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Egypt unearthed world's oldest brewery
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Тема: Egypt unearthed world's oldest brewery

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    По подразбиране Egypt unearthed world's oldest brewery

    Egypt unearthed the oldest brewery in slot the world, the tourism ministry said on Saturday that a high-volume brewery believed to be more than 5,000 years old was discovered by a team of archaeologists in an ancient cemetery in southern Egypt.
    The ministry said the ancient brewery site, consisting of about 40 terracotta pots in two rows, was discovered in the northern city of Abidos. By the Egyptian-American joint team, the ministry said in a statement on its Facebook page.

    The brewery may date back to the time of King Narmer. The secretary general of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities, Mostafavaziri, said the findings were ` "It is the oldest high-production brewery in the world"

    Pharaoh Narmer, who ruled Egypt Bora 5,000 years ago, established the First Dynasty and unified Upper and Lower Egypt.

    British archaeologists first discovered a brewery in ancient Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century, but has never been able to pinpoint its precise location. Until the Egyptian-American team "was able to rediscover the site and find factory objects".

    Vasiri said the brewery was made up of eight large areas, which were used as a unit for beer production. Each unit has approximately 40 clay pots arranged in two rows.

    For brewing, a mixture of grains and water is brought to a boil in a vat, each held together by a clay lever placed vertically in the shape of a ring.

    Matthew Adam, an archaeologist at New York University who headed the mission with Princeton University's Deborah Wissach, said the study showed that beer was produced in large quantities with one production at a time. About 22,400 liters

    He said the brewery could be built on the site specifically for use in the royal rituals that took place inside the funeral site of the king of Egypt.

    "Evidence of beer use was found at ceremonies during excavations at these sites," the statement said. The evidence for brewing in ancient Egypt is not new, and past discoveries shed light on the production. But the latest discovery is the identity of large-scale manufacturing plants.

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