Hot like this, who likes to รวมเว็บ superslot chew on ice? The more you chew, the more you enjoy it. It may be an ice addiction disease or Pagophagia today, let's get to know this disease briefly. Get the message before the ice melts.

Symptoms of Pagophagia
Is a symptom of wanting to chew ice Or want to drink a lot of cold drinks Of course, when the weather is hot, a feeling of desire does not necessarily mean this disease The disease is only suspected if you have a lot of craving for ice for more than 1 month.

Causes of ice addiction Pagophagia
Research has shown that the disease is related to the lack of iron in the body. Makes the body feel sluggish Therefore wanting to chew ice to stay awake
Have accumulated stress
Some people are associated with OCD symptoms or are obsessive-compulsive.
How do you observe yourself?
Notice how much ice you eat per day.
Have you chewed on ice for a long time?
Are there any other symptoms, such as dizziness, lack of appetite? Pale skin

Most of them correspond to iron deficiency or anemia. Of course, chewing on ice has a negative effect whether it is.

Bad teeth health Weaken teeth Too heavy may result in broken teeth.
Growth problems
Of course, the main May be associated with anemia Causing constipation And can cause stress as well
How to solve the problem?
Consult a doctor
If anemia is involved, iron-fortified foods such as meats, pumpkin, soy, and green leafy vegetables must be taken.
Try to reduce the amount of ice that we chew or eat.
Drink cold water instead of chewing ice.