All my friends, whether men or slotxo women, must have experienced problems under the black eyes, right? The author is used to. Sometimes waking up to see myself in the mirror, there are some as well. Even though we can use makeup to cover up under black eyes But was unable to hide the dreaded physical condition No, in the first place, it's best Today we will bring you to know the types of symptoms under the eyes, causes and solutions.

Types of black under-eye symptoms

The word under the black eye in Japanese It is known as "Kuma" (ク マ), or in other words, that bear is similar to that in Thailand, we like to call it a panda. In fact, the symptoms under the eyes are not just black. In Japan, they are divided into 3 types. Separate by the color of the bags under the eyes, namely green, black and brown. Showing that it is a green bag under the eyes If the skin is stretched around the bags under the eyes But the color does not change Showing that it is a brown eye bag If the color of the bags under the eyes is dark, depending on sleep Showing that it is a black eye bag Each color has a different cause and solution. Friends try to observe yourself and see which one matches.

Green eye bags

The main cause of green bags under the eyes is poor blood flow. Which may come from not getting enough sleep Low body temperature, tired eyes, causing blood around the eyes to flow inconvenience. There are 3 remedies: compress with a warm cloth or a warm eye mask. You can add aromatherapy scent to add relaxation. By raising his face slightly and putting a warm cloth on it Improves blood circulation The second is a reflexology around the eyes. This method, in addition to helping with bags under the eyes Also helps reduce wrinkles as well The last resort is to take a supplement that helps your blood flow better. Try to find a brand that suits you personally.

Black eye bags

Most of the black eye bags are caused by sagging skin under the eyes causing a black shadow to be visible. Which may be caused by an older age And the reduction of collagen and elastin friends can try a simple test. By using your fingers to pull the skin under the eyes down. Or roll your eyes, try to look on If the bags under the eyes are gone Yes, definitely black. The solution is to use an eye cream that helps to tighten the eyes. Which there are many brands to choose from The skin under the eyes is delicate. Friends have to be careful when choosing a cream that matches your skin as well.

Brown eye bags

Brown eye bags caused by melanin Darkens the pigment of the skin under the eyes May be caused by rubbing the eyes hard Or the skin being stimulated by makeup or face washing Bags under the eyes of this brown. Either stretching the skin, filling the eyes, or making the blood flow easier. It will not go away. The solution is to use products that lighten the skin. And protect your skin from the sun Whitening and sun protection are indispensable.

Now that you know this, you can try to observe yourself and see what kind of person it is. And try the methods recommended by Japanese experts For both beautiful and healthy skin