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Тема: Cumulative stress signs May risk harming your

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    По подразбиране Cumulative stress signs May risk harming your

    With the current economic and social conditions there is a high competition. They struggle to earn their living Until there was no time to talk to the family Including modern technology, making it popular to communicate through technology rather than talking face-to-face Promote more accumulated stress With no way out Until eventually leading to depression and suicide

    Cumulative stress signs
    Stress is a state of emotion that is being pressured, causing different symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches, depression. Some people may have hallucinations. In general, each person has a means of adjusting to go through, depending on the individual's stress management skills. But in some people who are stressed and can not find a way to drain or are stressed often. Become suffering Until affecting daily life They may develop depression (Depressive disorder) or anxiety disorders. SUPERSLOT

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