After nearly four months of ทดลองเล่นสล็อต XO waiting, Thailand finally carried out the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and moved away from the international community. Ready to create a little hope In regaining a normal life, happiness comes back.

But before I get to that point (That takes more than 1 year for sure) Do not forget that our respiratory system. They're not just fighting the coronavirus. When the rainy season and winter of every year Considered a golden time for distant relatives Of COVID The influenza virus or AKA “influenza” takes this opportunity to attack the respiratory tract, causing us to have fever, fatigue, and repeated headaches every year.

Good luck at least This flu. Is an illness that has been associated with the international community for a long time Also, the scientist was well acquainted with its family. Especially with important homes that deserve serious surveillance Such as influenza A and influenza B.

More than that Influenza in both homes also have a family of branches sprouting to another 2 sub strains, totaling 4 types: H1N1, H3N2 from the home influenza A, classified as a group with a high epidemic severity. Can be spread throughout the world familiar with diseases such as swine flu, avian influenza, influenza and Victoria family, Yamagata from the home influenza B group found only in people. It spreads well in cool and dry environments. Especially in winter

Listen, the flu virus seems to be more dangerous than we have ever known. Because with all the members in the family Variety of symptoms Contact method Where will the chance of unknown mutants occur? But in all respects As I said before, the whole world knows it very well. And also developed "Inactivated vaccine" used to manage influenza. It has been widely used for more than 60 years.

MD Manthanasan Dusadee, M.D., Respiratory Diseases and Crisis of Respiratory Diseases And critical medicine Praram 9 Hospital revealed that “Influenza virus vaccine in Thailand is an inactivated vaccine. There are 3 protective strains (2 in influenza A and 1 in influenza B) for the focus on protection against the most epidemic strains and 4 strains (2 in influenza A and 2 in influenza B). It is the most effective protection. Because it can stimulate the body to have comprehensive immunity And help reduce the chance of spreading well. "

“Normally, public health campaigns for influenza vaccination. During the month of June each year, but in 2021, in order not to be confused with the COVID-19 epidemic. And to reduce the chance of recurrent infections Therefore, there is a guideline for postponing the flu vaccine Faster from May to August "

Here, we have probably heard through our ears that most of the coronavirus vaccines. They all have the same requirements, especially the frequency of two injections to stimulate the immune system. And may include other requirements As for the vaccine recipient, then let's look back at the grandfather's vaccine. Some "flu vaccine" is better than that before immunization from the acute respiratory virus. What do we need to know first?

“People should get one dose of influenza vaccine a year, which can be started at the age of 6 months and for children under the age of 9 who get the first vaccine, get two injections in the first year. By spacing each injection for 1 month, but if the first year was injected only once, injected 2 times in the following year. And after that can gradually spray once a year "

Therefore, it can be said that Either small children, red children, young people, or old people. All should have to get the flu vaccine Or, to tell in depth, the female doctor also recommends seven people at the highest risk of getting the flu vaccine: pregnant women. More than 4 months gestation, 6 months - 2 years old children), 7 groups of chronic diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, heart, cerebrovascular disease, kidney failure, diabetes and cancer patients receiving chemotherapy), elderly from 65 years of age and older, helpless cerebral palsy, thalassemia patients People with immunodeficiency Including people with HIV with symptoms and people with obesity. With a body weight of more than 100 kg and a BMI greater than 35

“Influenza is a disease with many subspecies - easily mutated. In addition, the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine is 70-90% (depending on the strain of the virus), the Disease Health Organization (WHO) recommends the need to be vaccinated annually. To stimulate the immune system To prepare the body to cope with the incoming infection But the most important thing That said, getting the vaccine alone doesn't make us 100% safe from the flu because we have to follow the flu prevention guidelines at the same time. "

“That is, wearing a mask, washing hands often with soapy water, using alcohol gel. Avoid places where a lot of people gather. "

It looks no different from what Thai people have done for the past 2 years. Therefore, in a simple summary We just walk into the hospital vaccination + act like normal (New Normal), we are far from the flu. Plus you don't have to risk getting sick and frustrated by getting the COVID-19 vaccine (coming soon).