“PTSD” or “life attack” is a slotxo disease that can happen to anyone of any age. PTSD stands for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or “life disorder”. Mentally after being subjected to an attack of a minor, violent psychological thinking, resulting in overreaction, violent acts of action (tsunami, water, or trapped in a cave) are cursed, rude, threatening, found under armpits. Unexpectedly or destroy the evil that is dear from them.

This skip also includes instances that do not belong to frequent users. But perceiving information through news or hearsay from others until the cause or fear of being in the situation itself

Some of the symptoms of PTSD patients have.
The most common symptoms of PTSD are feelings of fear, expectation, depression, grief, like no one else or something that helps, and most importantly, visualization of violence or confusion. Living is not carrying or forgetting style.

While some people may have problems that go wrong, avoid the situation or the location linked to the axis, in case of an incident, a boat capsize, may not dare to board or stay close to the water.

Check out, not all villains or thoughts are PTSD, as some people can acclimatize quickly, others have short-lived psychological disorders. But if someone has the symptoms listed above for more than 1 month, then they have a cost to develop PTSD.

What types of people might have PTSD?
For the group of people who came into play as a potential PTSD.

- People who committed or received an evil person from a foreign country.
- People who have frequent stress, worries or bad events
- Those who rarely have friends or family to help
- People who have something to sit up against before and come face the bomb misfortune.

What types of treatments are available for PTSD?
In general, PTSD can be treated in two ways: drug therapy and intervention. But in some cases, doctors may use a combination of both treatments.This will depend on the patient's symptoms as well as the doctor's diagnosis.

The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms the patient is experiencing, the unrest and the extent of the understanding of the patient's perception of the sick bed. 6 months, while some require treatment for the rest of their lives

Both types of PTSD treatment methods have candle lighting details.
Drug treatment
The antidote, flugocetine, or parosetine, which takes a few weeks to begin before the doctor becomes a patient again. There are times when the drugs given to the patient are effective or have no effects. If the illness does not improve, new drugs may be adjusted.

The spy drugs in diazepam (yavan) or alprazolam are a class of drugs that doctors will avoid, say they are really necessary, and use them for a short time to prevent them from being used. Mental illnesses are addicted to using dangerous drugs.

Bachelor treatment
It is a "escape" treatment that allows the patient to act together in a disaster, such as by going to look at it over and over. The patient is able to understand the disaster that has happened and is not afraid or There is another avoidance of situations or places connected with them in between.

But in some patients it may need to be cleaned through a dialogue between the doctor and the patient to control the condition, find the root cause of the problem, and fix the problem with the patient's frustration.

If the patient with PTSD is a young child
The first priority is to make the child feel speaking and confront their fears, as parents need to be involved in therapy in order to have the knowledge and understanding of the disease that will help the therapy. It is against the doctor and family, it is very important to make a child recover from this disease.

What if I have PTSD?
Understand myself
First, you need to understand that you are not what it is, because you have encountered rituals that result in the dharma, understand and accept what is going to be, will be able to continue what is. Can happen

Don't be alone
You should not be alone after the incident, as this can lead to more whirlwinds of thought. But try to do it with or with your family, watch the movie to make it free from work.

Dare to get treatment
When you become aware of your symptoms of depression or despair, seek medical attention and seek immediate medical attention in order to have any existing symptoms disappear.