On Wednesday, the Russian authorities slotxo said. Have registered the vaccine "Carnivac-Cov" (Carnivac-Cov), a vaccine against COVID-19. For the first time animals in the world Russia considers the vaccination a triumph for building immunity against animals and humans. So as not to allow the coronavirus to be more mutated

Konstantin Zavencov, Deputy Head of the Agricultural Watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor Of Russia said in a statement that Clinical trials of the vaccine that started last October. It has been tested in dogs, cats, arctic foxes, minks, foxes and other animals. With the results of the experiment concluded that This vaccine is safe and produces a high level of immunity. 100 percent of all laboratory animals were able to produce antibodies against the coronavirus.

Zavencov stated that The vaccine produces immunity for up to six months. And it could be in production for a few weeks from now.

Russia launches Carnivak-kov vaccine Just one day after the World Health Organization, or WHO, published a report on the origin of the coronavirus in China. The report does not definitively determine the source of the virus. Just state that The most likely source of virus is from animals. Especially bats, however, US officials Some believe The Chinese government tried to distort the results of the report. Several studies have also documented cases of coronavirus infection in domestic pets and animals in captivity around the world, ranging from dogs, cats to farm minks. And the animals in the zoo

Concerns about the mutated virus

Scientists are concerned that The coronavirus may mutate to other animals. And may return to human beings again

Last November Denmark ordered the extermination of 15 million minks after the coronavirus was found in more than 200 mink farms. This measure was necessary after more than ten people were infected with the mutated virus.

Zavencov stated that This new Russian vaccine will focus on immunization in domestic animals. And livestock that are important to the global economy As well as humans who come into contact with such animals

At this time, even the vaccine Carnivak-Wac. Still, it needs to be reviewed by experts not involved in vaccine development. But the vaccine is another example that Russia wants to show scientific potential in dealing with the global virus outbreak.

Last August President Vladimir Putin said Russia was the first country to successfully develop a vaccine against COVID-19. The announcement comes ahead of a third phase of the vaccine trial.

However, international reviews of the vaccine show that Sputnik 5 vaccine is more than 90 percent effective.