Is there anyone who knows ทางเข้าสล็อตxo that these days their own sleep is so little, not getting enough sleep is probably caused by some who read until late at the exam. Working round the clock until you don't have time to rest, but you can sleep very little. Everyone knows that not getting enough sleep can worsen our physical health. To the point of being completely bedridden

The INN team will share with you information about sleep deprivation diseases. But not getting enough sleep can lead to any diseases? We go read it together.

Many people may not yet know that insufficient sleep can be a risk of diabetes. When people are not getting enough rest This results in a 23% increase in blood glucose levels as well as a 48% rise in blood insulin levels in some research. People with diabetes already Will cause the body to be insulin resistant due to insufficient sleep as well Therefore, anyone who is not yet suffering from this disease must be careful. But for anyone who already has diabetes, you have to take care of yourself a lot. Because if symptoms like this occur, it will affect the treatment itself.

Colon cancer
Just hearing the word cancer feels scary. Who would have thought that too little sleep would cause colon cancer? Especially teenagers, working people or people living in the city are most at risk of developing bowel cancer. Because these people tend to sleep late and wake up early. Rarely to eat breakfast Or eat only food that is useless Rarely exercise Which of these behaviors will cause deterioration of the internal system, especially the intestines. Will cause the intestinal system to be abnormal Until it may become intestinal obstruction And spread to become cancer in the end Studies and research have found that in 1,240 people who sleep less than 6 hours to 47% have symptoms of colon cancer. Than people who sleep at least 7 hours or more

Coronary heart disease
This is also a terrible disease. I must say that the protein in us naturally accumulates more in the heart when we wake up. But if we don't sleep enough, sleep late, or some people don't sleep at all Will cause these proteins to become more adhere to the coronary arteries, causing a blockage A study of people who did not sleep for 88 hours revealed that they had abnormally high blood pressure. And in women younger than 60 years they have twice the risk of heart disease.

Sexual dysfunction
Lack of sleep or not getting enough sleep can result in the possibility of sexual dysfunction. Because of the low sleep next to each other for a long time or insufficient sleep will cause hormones. “Testosterone” is also lower, which makes sex drive lower as well. From the doctor's examination It can be seen that most people with sexual dysfunction are due to less rest. Or can't sleep all night

The body system will become disrupted.
When you sleep is a good time to repair and rejuvenate. But if you sleep a little Of course, your body system will become agitated. Whether the digestive system The excretory system will work abnormally. Causing you to have bloating, indigestion, poor digestion And that the excretion will not be normal Sometimes there may be diarrhea or constipation.

If you are not getting enough sleep You may be at risk of developing these diseases, so the INN team wants everyone to get enough sleep in order to stay healthy. For anyone who likes to sleep late Then felt like he wanted to sleep quickly Some people like him. You can check out some great techniques from here. Must-Tell tips for solving the problem of staying up late