. According to the University of Toronto, it is not currently known whether the water pollution caused by the fiber molecules. Is it from the fibers itself, or is it from the dye used?

But in the meantime At least four startups have developed an innovation that detects microfibers from clothes so that they do not fall to water sources

Guppyfriend produces laundry bags that trap microfiber. That reduces the amount of microfibers that will escape from clothing by 75-86 percent.

The Cora Ball is a small ball that rolls around during the laundry. These synthetic fabrics prevent it from seeping into the water up to 25% more than washing clothes without this equipment.

Alexander Nolte, founder of Guppyfriend, said it was imperative for consumers to take part in the environmental protection. Because they will blame only the government or companies that produce pollutants unilaterally It may not improve the situation, but it is important to cultivate consumer consciousness. Better avoid or use these items less often.

Data from the Census Bureau shows that more than 85 percent of US households. There is a washing machine. And these devices are new to consumers. But only Guppyfriend's laundry bags have become a household accessory in at least 50,000 Americans. With the hope of blocking microfibers from polluting water sources Become food for aquatic animals And finally returned to humanity