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Is "fish skin" beneficial for health or not?
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Тема: Is "fish skin" beneficial for health or not?

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    По подразбиране Is "fish skin" beneficial for health or not?

    Crispy Fish Skin or Crispy Fish Skin An ฝาก-ถอน slotxo appetizer that many people have been fascinated with. Because they are crispy and delicious, but ... have we ever wondered if the fish skins we eat today are really good and should we eat them or not? Or will it have some negative effects on health? If in doubt Let's find out together with Hello Doctor at this article.

    Can we eat "fish skin" or not?
    The fish skin is the outermost part of the fish after the fish scales have been cut off. This is a part that depends on personal preferences and dislikes. Because some people like to eat fish skins But some people don't like it. And the reasons you like it or don't like it often vary as well.

    However, there may be a question that Can fish skins be eaten or not? Is it dangerous to eat? First of all, it must be mentioned that fish is a source of essential nutrients for the body, including protein, healthy fatty acids. Including many essential vitamins and minerals Which of course The skin of fish is also rich in useful nutrients as fish. But may be in smaller quantities than fish

    In addition to nutrients that are beneficial. What may be contaminated in fish meat and fish skins are toxins. Both from fish habitats From sources for trading or exporting fish That may lead to a toxic contamination. But ... if the fish meat and fish skins are thoroughly washed And through the process of cooked properly We can safely eat both fish and fish skins.

    The benefits of fish skins
    Both fish and fish skins are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the body. But different types of fish may provide some different nutrients. In most cases, no matter what type of fish, both meat and fish skins tend to provide similar health benefits.

    Omega-3 fatty acids
    Vitamin d
    Vitamin E
    Of course, from this nutritious food. Will contribute to promoting good health, for example

    Protein helps to build muscle mass and add energy.
    Omega-3 fatty acids will also support heart health. Enhance the function of the nervous system and brain.
    Vitamin D helps to strengthen the absorption of calcium in the body. Strengthens bones and teeth
    Iodine helps to strengthen the function of thyroid hormones. Reduce the risk of getting a goiter.

    In addition to the nutritional value. Nowadays, we may also pass the ear, through the eye, and the skin of fish for medical use to heal and alleviate burned wounds. Based on the results of the experiments by Dr. Jamie Peyton (Dr. Jamie Peyton) Head of Integrated Medical Services at the University of California. It was inspired by a team of researchers in Brazil who started using tilapia skin to treat burns.

    Dr. Jamie then experimented with tilapia skin to treat burns for the burned bear. And after having tested Found that the skin of fish can help reduce or alleviate the pain of the wound well. Tilapia skin has a process in which collagen is used to heal wounds. It also gives a positive healing effect and helps heal the wound faster than expected.

    However, the benefits of fish skins for medical use still have to be further researched and studied. So that in the future there will be a wide use of fish skins for medical use. And, of course, the wound healing process with this method Should be treated through a medical professional only. You cannot do it yourself at home.

    How to cook fish skins to be tasty and healthy
    Basically, fish skins can be cooked in a variety of ways, either deep frying or grilling for a crispy texture. Many people like to cook fish skin by frying a lot. Because it has both crispness And get the taste from the fermented ingredients or mixed into the fish skins

    In addition, it can also be boiled and steamed for a soft touch. Which many people like because it gives a soft touch to the tongue But many people may not like in the sense that the skin of the fish is boiled or steamed. Gives a slippery sensation on the teeth, or has a sensation that is not as satisfying as expected.

    However, no matter how you cook the skin of the fish The main thing is cleanliness The hides must be thoroughly washed to prevent any toxic residue. Also, you need to be careful about flavorings that are high in sodium. Especially fish skins that are fried Because often add a lot of sodium-like seasonings This may cause the body to accumulate high amounts of sodium. If it is cooked with too much salt or sodium Or eating fish skins cooked with too much sodium

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