How do successful people like สล็อตxo Elon Musk, founder of electric vehicle maker Tesla and space transport company SpaceX, increase productivity for their employees? To make their own business successful until today And here are some tips from celebrity billionaires to increase their productive presence.

Say goodbye to long meetings
Musk sees long meetings as disastrous for all companies. And over time it tends to get worse. So he advised the staff to say goodbye to those meetings. Or walked out of the meeting room But if giving importance to the meeting attendees It should reduce the meeting time to be shorter.

Frequent meetings are not good.
In addition to not agreeing with the use of a long meeting. Musk also viewed that frequent meetings were not good either. Unless it is very urgent or important But if those problems are solved It should reduce the frequency of meetings less.

Leave the meeting room If not participating
Musk said walking out of the meeting room was not rude or rude. But it is more rude to waste time for other people, so if you are not involved in a meeting, then you shouldn't waste time in the meeting room.

Communicate effectively
Effective communication must be one that can be understood by both parties. Musk advises his staff to avoid using specialized abbreviations or jargon that others are difficult to understand. When it comes to discussing software or any matters relating to work at the Company

Have any problems, communicate with each other directly.
Often times, problems arise as a result of communication deficiencies between departments. Because before communicating with each other, knowing about having to go through many steps Instead of communicating directly to solve problems quickly. Musk told his subordinates that communication had to be swift and the time taken was as short as possible. Instead of going through the executive level in the chain of command, several steps were taken to be aware of the problem.

Rules can change according to the situation.
Musk told his employees that it was ridiculous to follow all the company's rules. Because in some situations it may not be able to follow the set rules, so common sense should be used. A guide to the work, while the rules, if the lag need to be adjusted. Because the goal he is interested in is to increase productivity from work rather than