COVID-19 Can be contagious and spread through "Secretion", one of the secretions that สมัคร superslot we know is saliva, whether it is saliva from coughing, sneezing, close talk Utilizing utensils, glasses, drinking straws, eating utensils Or personal items like But besides saliva There are also other secretions. That can spread the virus as well And the viral load found in each type of secretion was not the same.
COVID-19 load Found in each type of secretion
Dr. Pattama T. Woraphanich, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society provided the following information:
About 90% mucus
About 80% saliva
About 70% of feces
Laryngeal mucosa approximately 60%.
About 10% blood
About 1% of tears
Note: There have been no reports of COVID-19 detected in sweat and vaginal secretions. And semen before
Duration of COVID-19 That are on various surfaces
Copper 4 hours
6-24 hours of wood
Glass cloth 24-72 hours
Plastic paper 48-96 hours