Not that Japanese food is only healthy รวมเว็บ superslot food. There are also many delicious fried dishes such as pork cutlet, tonkatsu, fried oysters, fried chicken, karaage, tempura and various croquettes. Eating fried food is one of our spiritual pleasures. But sometimes eating too much and too often can lead to obesity and high cholesterol. Learn how to eat fried foods without getting fat, according to the advice of Japanese people.

Eat along with other foods.
Eating pure fried foods will allow your body to fully absorb the fat from fried foods to accumulate in the body. Eating fried foods along with various side dishes It will help prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. Side dishes that Japanese people recommend to eat with fried foods are:

Vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms and foods rich in dietary fibers. These foods help absorb fat and expel it from the body through feces. In Japan, when eating fried foods, shredded cabbage is often seen served with fried pork or other fried foods. Japanese people believe that shredded cabbage is high in dietary fiber. Helps absorb fat from fried pork and excreted from the body well.
Fresh vegetables, pickles, and grated radishes. Which contains enzymes that help enhance the function of the metabolic system
Foods rich in vitamin B2, which is abundant in meat, fish, cheese, maitake and royal oyster mushrooms, etc., which helps to promote the metabolism of fat in the body as well.
Choose the right time to eat.
The best time to eat fried foods to prevent obesity is: Eating at lunch that the body will use fat to be fully used for energy. Eating fried foods for breakfast puts a heavy burden on the stomach and intestines. As for eating dinner, the fat from food will accumulate in the body. If you want to eat fried food for dinner, it should not be past 7:00 PM and you should not eat fried food after 10 PM because usually after this time The human body sets the biological clock to produce a high protein called BMAL1 (BMAL1) .This protein stimulates the absorption and storage of fat in the body as well. But if you need to eat late night, reduce the starch content. And the next day, eat a light meal With vegetables to reduce the intake of energy and fat into the body

Eat freshly fried foods
Food that is fried and left for a long time will undergo oil oxidation over time. Which when eaten, it may cause harm to the body Another way to eat fried food is good for health. After frying is finished. You should also use oils that are difficult to oxidize, such as olive oil and canola oil, among others. You may also change the frying method by reducing the oil content or by using a little baking method instead.

Losing and controlling weight doesn't have to give up eating your favorite foods. Just reduce the amount and change the way you eat. Does not make us fat easily Let's try to implement a Japanese method.