Valorant 2.01 Patch Notes: Nerfs Jett, Revamps Split

A small Valorant patch revamps Split to be more favorable to attackers and hits Jett with a minor nerf.

Riot's competitive shooter Valorant is always evolving, and the game has already received a new patch just days after its major 2.0 update. As its number implies, Patch 2.01 isn't nearly as large or all-encompassing as the previous update, but it still contains a number of significant changes to the game, particularly to the map Split and the character Jett.

As the patch notes reveal, Valorant's designers feel that the game currently allows offense-focused "duelists" like Jett to serve as substitutes for the more utility-oriented "controller" characters like Brimstone and the perennially underpowered Viper. As such, Jett's smokes now last for less than half of their previous seven-second duration.

The patch also applies several major changes to the map Split, increasing the width of doorways to give attackers more room to navigate, as well as changing some angles to make it more difficult for defenders to post up in hard-to-attack areas. These changes are intended to make the map more favorable to attackers. The patch also introduces several other small changes, such as the ability to hide custom games from your match history.

Valorant 2.01 Patch Notes
Agent Updates
Smoke duration decreased 7 >>> 4.5

In a continuation of the Controller changes from Patch 2.0, we felt it was important to consider Jett’s smokes as well. In Patch 1.0, we increased Jett’s smoke duration to 7 seconds (from the then 4 seconds), and we are partially undoing that now. We’ve found that the result of that change was that Jett became a substitute for the Controller role, and reasonably aggressive teams could make use of her Cloudburst smokes to quickly take space without relying on a dedicated Controller. This is part of a pattern of Duelists superseding more utility-focused Agents that we will continue to look at in the future. It’s important that Jett can use her smokes to create temporary windows for the high action plays that define her style, but those windows need to be brief enough to ensure that Controllers are where teams look for team-focused vision blocking.

Map Updates
This Split update is focused around improving attacker options on the map, as well as reducing 50/50 checks, the depth of certain corners, and opening specific areas on the map by increasing chokepoint widths.

Increased the width of the B Main doorway

This should make the space easier to navigate for attackers, and make it more difficult for defenders to stall Attackers in the choke point. There is a crate for attackers to utilize on the other side of the doorways as cover, which allows for utility to be thrown into the site from a new angle.
On top of the changes to B Main, there is an additional trash pile placed in the corner to prevent defenders from hiding in too deep a nook

This creates a new angle into B Main when standing on the new object.
Increased Spike plant zone boundary

This allows a new Spike plant location for attackers to defend from within B Main.
New material stack for cover in B Site that allows you to isolate angles more effectively

This also breaks up a vertical 50/50 angle when peeking into the site from B Main.
Reduced depth of this corner to allow pushing into defender spawn with more safety

Removed this cubby near defender spawn to allow pushing through this area more safely

Increased the width of the Vent Room entrance

Added a sloped wall in the Vent Room, which removes a 50/50 check when entering Vents from Mid

The new sloped wall also protects you from wall penetration coming from Mid.
Simplified the Ramen/Scuttle Crab area

This should make the map feel more open and allow you to push through and clear this area without having to rely as heavily on utility.
Reduce depth of cubby in Sewer to allow pushing through this space more safely

Increased the width of the doorway to A Tower and reduced safety of defenders in A Tower

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