We have ทางเข้า slotxo seen many changes in the TV market as different TV models have become the center of the new smart home system. In addition to being a source of entertainment The smart TV also has a user-friendly interface. It can control every smart home device such as lights, security systems. Voice commands and much more

To give you more details on what the latest smart TVs can do. So we spoke with Mike Chang, Vice President of MediaTek and General Manager of Smart Home Business Group, MediaTek is a true leader in this field. and is the No. 1 chipset manufacturer providing chips for digital televisions around the world. It also works closely with virtually every TV brand you know. As a result, there are over two billion TVs using MediaTek's systems around the world!

MediaTek has been bringing exciting entertainment experiences to consumers for more than 20 years and is continuing to develop innovative television innovations. This includes support for 8K and 4K UltraHD, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that detects objects in the picture. Support voice commands and in the process of automatic image quality improvement.

Mike Chang, Executive Vice President, MediaTek

Question : What features should we consider smart TVs?

In addition to the standard features to consider, such as resolution and saturation values. Consumers should be looking for a television with the following state-of-the-art features:

AI capabilities: Some televisions have built-in AI that enhances the quality of the display by detecting faces and scenes. It then adjusts the sharpness and optimizes the picture quality for the best possible picture. Moreover, AI-Super Resolution (AI-SR) technology enhances the clarity of the display by solving the problem of capturing wrong resolution. Resolution Mismatch between content being projected and a TV panel. This system enhances the 4K TV portfolio and also performs better than upscaling technology. Traditional resolution, which requires longer processing time to capture the resolution of the picture and the TV screen (TV Screen), which causes thin lines to appear on the screen. or different types of distorted images are possible

Advanced Wi-Fi Connectivity : so you can stream your favorite things seamlessly. So you need a fast and stable connection. So new TVs now integrate the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 standard that will give you a better connection.
Voice Interface Capabilities: Finding your favorite movies or YouTube videos is easier than ever by using the Voice Assistant capabilities built into your smart TV remote. Now you just have to order the TV what you want to watch.
Q: What technologies did MediaTek innovate to improve the viewing experience?