Concentration Say goodbye to 168slot ADHD A book in the self-development psychology section of Kam Knight's Amarin how-to publisher, translated from Thai by Nuchanart Netprasertsri.
Kam Knight, the number one best-selling book writer in the category Concentration on Amazon for two years in a row
It is undeniable that the lifestyle of the new generation that can connect the whole world at their fingertips. Causing many stimuli that are ready to distract them at any time Just think that you have to focus on the contents of the meeting. Or the content that the teacher teaches in the normal classroom for a long time, it feels that it is difficult. And even more in the way of the COVID-19 era Who have to change the system to study online or Work from Home (WFH) who have to do something alone all day for months The more the efficiency of concentrating or Concentrate on what you are doing so less that you can not get the full information

Sarakadee Lite invites you to say goodbye to ADHD problems and add Productive to life through 5 tips taken from Concentration Say goodbye to ADHD Another bestseller book by Kam Knight, the number one bestselling author in the category. Concentration on the Amazon two years in a row has been described since the meaning of meditation. As well as ways to increase concentration And eliminate distractions With productive upgrading techniques to increase work efficiency And add concentration that seems to be easy But it is a story that many people forget.

1. Practice basic relaxation.

Will calm the body You have to start with calming your mind by instructing yourself to relax. Slow down the mind not to rush Or packed with one particular story And alleviate fear or anxiety To be ready for work

Relaxing can be as simple as finding a place to sleep, slowly closing your eyes and breathing in and out slowly, noticing yourself how you feel and thinking, taking a deep dive into your thoughts, and then starting to breathe deeper. Observe yourself again If there is any part that pain and stiffness, then gently relax that part. After that, imagine a picture of a feeling that feels comfortable, repeating "I feel relaxed" while relaxing parts of the body.

2. Adjust the distraction by adding goals.

The human mind is like a machine, sought and driven by purpose and purpose. As soon as a purpose becomes clear You will not be distracted All kinds of energies, such as motivation and enthusiasm, will drive you to focus on that goal instead, and when the goal is clear, it will automatically focus your focus on doing it.

For example, in high school, we may enjoy hanging out every day, but when we aim to get the college entrance exam, we will be diligent and want to read the books. Without having to be forced So when you feel distracted Please think clearly about the goal to adjust the subconscious mechanisms to match the desires

3. To-do List that is not just a list in your head

The daily to-do check list is something everyone knows, but seldom does. Everyone would say similarly, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. But when work enters one boom at the same time, we will be distracted, unable to focus on what we actually do, causing each task to move slowly and inefficiently. Because in my head he kept thinking about other tasks that must be done Or the pending mission

The solution to this problem is to write everything out as a To-do List, sorting out what to do for the day. This will make it easier and clearer to see the overall picture of the whole task, which we have to keep looking at the list that we write down. To remind yourself that there is anything that has been done, has not yet been done, or is it pending or not. To cross out the finished item Add new works that come to mind And everything should be saved in one place

4. Increase creativity with the power of Deadline.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, says, "The habit of procrastinating is a bad habit that defer to the day after day for the day after tomorrow." Often, the motive starts working near the deadline ( deadlines) or deadlines, and there is probably nothing more stimulating than confronting the deadline, so we should take advantage of this to create a “time frame” for any job.

Timeboxing or timeboxing is planning with a fixed time limit for each task, such as setting two hours to review lessons as instructed by the teacher. Or stipulating that every Saturday must write a novel for 5,000 words, etc.

Time frame is a very effective technique. Because it allows us to shift focus from activity to time Motivates myself to feel alert But do not forget to set a reasonable time frame for the work done. Otherwise, it will not be of benefit.

5. Think about taking a break.

Working for hours in a row can destroy your energy, motivation, motivation and concentration. Making it more prone to errors Or overlooked something Therefore, taking a break from work or activity gives the body and mind the appropriate rest. Will allow us to return to work again at full capacity In which taking a break means that we can do anything but the work we are doing. Can go out for coffee Go play with the dog Or even taking a nap is considered a break as well.