The question of whether slotxo to exercise on an empty stomach. Or eating before exercise Which one will get better results? Recently, there is an answer to this question. When a study from researchers at the University of Bath in England found that exercise without eating anything first. It will help to burn or burn fat better. After the experiment with a sample of overweight men

The researchers let the sample walk for 60 minutes without eating anything. And having the most oxygen at 60 percent, then another 2 hours, then eat a breakfast that is both high in calories and carbohydrates.

In addition, blood samples were taken. Even when the stomach is empty And when eating already to compare It was found that during exercise Fat is burned better on an empty stomach. Because it will stimulate changes in the lipid membrane better Which adipose tissue affects weight loss And increase weight

However, Dylan Thompson, the co-author of the study said. Agree that the results of this study were performed on a sample of just 10 men and measured the effects of not eating breakfast before exercise. Does not include other meals Which doesn't mean Not eating before exercise will have any effect in accelerating weight loss.