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Overseas countries have talked about "long slotxo wallet COVID" or the long-term effects of COVID-19. That may occur to patients, stating that in some people, COVID-19 It may cause the body to experience symptoms for several weeks. Or maybe for months Each person responds differently to the virus.
Some people experience improvement in a few days after treatment, but in others it can take as long as 12 weeks or 3 months to completely recover from COVID-19.

Patients with symptoms of COVID-19 For a long time This does not necessarily mean that the patient will have a heavier first symptom than the others. Patients who initially had few symptoms, but had persistent symptoms and did not heal, there is a possibility as well.

Long-term symptoms of COVID-19
The short-term symptoms that we often observe ourselves with are: fever, sore throat, dry cough, body aches, mucus, as well as changes in smell and taste.

The long-term symptoms that can occur in patients with COVID-19 are:

More tired than usual
Shortness of breath, increased shortness of breath
Chest tightness
Have trouble remembering And not concentrating (brain fog)
Difficulty falling asleep (insomnia)
Irregular heartbeat
Dizziness, dizziness
Have beriberi
Pain in various joints
Depression, anxiety
Tinnitus, ear pain
Having illnesses such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, less appetite
Fever, cough, headache, sore throat, changes in taste and smell
A rash

Multi-organ inflammatory syndrome
Among patients with COVID-19 Often found that many organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, including the brain in patients with COVID-19. May find a condition called "Multisystem inflammatory syndrome" or multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) refers to various organs. In the body there is swelling, inflammation. Due to the malfunction of the immune system Go into fight with good cells It causes swelling and inflammation in many ways. Body part

Therefore, if detecting pain and swelling in any area In the body during COVID-19 treatment, you can inform your doctor immediately.

How many symptoms do you have to report to your doctor?
Usually in Thailand Patients with COVID-19 They are usually in close supervision of the medical and nursing teams at the Hospitel or Field Hospital. But if someone takes care of themselves at home Or not sure how severe they are Try to observe yourself to see if the symptoms mentioned above. If you have had these symptoms for more than 4 weeks and have not improved, if so, notify the healthcare team immediately.

Get to know HOSPITEL, another option of "COVID-19 patients"
Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance.
During the time when COVID-19 The epidemic continues, the same principles that we do every day until becoming New Normal are still necessary, such as wearing a mask when in public places, washing hands often or before touching your own body And before eating Avoid being in a crowded place. Or a risk area Including taking care of yourself to stay healthy, that is to eat a complete diet of 5 groups, exercise regularly. And get enough rest This can already greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.