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Real Water, a startup that makes us really dr
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Тема: Real Water, a startup that makes us really dr

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    Dec 2020
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    По подразбиране Real Water, a startup that makes us really dr

    Real Water, a startup that makes us really drink water Without microplasticsStudies have shown that many microplastics are contaminated with drinking water around the world. On average, we swallow more than 2,000 pieces of plastic in a week. Microplastics, or particles smaller than 5 millimeters (5,000 microns), are invisible to the naked eye. This is caused by the degradation of plastics that are used in everyday life, such as plastic bags, or formed from plastics that are made into smaller sizes such as beads mixed in facial foam or toothpaste. These microplastics are contaminated and spread around the world, becoming an ecological and health problem and are becoming more and more serious More pictures, click slotxo auto

    Real Water, a Korean start-up that owns the slogan "Make water that can be drunk with peace of mind", so microplastic filters are devised from bottled water to reduce the contamination of synthetic polymers, which poses a number of health problems for consumers.

    Kwon Hyeok Jae, the founder of the company, has the idea of ​​helping people consume clean, safe drinking water. So he and his team designed the microplastic filter water bottle cap product, and the team spent more than 10 months developing the product. By studying the size of microplastics with a microscope This includes studying the characteristics of filters and how to filter each type of filter. It has been tried and tested several times before it finally came out as a water bucket. Can be used with most plastic bottles. It can filter about 120 liters of water, on average, if you drink 2 liters of water a day, it can be used for up to 2 months by being certified as free from chemicals from the Korean research institute already.

    Image from Real Water's website Real Water launched its first product in June last year and launched a crowdfunding campaign in the same month, which received positive feedback after a successful mobilization. It is funded by and received foreign demand, so it is prepared to be actively exported to overseas markets, starting with Japan and Taiwan. In 2018, the State University of New York conducted a study on the sample packaged drinking water. 259 bottles from 11 brands in nine countries - the United States, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Lebanon, Kenya and Thailand - were found to contain small pieces of plastic. Over 90% of the sample was contaminated, with some brands containing up to 10,000 microplastics per liter of water, according to studies showing that on average, a person could be exposed to 2,000 microplastics with approximately 5 grams of plastic. In 1 week

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    Nov 2020
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