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In the morning, late, afternoon, evening, which time should exercise the most? Do exercise intervals affect our exercise performance?

Exercise during the day vs at night
According to a recent study report, Time to exercise Affect the metabolism or not. The results found to be possible, for example, among men at risk of type 2 diabetes found that exercise during This allows the body to burn more calories than they did in the late morning exercises. In each person, results may be different based on other factors.

But the theory is possible Is to exercise to match the time, our life clock is the best. Watch our life to do various activities. During the day with sunshine And slept during the night when the sun had already set In addition, if you choose to exercise during the day is also a time allocated time to eat. And time to relax and relax during the night as well

Which corresponds to the research results stated People working at night Daytime rest There is a risk of metabolic problems. And may be at a greater risk of type 2 diabetes than the general public Including people who often eat at night It is better if we choose to eat. And sleep at the right time Including doing various activities Like exercising during the day More than at night

Exercise in the morning vs the afternoon vs the evening.
Some research indicates Morning exercise is effective in terms of burning fat and losing weight, but in practice, morning exercise may overlap with breakfast hours. And another study in 2019 found that Men at risk of type 2 diabetes exercise vigorously from day to afternoon. Your body is able to regulate glucose levels well in 2 weeks and get better results than doing the same exercise in the morning.

While it's still not possible to find out why exercising during the afternoon and evening is more effective than early morning exercise, Dr. Patrick Schrauwen, lecturer at Maastricht University's Faculty of Nutrition and Movement Sciences, said that it was not the case. The University Medical Center in the Netherlands assumes that exercising during the day, afternoon and evening may affect the food we eat after exercise. Newly exercised body May help burn the energy received from the next meal better. Causing the body to burn energy from food that has just been eaten Before laying down to the end of the day's activities Corresponds to living according to the clock of life just right

Exercise that is beneficial for the body. The most important thing is consistency. If you exercise regularly No matter what time Will certainly benefit the body