5 (not) secret tips For oily skin Make your eyes beautiful all day without greasy.

Making up beautiful eyes is a girl's dream. Because the eyes are the windows to the heart All the girls wanted to have beautiful eyes with mesmerizing from the first time they saw each other. But for oily eyelids, they often have a particular eye makeup problem. Because the sebum on the eyelids can make them look greasy or flaky, it is easy to lose confidence. In this article, there are 5 tips (not a secret). Article that will help solve the problem of girls, eyelids, it gives a beautiful eye makeup that lasts all day long without greasy, increasing the confidence of girls.

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1. Prepare the face before applying makeup.

If you have oily eyelids before makeup Should wash your face first to reduce oil buildup. By choosing products for oily skin Then, wipe it dry.To apply a moisturizer, avoid applying it to the eyelids as this can cause more oiliness, resulting in more visible wrinkles and unattractive lids.

2. Apply oil control powder before applying your eyes.

Before applying makeup, use tissue or oil blotting paper. Come gently on the eyelids first Then apply some loose powder to control the oiliness of the skin. Then continue to start making eye makeup

3. Don't forget an eye primer, an indispensable helper.

An eye primer is a must for oily eyelids. This will help smooth the eyelids and control them. During the day, it also helps make eye makeup last longer.

4.Opt for a powder eyeshadow

The thing to be aware of for women eyeliner is the choice of eyeshadow. Using a powder eyeshadow will help control the oiliness of the eyelids better than using a cream eyeshadow. Because cream eyeshadows contain oil, it may make it easier to shine through the day. The important tip is Try not to use your hands to spread the eyeshadow. Instead, use an eye makeup brush as using your hands may not spread the eyeshadow evenly.

5.Opt for a waterproof eyeliner or mascara.

Another problem faced by oily eyelids is a drop of mascara or eyeliner. Which does not have to mention how the girls will feel Therefore, to prevent this problem is Choose a waterproof eyeliner or mascara. It will have the ability to sweat well. Helps our eye makeup last longer. Does not peel off during the day

Beautiful eye makeup for eyelids is not difficult anymore. Just try out the methods we suggested above. It will help you girls make beautiful eyes, long-lasting, reduce the problem of greasy eyelids, revealing bright, beautiful eyes all day.