When it comes to jackpotสล็อต hyperlipidemia Or high cholesterol Many people would think of people who are overweight, obese, but actually thin, shapely people have a good chance of having high fat or cholesterol as well. For anyone who has a slim body But has high blood cholesterol Do you want to know what caused the cause? Today we are ready to take you to see the answer.

What is the cause of high cholesterol?
Many people with high cholesterol Would have to wonder what was the cause Especially people who have a thin or shapely figure Why can I have high cholesterol? Follow to look at the factors in the occurrence as follows.

Caused by eating foods that are high in fat

When you get older The fat in the blood will rise accordingly. Because the metabolism worsens

Did not exercise, although thin, but if not exercising The fat in the blood is revisited.

Have certain underlying diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease

· Heredity. If someone in the family has had hyperlipidemia. People in the house have a chance to be

How should a thin person take care of their body? Away from high blood fat

To take care of the body to stay away from the disease, hyperlipidemia of the skinny people. It is not different from caring for people in general, with the following basic methods.

1. Eat all 5 food groups, focusing only on things that are beneficial to the body. By avoiding foods high in cholesterol and triglycerol content, such as animal fats, starches, sugars.

2. Exercise regularly. This is a very basic way to help burn accumulated fat from your body.

3. Do not drink alcohol. Because it causes the body to have the amount of fat to accumulate in the tissues easily

4. Change from eating plain rice Come as brown rice To reduce the amount of starch that may become fat.

5. No smoking. Because cigarettes will lower the amount of good fats in the blood And replaced by bad fat content Which will adversely affect the body

6. If you have to drink Should choose a milk that has a low fat content. Or fat-free milk

7. Always eat vegetables or fruits that are high in fiber. Because in addition to helping in matters of excretion It will also reduce the absorption of fat into the body.

With the absence of physical characteristics from the accumulated fat content Make people thin with high blood fat May be dangerous from various diseases It is easier than people who have a fat body. Because it is known that there is a lot of bad fats in the body Your health may be much worse, so it's important to keep eating healthy, exercising, and doing regular check-ups. Will help make it far from the disease from high blood fat