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5 yoga poses to dissolve excess fat Say goodb
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Тема: 5 yoga poses to dissolve excess fat Say goodb

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    По подразбиране 5 yoga poses to dissolve excess fat Say goodb

    Any woman who is สล็อตฝากวอเลท worried about the problem of orange peel. And want to get rid of excess fat completely Let me tell you, today, don't miss out on 5 yoga poses that help break up excess fat Along with helping get rid of orange peel skin Until calling the confidence of the girls Come back again Choose to wear shorts or a miniskirt, so you don't have to worry about excess fat. Let's take a look at some recommended yoga poses that you can try.

    1.Chair Pose

    In this position, start by standing straight with your feet together. Followed by lowering the hips To be in a position like a chair As for both arms, try to stretch directly above the head. Then hold in this position for about 5 breaths to complete all 5 yoga sets. Chair Pose pose helps the muscles in the hips and buttocks to contract. The muscles in the thighs and calves can be used to balance well. It is here that the excess fat is burned away little by little until it is gone.

    2.Chair Pose Twister

    At this position, start with the Chair Pose, then continue with your hands together. Then twist to the left. Then hold in this position for about 4 breaths and twist to the right. Then hold for about 4 breaths as well, completing all 5 sets.This position will help in strengthening the muscles of the legs, calves and hips, as well as stretching the muscles in the waist and back. with More importantly, it also helps to get rid of excess fat in those areas as well.

    3.Locust Pose

    In this position, start by lying on your stomach and straighten your legs. Continue by stretching both legs up above the floor. While stretching both arms straight to the back It is considered to pull the upper body off the ground. Try to hold in this position for about 30 seconds and return to the same position. This yoga pose will help speed up the burning of excess fat from your shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, calves and back thighs. More importantly, it also helps to relax the muscles as well.

    4. Goddess Pose

    In this position, start by standing straight, slowly spreading your legs apart, then moving your toes out about 45 degrees sideways and then lowering your knees so that your thighs are level with the calf. Hold this position for 30 seconds, completing 5 sets.This exercise will help your muscles burn excess fat around your hips and glutes.

    5. Bridge Pose

    Coming to the last yoga posture to dissolve excess fat. Many people refer to this yoga pose as the bridge pose, starting with lying on the knees. Then raise your hips off the floor. With both hands joined together on the floor under the hips Hold this position for 3 breaths and return to the original position, completing 3 sets of yoga.This pose helps stretch most of the muscles of your body. And helps break down excess fat in the abdomen, hips, back, shoulders, arms and hands quite well

    For anyone who thinks excess fat is something that is very difficult to remove. Let me tell you, these 5 yoga poses can help you. Because each pose can burn excess fat in different parts Of the body as well as women, do not forget to apply to say goodbye to the orange peel

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