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Several drugs should be taken together to enhance each other's effectiveness. But with some drugs, if they are taken together In addition to not having the full health benefits. Can also be dangerous

Sanook Health has information from Dr. Krisada Siramphuch, director of the International Center for Ayurvedic Medicine.

Medicines that should be taken together To promote efficiency And drug effects
Vitamin C and collagen are supplements that should be taken together. To help strengthen new tissues to make the skin clear, healthy, not sagging
Vitamin C and Iron: Taking vitamin C helps the body absorb iron for use in the body, for example, if eating boiled pork blood. Should eat whole pig blood. (With iron) and gourd leaves (containing vitamin C) to allow the body to absorb iron as well.
Calcium and magnesium, like the body will absorb calcium to use. Magnesium is needed. In addition, the body also needs vitamin D. And vitamin K. (In addition to food supplements Vitamins are still in the morning sun. Vitamin K is found in dark green leafy vegetables.)
Vitamins A, C and E should be taken together to promote mutual efficacy. Can also get a living from food, such as citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables like kale and peanuts, etc.
Fish oil (not cod liver oil). Choose a type that has at least DHA and EPA. DHA + EPA = 1,500 milligrams per day With a secret that if you want to nourish your brain, you have to choose a type that has outstanding DHA But if the main maintenance is to be performed For example, for arthritis, choose a type that has a high EPA.

Medicines that should not be taken together Can be harmful to the body
Fish oil and aspirin Fish oil has the effect of helping the blood clear, not viscous and sticky. Aspirin has the same effect. Is to help prevent blood clots clot clotting When paired together, it may cause the bleeding to not stop. Even a slight tooth grinding can cause bleeding like major surgery.
Vitamin E and evening primrose Because in the evening primrose there is vitamin E. If eaten together, the body may get too much vitamin E. And can be harmful to the heart
Calcium supplemented with fresh calcium is eaten as a supplement. And foods that are high in calcium in conjunction with, such as eating 4 tablespoons of black sesame seeds a day or hard white tofu 3 matches a day will have about 1,000 milligrams of calcium already. If going to find more calcium tablets to eat Will cause excess calcium and get to bind to blood vessels causing stenosis
With coffee and calcium, avoid eating calcium with coffee. Because coffee will inhibit the absorption of calcium. It also pulls calcium out of the bones as well.
Iron with anemia or thalassemia. Please forget the belief that if your blood is anemia, you need to eat iron. Because it is not always If thalassemia is anemia, then take an iron supplement. It can be harmful to the heart and liver.
There is still a good drug or supplement partner. And a lot of harm to the body If not sure that we are eating is dangerous or not You can consult a pharmacist at your local pharmacy. Or you can see a doctor who is regularly treated as well