When it comes to sleeping slotxo on the floor, many people may have different opinions. Some people like to say they lie on the floor and have back pain. But some people say that sleeping on the floor is comfortable. Actually, how does it affect your body? Does it really cure back pain? Find out in this article.

Does lying on the floor really help with back pain?
Some people tend to say that sleeping on hard floors That will cause back pain. But at the same time, it was said that lying on the floor helped him recover from his back pain. While there is no conclusive scientific evidence on how floor laying affects back pain, many people believe that laying on the floor can actually help with back pain.

This belief comes from the idea that Sleeping in soft areas Will not be able to support your body well enough And make your body sink into the mattress Until the spine is curved And eventually became a backache

In fact There is no evidence that lying on the floor will actually improve back pain. Faculty of Medicine Harvard University Has made a suggestion that If the mattress is too soft and aching back To find a solid plan Under the mattress Or to put a mattress on the floor But that does not mean to lie on the floor at all Even though sleeping on hard floors This will prevent your body from sinking into the mattress. Until it does not cause back pain But there are other factors That may cause back pain anyway

Precautions for sleeping on the floor
Laying on the floor may not always be a good choice for everyone. Sleeping on the floor can be dangerous for certain groups of people:

Elderly people tend to have fragile bones. More than young people And also has less adipose tissue Lying on the floor may increase the risk of fractures. Or can make you feel too cold

Those who are easily cold Laying down on the floor tends to feel cooler than in bed. If you are a person who is more easily cold than others, such as anemia. Or have an underactive thyroid Probably shouldn't lie on the floor

People who are inconvenient to move If you have mobility problems, such as being unable to get up on your own Or there is a problem at the joints You should avoid lying on the floor.

How to sleep on the floor to be comfortable
Starting from the mattress. Even if you lie on the floor But it doesn't mean that you have to stick to the ground at all. Try to look for something to put on your bed, such as a topper mat or a non-thick mattress to put on your bed. In addition to helping you feel more comfortable. Not too cold It can also help keep you out of the dust on the floor.

Choose the right sleeping position. Try to try to flip left, flip right. Look for the sleeping position that suits you. And make you feel as comfortable as possible. In order to sleep through the night If you choose to sleep on your back Should find a pillow to support the area under the knee as well. Will help adjust the appearance of the spine to be even more contoured

Take time to adjust Most people are not used to being familiar when they first start lying on the floor. You should take the time to gradually acclimatize to the floor. May try starting from a short nap, gradually increasing the time over time. Until it finally became a full night's sleep