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Drinking too much "tea" can risk kidney disea
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Тема: Drinking too much "tea" can risk kidney disea

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    По подразбиране Drinking too much "tea" can risk kidney disea

    Many people may have heard xo168 that Drinking tea is good and has health benefits. Because in addition to the tea contains antioxidants. Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And it can also be drink to make you feel refreshed energetic as an alternative beverage for those who do not like coffee. But drinks like iced tea If you drink too much It may be harmful to your health. Hello. The doctor will answer that question. Drinking too much iced tea Is it really the risk of kidney failure?

    Drinking too much iced tea really risk kidney failure?
    In May 2014, an elderly man was reported. Admitted to the hospital Due to weakness, itching and body aches The doctor examined it and found that he had kidney failure. And need to do dialysis But this patient never had kidney problems. Or have a relative with a history of kidney disease When the doctor takes the history Therefore know that This man drank 16 glasses of iced tea on a daily basis.

    In tea, especially black tea, it is rich in oxalate, a compound found in some plants. Oxalates have the effect of inhibiting the absorption of calcium and various minerals. And the body will get rid of this excess oxalate through the kidneys and urine. If we eat too much oxalate This will cause the kidneys to work harder to get rid of this oxalate. Therefore it may increase the risk of developing kidney stones And eventually lead to kidney failure

    What nutrients can harm the kidneys?
    In addition to drinking too much tea, which can harm the kidneys. There are many other nutrients that can potentially have harmful effects on the kidneys. This article will give examples of the following.

    That is, the salt we are familiar with. Sodium can affect blood pressure. And balance the water level in the body Our body works to get rid of excess sodium from the body. But if we consume too much sodium Will cause the kidneys to not be able to get rid of all sodium And causing blood pressure levels to rise And cause damage to the kidneys

    Examples of foods high in sodium include:

    Various seasonings
    fish sauce
    Soy sauce
    Oyster sauce, etc.
    Instant noodles
    Processed meats such as sausage, ham or bacon, etc.
    Ready-to-eat canned food
    Potato chips
    Various fast food

    Although potassium is important for the functioning of the muscles and the heart. But taking too much potassium can also cause an excess of blood pressure to rise.

    Examples of foods high in potassium include:

    Certain fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, oranges, potatoes, and tomatoes.
    Dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, yogurt.
    Various nuts
    Salt substitutes

    Phosphorus is another mineral found in most foods. Phosphorus is important in helping calcium absorption and helping to maintain healthy bones and teeth. But if the liver is damaged May cause inadequate handling of adequate phosphorus content. Then cause too much phosphorus to accumulate in the blood Until it can weaken the bones And more easily broken

    Examples of foods that are high in phosphorus include:

    Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, etc.
    Various nuts and grains
    Frozen seafood
    Yeast-based foods, such as bread
    Not only iced tea But all kinds of food If eaten in the wrong amount They are all likely to cause harm to the body at all. Best way, you should choose the right food. Eat a variety of food And eating foods that are beneficial to the body To help reduce the risk of harm to our body. And makes us healthier

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