Whether in the hot weather Or the ยิงปลา hair is exposed to heavy pollution, causing the hair to have various problems following this problem can be solved by washing your hair like a Japanese woman. This is a hair shampoo that can help solve problems of oily hair and hair loss. Let's have a look at how each method must be done.

1. Wash your hair with water first.
Japanese women pay more attention to washing their hair with plain water before washing their hair with shampoo. By pouring water on wet hair all over the head Use your fingers to massage all over the scalp. To clean the scalp in the first step. And stimulates the blood to flow better

2. Beat the shampoo into a lather before washing your hair.
When it comes to the process of washing your hair Japanese women use the shampoo with a bubble bath method. And then used to wash the hair Which is not recommended to pour the shampoo directly on the hair Because the shampoo does not spread over the entire head It is also a strong way to crush the shampoo. On the hair to create a lather. As a result, the hair is rubbing. Does not make hair soft and shiny, either.

3. Focus on cleaning the scalp.
Focusing on cleansing the scalp is a very important way for Japanese women. Because usually that We tend to think that the correct shampoo is to keep your hair clean. In spite of the fact that The scalp is the area that should be given a lot of attention to cleaning. Because it is the part that has the sebaceous glands If cleaning is not good enough It will inevitably cause a blockage and also accumulate dirt. Until causing problems with oily hair, hair loss and a bad smell as well

4. Do not scratch your head with violence while washing your hair.
One of the behaviors that girls Often performed on a regular basis while washing the hair is. Scratching the head with violence Which is considered something that should not be done Because the wet hair Will be extremely fragile It is necessary to wash your hair with softness. It is recommended to use your fingers to gently massage over the head to stimulate blood circulation. Plus, it cleans the scalp and hair thoroughly as well.

5. Wash your hair shampoo longer than shampoo time.
If the girls take a long time to wash their hair It is essential to increase the washing time of the shampoo for a longer time. This ensures that the shampoo gets stuck on the scalp and the hair is completely rinsed off. Especially in the occipital area should focus on cleaning a lot. Because it is the area where the shampoo flows together

Not difficult at all, right? With the Japanese woman-style shampoo that we have shared with the girls And those who are interested can try to apply it to your hair each day. Do not think that gentle washing your hair will make your hair and scalp unclean. Because on the other hand To wash your hair by scratching or rubbing your hair with violence. Despite feeling satisfied and disappearing the itch Instead, it destroys the hair and scalp very heavy ever.