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Where is it safe ?! Apple agrees to comply wi
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Тема: Where is it safe ?! Apple agrees to comply wi

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    По подразбиране Where is it safe ?! Apple agrees to comply wi

    Even Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) has announced that consumer information is safe. But Apple's data center at Guiyang is now under the control of the Chinese government. This makes Chinese consumer data insecure as Apple has advertised.

    The New York slotxo Times has revealed that Apple has abandoned its ideology. By compromising on the law in China This affects the rights and freedoms of the safety of the user to be at risk. Fact sheets are published from interviews with 17 Apple employees and security experts working at Apple today and in the past. It is evidence of the reduction of corporate security measures for the Chinese government.

    Image of Apple's new data center in China by Cnes / Airbus via Google Earth.

    While Tim Cook spoke frequently about Apple's commitment to rights, freedoms and privacy, Apple has put the personal information of Chinese consumers at risk. It also agreed to follow the Chinese government to screen certain apps from the App Store. In fact, Apple even cut the "Designed by Apple in California" sentence from the back of the iPhone.

    When you look at the behavior of the Chinese government in the past You won't see any resistance from Apple, no stand up and fight for the principles Apple claims to be so firmly entrenched in.

    Nicholas Bequelin, Amnesty International Director of Asia (Human rights group)
    Most shocking, the New York Times found that over the years tens of thousands of apps have disappeared from the Chinese version of the App Store. Examples of the types of apps that are missing are: International news channels LGBT-friendly dating app Or apps that send encrypted messages, etc. Not only that, it has banned applications about Organizing a protest for democracy Including an app that talks about the Dalai Lama

    Statistical data show that from 2017 to today, approximately 55,000 apps have disappeared from the Chinese version of the App Store. There are approximately 35,000 apps that are games, while the other 20,000 can be categorized widely, from exercise apps to apps that teach sex gestures.

    Security experts and engineers from Apple said the compromise made it impossible for the Chinese government to stop the Chinese government from accessing users' personal information, including email, pictures, documents, contacts. And the locations of millions of users All governments have access to it.

    Apple came out to respond to the issue. The company implements Chinese laws and does everything possible to keep user data safe. Including explaining that The company remains in control of the keys that protect user data. It also uses the most advanced technology to encrypt data. As for the application The company is required to remove some apps as required by Chinese law. However, the company remains focused on creating the best user experience for its users.
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