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Who used to think that sleeping without dreaming Does that mean we are sleeping soundly, is that really the case?
As a rule of thumb, all of us might sleep 6-8 hours a day. And it takes about 2 hours to “dream” each night, probably having a good dream until you don't want to wake up. Nightmares until waking up with sweat that spilled all over the body. Or a dream in which the story is messed up until the beginning of the end cannot be caught

But some people think A night that I haven't dreamed of Does that mean that we are sleeping really well, is that really the case?

"No dreams" means "sleep tight"?
In fact, we humans dream while sleeping every night, emphasizing that every night, only in many Night, you may not remember dreaming. Which dream we remember Is the dream that we wake up while we are dreaming in the middle of the story. It may be the moment you just go to bed for a long time, in the middle of the night, or during the beginning of dawn. If any night we feel like we haven't dreamed It may be because we sleep awake and not as long as it produces more dreams.

Why do we “dream”?
Sleep of people are always dreaming. It's a brain process that works while we sleep in one night, we don't just dream one. On average, we may dream four to five each night, but we don't always remember all of our dreams. I tend to remember the last thing I dreamed about because it was the closest I woke up. Some people dream in color Some people may dream in black and white. In theory, there is no difference in any way.

The reason we dream is yet to be determined. But dreams do not come passively because we dream while asleep to soothe the mind, as if we were doing psychotherapy by ourselves, as we would have never imagined.

The merits of dreams
In addition to dreams according to the superstition, there are many different predictions that science itself. Dreams are good for us as well. We can only dream from the nonsense that happened in our lifetime then. Until the matter that we fear Or worry in the past Including bad memories Various situations That happened in real life But we try to avoid that encounter. Dreaming of these bad things is a brain process that wants to heal our own minds. And accept what happened Or what we fear When we open our hearts to accept them in our dreams Our subconscious then begins to gradually adapt and feel fear. Or feel less bad about those stories As if we were telling a story of concern to the psychiatrist. Therefore, it can be said that dreams can reduce symptoms of depression.

At the same time, if we try to avoid seeing them, not seeing them, even in our dreams. We may be faced with the worst things in our dreams all the time. With things that we do not want to face in our dreams You may be able to unlock yourself from our concerns. Or your deep wounded memories from your dreams

However, if we have a good dream It can help create good memories. Create a good atmosphere after waking up. Affect the mind that is joyful throughout the day as well.

How do we get “good dreams”?
Even if nightmares can have a positive effect on our minds. But if you can choose, many people would rather have a good dream The factors that will make us good dreams cannot be clearly identified. But there are some additional factors that may affect the dreams of that night, namely the state of mind. And our own thoughts before going to bed Who goes to bed after watching Or listening to good stories will have a better night's sleep than people who are brooding about bad things and stress, even what happened, words spoken, people who talked about things that were discussed during the day. May appear in our dreams that night as well

Sleep quality is important too. As I said, deep sleep can make us dream. Therefore, the preparation for the body And the brain is fully relaxed Therefore it will help us sleep more efficiently.

Take a warm bath or soak in warm water to relax you.

Drink warm water or milk

Air conditioning in the bedroom to make it comfortable. Not too hot or too cold Keep yourself dry without sweat all night long.

Refrain from using electronic devices of all kinds. Including refraining from watching TV before going to bed

Turn the bedroom lights dark. Or only a dim light

Turn off the music or just turn on the soft music that is slow.

Light a scented candle or spray with a soothing scent, such as lavender.

If you close your eyes and sleep for 15-30 minutes and still not sleepy To get up and do light activities First until drowsy, such as listening to music, reading a book (still refraining from TV And electronic equipment)

Sleep time Think about the good things that we want to dream about.

If at the end of the day you do everything and still have trouble sleeping. Should consult a doctor for a sleep test to seriously analyze sleep problems. Patients should be examined directly with a specialist in sleep disorders. At the Internal Medicine Center, 2nd floor, Zone D, Siriraj Hospital Piyamaharajkarun Or the department of sleep disorders of general hospitals