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5 danger signs "Hair - Scalp" began to have p
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Тема: 5 danger signs "Hair - Scalp" began to have p

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    По подразбиране 5 danger signs "Hair - Scalp" began to have p

    Hair that is sleek ทางเข้าxo and shiny Is what every woman desires Because in addition to helping to enhance confidence Individual personality added. Also reflects good health And taking care of yourself extremely well, so many young people pay more attention to the care of hair and scalp. And often search for products to nourish, protect, restore hair and scalp as well as face care

    But despite how much care Today's daily lifestyles include heat from hair dryers, sunlight, chemicals from hair coloring. Hair spray, etc., and is a disruptive problem affecting the health of the hair and scalp, which 5 warning signs that you are having problems with hair and scalp Dr. Phatara Phinyo Phawasutee or (Dr. Benz) Phatthayat, Ph.D. Hair transplantation Grow & Glow Clinic certified by the International Hair Transplant Association ISHRS and the American Board of Hair Transplantation ABHRS have simple hair health check tips. By myself, let's tell people Sanook Health

    5 danger signs "Hair - Scalp" began to have problems.
    The scalp is more oily than usual.
    Usually, the scalp has sebaceous glands producing the right amount of sebum to moisturize the scalp from drying out. But if the oil level is too high it will pile up and cause infection. Dandruff occurs on the scalp. And result in hair loss condition

    Basic self care This can be done by choosing a shampoo that does not cause peeling or excessive drying of the scalp because the sebaceous glands will produce more oil to balance the scalp Try to use hair products, including conditioners, only at the ends of your hair. Avoid using it on the scalp to reduce clogging of pores and cause more oil build-up. We can check the condition of the scalp by examining it with a scalp scanner and hair scalp. Which will be diagnosed by a specialist

    Peeling and itchy scalp
    Causes that cause scalp peeling and itching, such as using a shampoo that contains chemicals that cause irritation. Older age Prolonged exposure to the sun Including stressful conditions Itchy scalp causes dandruff and subsequent hair loss.

    Basic self care Do this by choosing a gentle shampoo such as sulfate free or alcohol free ingredients and nourishing the scalp with regular treatments.

    Dandruff on the scalp
    Caused by the creation and shedding of skin cells of the scalp. It can result in both very oily scalp and very dry and flaky scalp. The most common causes are From inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the scalp (Seborrheic Capitis) by dandruff looks like it. Pale yellow Which is related to the condition of the scalp that is very oily And some types of fungi on the scalp Using therapeutic shampoo can fix the problem.

    Red scalp
    The most common problems found are allergies and irritation. From sun exposure or the use of any hair products, including the use of chemicals from dyeing hair Or products containing propylene glycol. Treatment and prevention of erythema is to avoid them as much as possible.

    In addition to such an allergic reaction that can be found Other scalp diseases that can also show redness include seborrheic capitis, psoriasis. Including infections on the scalp Should see a specialist for diagnosis and treatment on the spot.

    Hair loss conditions
    The aforementioned scalp abnormalities that persist over a long period of time can actually affect the hair growth rate and cause hair loss. Hair loss can also be caused by many other factors, such as genetics, hormonal changes. Any infection, etc. If the problem of hair loss is very unusual, it is a sign that urgent need to find the cause and treatment.

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