Hair loss is a normal condition that can happen to anyone.Usually, on average a day, people will experience 100 hair loss per day, but the number of hair loss will be more or less. It depends on the following factors

After you are 30 years or older, you are likely to experience hair loss in both men and women. But most often the symptoms of hair loss in men.

Age of the hair
On average, human hair is about 4 years and 6 months old. When the hair reaches maturity, it will naturally fall off. And come up again within 6 months

Hair styling
Hair styling Not just about styling But also the use of shampoo, combing and the use of various hair oils Which all of these activities can cause hair loss symptoms SUPERWALLET

Genetic hair loss
Hair loss caused by heredity If you have a genetic baldness It doesn't mean it will shed more of your hair than others. But your hair growth rate is less and slower than usual. Can cause thinning or bald hair Which hair loss caused by that inheritance Each person will have different hair loss depending on age, gender and hormones.