History puzzle Ancient humans knew ทดลองเล่นสล็อต XO the science of aviation for thousands of years?
Archaeologists have discovered evidence from countries that the world may have flown thousands of years ago.
Earlier, Egypt had unearthed ancient trumpets. And mummified coffins at regular intervals, especially at Sakkara Large ancient tombs This is home to pyramids, ancient temples and many animal burial sites.

But there is another discovery that many people may not have known before: the discovery of the Saqqara Bird in 1898, a wood carving of a hawk with wings and tails. Completely It is assumed that it was made since 200 BC.

The Sakkara bird is identified as a hawk used in various ceremonies. Because the hawk is a symbol of the gods. Or it could be used as a toy for aristocratic children. Or use it on the bow of a boat It was also assumed that it could be used as an air propeller or a boomerang.

Although the purpose of the Sakkara bird remains unclear. But what is interesting about these birds is that their wingspan shapes and angles are in line with the principles of modern airplane wings. This led archaeologists to wonder whether it was possible for the ancient Egyptians to know the science of aviation thousands of years earlier.

Although experts have argued that the shape of the Sakkara bird is not stable in flight. And there has never been any evidence indicating that there was a plane in ancient Egypt.

If it crossed to the South American side in Colombia, it was discovered. Quimbaya artifacts, a small, 2 to 3-inch artifact made of gold alloy. Which was around 1000 years before Christ

The mission to restore a giant boat to close the Suez Canal still has no sign Shaken, expensive oil
China finds wine in bronze kettle over 2,000 years old.

Although many archaeologists explain this is only a formation to mimic the shape of birds, lizards, amphibians. Or insects that were common in the region at that time But there is a theory that proves these inventions are prototypes of ancient aircraft that can actually fly. Even if it came about on purpose or not, is it too coincidental that these millennia-old artifacts are the same as the aircraft in use today?

In addition, India also has evidence of flying craft-like objects from paintings and sculptures in many ancient sites. Which the ancient Indians called flying vehicles "Vimana or Vimana" (Vimana)

With a description of the appearance of this vehicle that "Is a two-tiered vehicle Quite round shape There is an exhaust pipe at the bottom. And has a dome-shaped passenger compartment Moving at a faster speed than the wind "

In 1875 evidence was discovered at a temple in India. It is assumed that the evidence dates from 400 BCE. The evidence indicates that the ancient Indians produced these vehicles themselves and documented how to control them. Including travel precautions And protection from storms and thunder as well

Archaeologists agree that the ancient Indian craft is similar to UFOs in both shape and mobility.