Delta Airlines Passengers are pangtidtrand not allowed to bring "guns" in their checked baggage to Washington. Fears of violence in the capital during the ceremony of the pledge to take the position of US leader American Airlines side Suggest pilots to take leave of work to get the Covid vaccine.

Delta Airlines Measures to prohibit passengers traveling to Washington and suburbs. Just before the declaration of US leadership on January 20, firearms are included in all forms of luggage.

The measure follows the riots at the US Capitol last week. With supporters of President Donald Trump by the US authorities expressed concern that There may be protests of Americans carrying weapons to march. Both in Washington and 50 other states across America

For American Airlines It advises new employees during the COVID-19 outbreak that pilots can take leave from work to get the COVID vaccine. And is not a mandatory measure of the airline in any way Unless there are compulsory measures from other countries Where the airline has a flight As reported by Reuters

The US Government Aviation Control Agency, or FAA, requires pilots and flight controllers. Do not perform any duties within 48 hours of the COVID-19 vaccination.