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Тема: ps3 error

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    ps3 error

    ето си сички грешки .... за пс3 четете гледаите
    8,013,030 - Error in downloading the update .-

    8003041F - Error in the process of copying through Media Server .-

    80,010,006 - Failed to begin. Problem in the installation folder .-

    80,010,007 - Failed to begin. Occurs when you swap with any disk (trade) .-

    80,010,001 - Error in the ability of the game .-

    80,010,017 - Can not load the game Blu-ray .-

    80,010,510 - Can not play games on your hard drive, no one knows the cause .-

    80,010,516 - Error during the start of the operation. This happens when we make a game SWAP PS1 using the function of pressing start and run quickly .-

    80,029,023 - Time ended in the exchange of information on the Key .-

    80,029,024 - Unable to get the number of IP .-

    80,029,945 - Error in the film .-

    80,029,564 - The downloaded game can not be installed, no one knows the cause .-

    80,030,920 - Error during the process of copying. The file may be corrupted or not having enough memory for it. It tries to copy the file from the original source .-

    80,031,150 - failure to record any system configuration. It is very likely that we see a blue screen

    710102 - Can not find an available DNS .-

    80,031,601 - Failed to create an account .-

    80,130,203 - The PS3 can connect to the Internet but can not Store, it is possible that the ports for connecting to the Store are not open .-

    80,410,418 - Failed DNS .-

    80,710,016 - Playstation Network offline (fallen) .-

    80,710,092 - Possibly the connection is dropped. Returns to connect .-

    80,710,101 - Error in connection .-

    80,710,102 - Conflict with the IP router and with the corresponding IP. Restart your router or re-configure .- 80,710,541 - The connection to the server over. Press X to repair the error and possible to try .-

    80,710,723 - Problems with the ports, try entering TCP port: 80, 443, 5223 and UDP port: 3478, 3479, 3658. dePs3 or add a DMZ .-

    81,019,002 - Failed to copy items from guardades location A to location B, since it can not open the port that connects sl Store, but the PS3 can connect to the Internet. Verifies the port settings .-

    8001050B - Can not upload a demo from the hard disk when a disk is inserted. Cause unknown .-

    8001050D - Failed to begin the operation by a swap of a PS3 game. Returns to insert the game .-

    80028EA5 - The user can not connect to the PS3 Network .-

    80028ea6 - Failed to connect. Possibly a mistake by proxy. It tries to create a new connection -

    80028F10 - You must go to the HDMI display settings and select the auto .-

    80028f17 - Error Disk Boot (boot) of PS2. This happens when we make a game SWAP PS2 using the function of pressing start and run fast. The backup ps2 should be inserted again. (common problem using the burden of backups per switch) .-

    80028F18 - Error Disk Ps2. This disc is not supported .-

    80028F19 - Error Disk Ps2. The disc is corrupted. Try to use the disk to fix this HDD .-

    80028F1A - Error Disk Ps2. Problem with the configuration of the network .-

    80029C68 - Problem in external product .-

    8002A10D - Unable to add a friend on the XMB .-

    8002A4A6 - Can not load the game you can play online .-

    8002A515 - Error while trying to enter .-

    8002A548 - Unable to logging into the game or server .-

    8002A705 - Unable to connect to the server / host. Check the configuration of the port on the router .-

    8002a71a - Possible error in the NAT. You can log into the server in the game but can not enter the game .-

    8002b241 - DVI has no audio .- 8002F994 - Too many people downloading the update. Please try again later .-

    8002F997 - When trying to update the firmware was a mistake from the file to the USB Drive .-

    8003051E - The game will not be recorded .-

    8013013D - Failed to connect. Conflict with the SSID of the router or the signal falls to put the PS3 in DMZ .-

    8013013E - WEP Key error. Change the Key and try again. But, try switching to WPA .-

    8013030F - Check page Router, possibly this off the SSID Broadcasting .-

    8013030F - Could not find an Access Point .-

    80410A0B - Problem internal PSP .-

    807101FF - An error occurred during communication with the server. This is an error in the DNS .-

    80710B23 - PS3 Network is dropped or is overloaded, try again later .-

    80710D23 - Keep off the PS3 for about 30 minutes and then turn it from a button on the console, or is not in standby mode .-

    80,029,513 - Copyright violated in the course of the installation of the game .-

    8002F027 - Attempted downgrade FW detected

    хиуххх последният да затвори вратата :lol:
    Последна редакция от rangel ; 01-09-2009 в 08:42

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