When eating a lot of fatty foods Those fat will accumulate in various parts of the body, whether it be on the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, or other parts of the body. Can stay in the body But still need to control food intake To be appropriate, too. Hello. Doctor has an interesting secret to burn fat together.

Principles of fat burning
To lose weight well and efficiently. Must start from knowing your body first Just know some simple principles To burn fat It can help make it easier to lose weight. Our bodies get energy from fat. Carbohydrates and proteins Which the body will extract these nutrients for energy But depending on the activities we do Of course, most people need exercise to burn fat. The better the fat burning, the more effective weight loss will be. But not all exercise will burn fat. ศึกแดงเดือด

In principle, during exercise Our body is mainly burning fats and carbohydrates. And may lose some protein But only a little Which the lost protein will lead to muscle repair Both carbohydrates, proteins, and fats vary depending on the activity performed.

In high-intensity exercise (HIIT), such as sprinting, your body will burn carbohydrates first. Because carbohydrates are metabolized faster than fat When exercising hard The body loses a lot of energy. Therefore it is necessary to use energy quickly. Faster metabolism of carbohydrates. Therefore burned to use as energy first By exercising slowly and continuously, the body will burn more fat. When exercising slowly The body starts with carbohydrate metabolism. When the carbohydrates in the body are depleted The body will begin to burn fat. In addition to exercise Diet control Controlling calories you eat can also help you lose weight more efficiently.