"Headache" is another popular สล็อตฟรี disease of many people. That, when it happens, can be quite annoying And if severe, it can cause suffering to the body Which, if such symptoms occur frequently Do not be silent Or leave it until it causes a chronic condition Because it may adversely affect our body
Today we have some interesting information from Dr. Chayanuchit Chayang, MD, specialized in brain disease. Brain System Center Nawavej Hospital Kaset Nawamin district Ratchada-Ramintra With advice on How to spot a headache And treatment methods for depositing

Headaches that should come to the doctor
Headaches that are particularly severe, the feeling that pain is the worst pain in life that has ever been.
Joint symptoms, especially fever or stiff neck (bowing your head and feeling tight or pain in your neck)
Seizures, confusion, or loss of consciousness
Severe acute headache immediately after exercise. Or there is a concussion around the head
Never had a headache before Then they develop acute symptoms, especially in people over 40 years of age, or severe headache while pregnant.
Symptoms of limbs weakness, numbness, blurred vision. Or invisible (Blurred vision Or not seeing this can happen in people with migraines. But usually disappears in a short time) However, if these symptoms are accompanied, you should see a doctor for differential diagnosis first.
Concerned or unsure whether your headache might be due to another serious illness Especially if the headache is persistent or severe

How to take care of when you have a headache
Take pain relievers when you have a headache. Don't wait until the symptoms are severe. The first oral drug recommends Paracetamol (if never allergic to Paracetamol), Take any medication prescribed by your doctor if you have been to the doctor.
Rest or sleep will improve symptoms soon. Try to find a low-light, quiet, cool place to improve symptoms.
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How to behave to avoid headaches.
It is recommended to look for a headache calendar to write down details about your headache. The whole day is the time what was done before the symptoms. Food eaten before the onset of symptoms Medicines taken or things that make symptoms improve Any of these things will help your doctor diagnose or even remind yourself of what you should or shouldn't do.

Common causes of headache triggers
Stress Everything that puts the body in stress, not just stress alone, cars exposed to hot weather, bright light, certain scents such as cigarette smoke, car smoke, perfume, menstruation
Didn't eat Especially breakfast Or overeating too much
Getting too much or too little caffeine Too much, such as more than 3 cups of coffee a day, or too little, for example, someone who eats coffee every day and doesn't.
Lack of sleep or too much sleep, insomnia, snoring, or sleep apnea
Drink Alcohol
Certain foods, such as tea, coffee, cheese, chocolate, MSG, can trigger a headache.
How is a headache treated?

Usually headache can be treated with medication. There are many kinds of drugs today. From the commonly recommended initial drug like Paracetamol to an injection to treat headache, it is important to diagnose the diagnosis or any other condition causing the headache. This can be done by taking a history, physical examination, or in some cases, CT scan or MRI may be performed prior to treatment by purchasing oral medication, especially if there is frequent pain Has a possible drug addiction effect May aggravate headaches, especially if other illnesses are already causing the headache, which may be at risk, resulting in not being treated promptly.