Believe it or not, the ทางเข้า slotxosleeping position that we sleep in every day. It is important that we pay the same attention. Because it can affect our health.

How does sleeping position affect our health?
The sleeping position is an incredibly important factor that affects health. Because the sleeping position may affect sleep, such as affecting the respiratory system, snoring, waist pain, insomnia. or some may be as serious as sleep apnea

Favorite sleeping position What does it say about health?
Favorite sleeping position What can we tell about our health today?

1. Lying on your back

Pros: Lying on your back is a position that makes it easier to breathe while sleeping. Helps reduce back pain, neck pain and hip pain, etc.
Disadvantages Many people may think that sleeping on their back is healthy. But it may not be good for people with respiratory problems such as snoring, ADHD, sinusitis, high blood pressure.
2. Lie on your left side.

Pros: Left-side sleeping position is very important for correcting snoring. sleep apnea It also helps the respiratory system work more efficiently. For pregnant women, pillows may be placed under their tummy. or between the knees This will reduce pressure on the bladder. and back pain
Disadvantages When lying on the left side, the internal organs of the chest can move. The lungs can carry a lot of weight on the heart. Increased pressure can affect heart function. The heart may respond to increased pressure. By stimulating the kidneys, causing frequent urination at night.
3. Lie on your right side.

Pros: The right side sleeper avoids the effects of supine sleep, such as those with snoring. High blood pressure, sinusitis. It also helps relieve joint pain. to alleviate as well
Disadvantages Lying on the right side can cause compression on the right brachial nerve. Or it could lead to pressure injuries or neuropathy. May cause pain in the right shoulder, lower back. and right hip

4. Lie down on your stomach.

Pros: Sleeping on your stomach can help with snoring as well. It also prevents changes in the organs that occur to the thorax
Disadvantages Prone position can lead to neck pain. It also causes the muscles in the shoulder or upper body to become tight from nerve compression in the arm.
5. Lying in a sitting position

Pros: Elevating your head during sleep may reduce your risk of snoring. and problems related to sleep apnea.
Disadvantages: This pose is extremely dangerous if you are lying in a sitting position. by keeping his head elevated all night It also results in us having neck pain, back pain, hip pain.
proper sleep each age
besides you lying It is important that we get enough sleep. Proper sleep most often depends on our age. The National Sleep Foundation recommends sleep times that are appropriate for our age.