Yellow and Blue Beijing faces สมัครsuperslot the biggest sandstorm in a decade
Beijing, the Chinese city of Huang, faced a 'sandstorm', visibility below 1 km, the Xinhua news agency reported on Monday morning (Mar 15), the Beijing Meteorological Agency. Capital of china Yellow or third level warning of sandstorm After Beijing was so covered with sand and dust, its visibility was reduced to less than a kilometer.

Beijing Daxing International Airport Adopts Low-Visibility Mechanism Due to the sandstorm, the field of vision at the airport is only 400-800 meters, affecting many flights. While the Meteorological Bureau The weather is expected to be like this until 8:00 p.m. on Monday (March 15) local time. With a better field of vision, respectively

The weather report states Due to the effects of cyclones and strong winds The sandstorm reached the northwestern Hebei Province of Beijing on Sunday night before reaching nearby Beijing.

Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Monitoring Center It was revealed that the concentrations of microscopic particles PM10 (PM10) in many areas exceeded 2,000 micrograms per cubic meter on Monday (March 15). Cubic meters in the Haidian district of Beijing too.

The Meteorological Bureau Of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Orange level warning notice Which is second only to the red level which is the highest level The sandstorm affected areas in the northeast of the Alxa League and other cities. In Er, Ordos and Baotou as well.

China's CGTN news agency reported that six people were missing 81 people after the Mongolian dust storm on Sunday, according to the local disaster agency.