Hydroponic vegetables It is popular ทางเข้าxo among health lovers. It is a vegetable grown in water with dissolved plant nutrients or grown in a substitute nutrient solution. In addition to saving space for planting Also reduce the risk of various chemical contamination Remaining in the soil that can be cultivated as well

However, there is information published online that Hydroponic vegetables It may increase the risk of cancer It makes people who eat hydroponic vegetables worrying about the safety of many hydroponic vegetables.

Hydroponic vegetables Cancer risk?
Dr. Poonlarp Chanthawitwitwong, MD. Deputy Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration said that according to the message through social media in a manner “Consuming hydroponic vegetables is at risk of cancer. By research 3 years ago, 5 major hospitals in Bangkok researched 300% more cancer causes caused by eating vegetables hydroponics because too much P (phosphorus) causes breast cancer. " Which the FDA has verified such information It was found that the forwarded messages were forwarded back and forth periodically. Which is not true at all

There is currently no medical indication. Or have research both in the country and internationally confirming that Phosphorus is linked to the incidence of breast cancer. There is also no confirmation that nitrates found naturally in food. Which is converted to nitride in the digestive system, causing the risk of cancer For concerns about high levels of nitrates in hydroponic vegetables Is the cause of the occurrence of cancer; In fact, nitrates are found in both soil and hydroponic vegetables. If plants have normal growth and photosynthesis The likelihood of nitrate accumulation up to unsafe for consumption is therefore very small. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never proposed the Food and Drug Administration to consider such issues. As there is no clear indication of information yet

Hydroponic vegetables are not organic vegetables.
However, hydroponic vegetables are not organic vegetables and therefore can be used with chemicals in their cultivation. But must follow the principles of agriculture And the residue, including contaminants, does not exceed the amount prescribed by the Ministry of Public Health.

How to reduce nitrates in vegetables
If you are concerned about nitrate content You can follow these tips.

Reduce the amount of nitrates in vegetables. By steaming or boiling vegetables for 10 minutes.
Soak vegetables in water, potassium permanganate solution and brine. It helps to reduce the amount of nitrate as well.
Should not eat any type of fruit or vegetable on a regular basis. Should eat a variety of rotation together Or consume seasonal fruits and vegetables and consume them in moderation. To reduce the risk of accumulated poisoning
Should buy vegetables that have been certified with the GAP, GMP, or organic certification seal. For safety